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Hey mods from both /a/ and /u/. Can you do something about a notorious shitposter called Aidor/u/fag? He spams /u/'s General Yuri Discussion Threads and /a/'s Love Live Threads with off-topic shits. He's been spamming/samefagging Bandori and random seiyuu/idolshits on the Love Live threads and brags that he phoneposts to avoid bans and he's the God and King of /u/. As for the General Yuri Discussion Threads, he opens the general threads with idolshit and yuribait which triggers /u/. /u/ is also not happy with him making them when the previous threads are at Page 6 and he's been doing that for years. See his autism right here. Please get him banned because he has violated so many rules but he's not been banned yet because of phoneposting.