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Searching Archive using Boolean operators

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I want to search for all Brazilian users not named Anonymous in the /int/ archive. How do I do that?

For flag it's just BR. But I can't figure out how to search using NOT or, like on google, -"Anonymous"

I am just looking for this cool unicode emoticon this brazilian guy used as his name

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Can desuarchive archive /bant/ as well

thank u

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Multiple 4chan archivers have paused archiving at the exact same time likely due to their scrapers being blocked for unknown reasons (likely Cloudflare 503). These are their last known archival dates in UTC.

4plebs: Thu 15 Feb 2018 06:47:45
nyafuu: Thu 15 Feb 2018 06:46:1
arch.b4k.co: Thu 15 Feb 2018 06:48:30
fireden: Thu 15 Feb 2018 06:48:13

yuki.la (not asagi or fuuka): 02/15/18(Thu)06:41:3

It is particularly important to know when yuki.la is affected because from the best of our knowledge they do not use asagi.

Ironically, all of these archives are run by multiple different groups.

To all who can, please contact the archive admins immediately regarding this.

To all who can, please connect the 4chan admins and developers with the archivers. We can resolve this situation if we all work together.

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I think I have a fairly simple solution to the spam on the ghost - why not just block links in the ghost?

harder things to implement may be using recaptcha or blocking IP ranges which post spam unless they appeal

word analysis of chan

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hi. i am considering doing an university paper about main usage of words in chan, using desuarchive as a linguistic corpus. Do you know if there is a way to know which words are the ones used the most during a certain period of time?

Thumbnails down?

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Just took a look around the archive, the thumbnails don't seem to be working.

As always, thanks much for keeping this thing up!

Undetected thread deletions

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Lately on /a/ and /qa/'s ghost an anon has mentioned their threads being deleted from 4chan, but there's no trash can icon nor were they forced to archive by mods. We are unsure entirely of if mods have an ability to delete threads without detection now.
Since Desuarchive's seemingly had some hiccups lately I was wondering if that's the cause, rather than some weird stealth deletion button. Would definitely appreciate any scraps of info you archive masters might have.
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It's fuckt

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I'm getting search errors on /k/, but not other boards.
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Bibanon Server Failure Discussion

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Statement regarding the server failure on Nov 22: https://archive.is/vwq59

Please use this thread for any questions or discussion.

There is no data loss of any kind.
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