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What a bunch of cute girls.

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Hi, I recently made a report of possible CP on one of the archived threads and saw that it was taken down. I know that 4chan will contact either the fbi or the center for missing and exploited kids when they find suspected CP, they do this for the uploader and possibly downloaders as well. I was wondering if desuarchive had any policy regarding the removal of suspected CP beyond taking the file down.

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There was a file on this site that had a different file name than when it was on 4chan (ie on 4chan it was 487859085.webm and here it was 45476324.webm (those weren't the actual file names)). Is there any reason for that? I wasn't able to see anything on the FAQ.

We're alive.

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I'll be keeping a closer eye on the server. Sorry about the missing posts, I will be reaching out to other archives for a copy of their data.

The reason for the posts falling behind is because MySQL has gotten unbearably slow. If you are a database admin or think you can help, please contact us on IRC. #desustorage on

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