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It's time for a testosterone boosting thick thread
Contribute big sexy bitches
Jannies fuck off
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Injuries general

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ITT we talk about our injuries

Who here /injured/?

Every since lifting last week, I'm having a sharp pain in the base of my thumb (from the inside of the palm). I'm not sure if its tendonitis or arthirtis. I'm willing to take a few days off to see if it gets better, but gym is my life, and I'm so depressed to think I will have to take time off. Hopefully I wont lose any gains
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Will a dermatologist be able to tell me if I'm balding or not? I think my hairline has just matured a bit
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Damn, this is ki d of inspirational.
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2 or 1 grams of protein per lb. of bodyweight for a bulk?
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>be skeleton
>get told to bulk and lift
>start bulking as a skeleton
>weight increases
>lifts do not increase
>get fat
thanks /fit/
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rice thread

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share good and cheap and fast rice recipes niggas
main bulking food eating everyday, getting sick of pure steam rice lol
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Inernet and masturbation kill your motivation

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Most of you fuckups should know at this point that masturbation seriusly screws with your brain and turns you into an unmotivated cuck that wanks off to interracial and cuckold porn or worse.

The sexual jew has consumed many peoples lives in the worst way possible. Stop lying to yourself that "im not addicted" , Or "i still have sex". quit for a week and tell me how you feel. see how "easy" it is. the internet and media endlessly sexualize everything they lay there grubby hands on. there are studies backing up the fact that people whom consume porn have adverse affects to the brain. grow the fuck up and face the facts that its not good for you. if you continue to be sheep to the sex jew then so be it .

Trannys > porn
white women getting black > porn
rapists/serial killers> almost always porn addicts
porn is the means of control of people, stop being controlled and change your life.

US Air Force Terrified of Imminent Incel Rebellion! Begins Searching For Incels!
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>Go ahead and hop on, Anon! What are you afraid of??
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