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How do you stop going back to your ex and she hurts you again
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Be honest guys, where are you at?
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>still no cure for baldness
What the fuck is going on? I'm 22 and literally this year my hair has slightly receded. It's really not too bad at the moment, but I'm expecting a full Cavill (pic related) by the time I'm 30 and I pretty much have goblin genetics compared to him.
This shit isn't fucking fair, what the fuck are we gonna do about this bros?
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Steroids General - /roid/

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>knee pains at 30 years young
what do
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Small Cock Conundrum

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Figured id make this into it's own thread;
My dick is passable, but clearly on the small side. So it really annoys me when my girlfriend is jacking me off and looks at me and says "I loove your cock", "you're so sexy" and once or twice shes said "i love this big cock". Its not close to being big.

Does anyone else /smalldick/ get annoyed or think the girl is pandering to them? I actually thought about my cocksize less before I had girls saying they liked it. It just feels like they're trying to make me feel better despite me not really giving a shit before. I hate to think that girls think they need to boost my self esteem with cock compliments.

Anyone else?
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Is is true that penis is all genetics?
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Why do you keep lifting if you are a dicket?
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//FRAUD// - Steroid General

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Welcome to /fraud/, the shitposting general that has chinese bathtub chemicals as its gimmick.

Before you ask retarded questions (and yes, your question is retarded), make sure you've read the r/steroids wiki at least twice:


Stop complaining about the Reddit link you fucking faggots. Yes, it's Reddit, but it's a good starter guide. Just read it.

We can't help you dose your AI, even if we are certified internet doctors.

Oral-only cycles put strain on the liver and shut down natural testosterone production for not a lot of benefit. Just put the needle in your butt, you'll thank us later.

No source talk of any kind. It can get you banned.
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