A new search server has been setup. Multiple terabytes of hard disk storage was also installed.

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Hey admin, any news on when images will be available again?? It's hard to follow threads I missed without pictures.

Also how are newer archived images working but old ones keep giving "503 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE"

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Why are the pictures not showing up? also, why is it at times the site goes down?

Searches that are broken

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Would it be possible to ban a certain keyword from search?

malicious ads

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I am a android user and am constantly getting redirected to scam sites. And recently had a site claim to have put randsomware on my phone.
Is everyone getting this, and why are the adds even allowed.
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Image hash change

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I noticed you changed the image hashing function to base64-encoded MD5. Any reason for the change and are you not providing a traditional hexadecimal hash API anymore?

Jewiro is trying to kill archive sites

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aloha desufriend, I appreciate that you run this puppy

bit of a suggestion: now that 4chan has the whole "posts/posters" thing maybe you could start tracking that, ie. posters per thread

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Why are pictures suddenly taking a long time to load? is it because of my connection or is it the site?