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Best exercise to hit my obliques?
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>that DYEL who brings his gf to the gym

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is this shit legit or what?
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/balding general/

Comb my hair today and like four hair strands fell out.

It’s over lads
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What exercises can I do to become a sex god? I was blessed with an 8 inch dick, but I'm a skinny guy who's only 5'9 and have 6.25 inch wrists.

I never get laid but want to be at my peak sexually?

On the top of my head I'd think cardio and stretching.

I'm on antipsychotics and lithium for bipolar disorder which makes it hard to lose weight and to be at my peak
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What's the best fighting style to learn?

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What would /fit/ recommend I learn for self defense/keeping fit?
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Is pic related a solid protein powder? It is pretty cheap on Amazon and has solid reviews. I'm a noob when it comes to lifting so I appreciate any recommendations.
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will running PPLPPLx be a good idea for a newbie?
lifted the whole month of may, then stopped, did bodyweight stuff that got me ottermode and some strength gains, apart from that i never lifted
so now im planning to go back, well already got back and started PPL from saturday, so far i like it especially that my recovery time is quick but i'm concerned that i might have needed to run a strength routine first?
halp /fit/
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>he listens to advice from this autist
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/fit/, how can we bring back the good old days of actual fitness advice and related topics?

all i see is chad threads, face threads, and other things by incel + r9k losers
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