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The archive of this thread has been getting spammed for almost 3 months now at an average rate of 6.2 posts an hour. I saw that some aussie noticed it last month, but it's still going on so I'm assuming that the admin wasn't notified and is still unaware of this.

More Donation Methods?

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>Desumin creates /meta/ after the /qa/ fiasco
>Think to myself, "Hmm, that desumin fellow is pretty swell. I should throw a few shekels that way.
>Click on donation link
>Directs to Patreon with no tiers or levels
Where's your PayPal link? Memecoin addresses? Are you even going to finish the Patreon page?

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The image repost stats for /r9k/ changed suddenly.
Most of the images repost counts got bumped up.
The numbers listed don't match the number returned when that hash is searched, not sure if this is to be expected.

I'm confident that images 4-20 are way off and shouldn't be there, I think #3 is inaccurate as well. The rest seem fine at least in terms of order.
Here is a screenshot of the page from Feb 6th 2017 to compare to.

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Connection error.

ghost poisting is dead
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>reverse image search an image
>result leads back to here on a thread from 2016
>all images give 404 FILE NOT FOUND
>not even a 503 UNAVAILABLE

Okay c'mon what gives? What the fuck happened to "the brand new server is installed and running. Threads load much faster and (in a few days) images will be served at a speed yet to be seen on desuarchive."?? I thought things would be better now?!

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desu admin i can't view the relatively medium ghost thread please help