2018-10-04: Search server active for recent posts, rebuilding for older posts. DesuArchive & RBT restored after host's storage had a 2nd SAN hiccup on 9/24. No damage, but posts need import from the contingency scraper. Many thanks to our new tetrarchy of sysadmins who worked to fix this complex service after the loss of the original admin. More info later. Donations would still help in case of image storage failure and we still need a new scraper.
The server is stable, but the scraper is at its final limits due to crippling resource use and cloudflare limits, so /gif/ and /wsg/ images are paused. Let's solve this: help build a new scraper. More details here.
Ghostposting is under extreme vetting by new moderators to mitigate spam. Crackspamming or responding to any is a bannable offense.

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>images from farther back than a few weeks ago are largely unavailable
Is anyone else having this problem? What's going on this time?
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I figured out a way to solve the image problem
1. go to any thread of your liking
2. on the url, change "desuarchive.org" to "yuki.la"
3. remove the hashtag number at the end of the url, that messes things up
4. hit "Enter"
There, now you can browse the thread along with images
Note: does not work on /trash/

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Why does it take some time before deleted threads show up under /deleted/deleted/type/op/?
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Can you please archive /lgbt/

There is no decent site archiving /lgbt/ right now that loveisover.me collapsed, only bullshit fake archives like b-stats
and /lgbt/ is one of the boards which needs a reliable archive the most - if you aren't familiar, the mods/janitors on /lgbt/ are super draconian and remove a shitton of posts for no real reason - see https://archived.moe/lgbt/thread/9865026

you are our only hope admin

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Can you do something about these two autists?


/a/ ghost is being raped by ACK Vs. Anti-ACK.
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What's up with fireden http://archive.fireden.net