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Hello, I just wanted to bring some posts to the attention of the mods. There's a well know spammer and ban evader who you have dealt with before. He's the one obsessed with "ack", and would spam crack ship names for literally thousands of posts to try and cause fights and attack people.

I've reported many of his posts, and the ones I linked are just from the first 14 pages of ghost. There are literally hundreds more. He just comes to the archives to insult people and try to get the "last word".

>>>/a/212607487,2 >>>/a/212607487,1 >>>/a/218333024,1 >>>/a/218342717,2 >>>/a/218342717,1 >>>/a/218408112,1 >>>/a/218558392,1 >>>/a/218687397,1 >>>/a/218818303,1 >>>/a/218962742,2 >>>/a/218962742,1 >>>/a/185794285,1 >>>/a/219181461,1 >>>/a/219233989,1 >>>/a/219290578,1 >>>/a/219410443,1 >>>/a/219410443,2 >>>/a/219410443,3 >>>/a/219410443,4 >>>/a/219460775,1 >>>/a/219511661,1 >>>/a/219520530,1 >>>/a/219475646,1 >>>/a/219175947,2 >>>/a/219175947,1 >>>/a/219460775,2