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Do we need a new captcha for Desuarchive? Recaptcha v1 is breakable by OCR these days. It was probably deliberately weakened by Google as part of its deprecation. I'll admit I'm not sure what the best option to replace it with is. Recaptcha v2 is probably stronger but it's much more annoying, especially if you use the usual Javascript-based version instead of the <noscript> fallback. Most captchas I've seen used on other imageboards seem to be weak in one way or another.

The other side of the question is what level of captcha protection is needed. What sort of spam are you getting that you had to turn on the captcha for? Is it specific to Desuarchive/Foolfuuka, or is it just generic crawling spambots? In the latter case, there should be more user-friendly ways to block them.