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>i want kisses uncle anon! *giggles* c*nny kisses!
wut do
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hiro approved meta thread

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why are the mods powerless against this? why are there so many pictures of this one little girl? why does she make my dick hard?
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What's the amount of reps you should do for optimal muscle growth? I remember seeing a study that said it was 9
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Its the Water: Mass-Feminization (unintentional side effect or jewish plot)

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The water is poisoned with high estrogen concentrate girl pee and there limited methods on how to cope with this.

Ever wonder why men in cities or suburbs are more sissified/feminine than rural residents? Its the whats in the water

>>How did it happen?
>Every Girl start taking birth girl control age:16 or so
>Average Girl estrogen levels significant increase
>Girls pee, and said pee travels to water treatment facility to be recycled into safe water
><But: the problem is water treatment facilities are unable or simply do not care that there is a large estrogen percentage in the water

Outcome: mass feminization, lower testosterone

Ever wonder why men in cities or suburbs are more sissified/feminine than rural residents? Its whats in the water.
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I made a mistake, /fit/

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>Be me yesterday
>at gym finishing set of bench
>kinda fat, mid-30s woman squatting in the rack next to me
>approaches me and asks me to film her squatting 1pl8
>take video, correct her form abit
>get her phone number to send video to her
>she's not particularly attractive physially but kinda cute in the way she talks
>we get to texting later, banter back and forth
>15 minutes ago sends me this

Shit, when I said I wanted a /fit/ gf this is not what I meant. However I haven't been in a relationship in nearly 2 years, and this woman is probably 8-10 years my senior. What do /fit/ ?
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>DUUUUUDDEE, Sup, man???
>Dude!, wheres my hug, dude, Haha? :D
>Dude, we still on to chill later, brah?? Haha
>Hell yeah, I like, love you guys, dude, yo, you dudes are like my fuckin boys, yo, haha!!...
>Dude, do we have any more Mountain Dew?
>Kay, whabou Fritos?
>Whoah, dude, ... harsh... -.-
>*starts playing with her lighter until she gets distracted by it and falls over laughing*
>Dude, wanna get pizza!!? :o
>Dude, wanna go to QuickChek? ._.
>Sup, brahh?
>Yo... , dude, wanna get coffee?
>Wait... dude, ... what happened?? Like ... Hahahahh!!
>Duuuddeee... You got a stoagie, brahh??? Cmon bro, ... This chick needs a boag right fucking now or shes like, .. gonna fuckin die ... like, ... hahahh... This bitch needs a cig like, ... yesterday, hahahhh ... But like, ... only if its menthol, brahhh, ... ... hahahahh ...
>*does a loud burp like a guy and high fives her guy friends* ;D
>*chews gum* ... ...
>Dude, can I like, borrow your lighter, brahh?? ...
>*buys a lava lamp*
>Killin it! ;)
>*lets smoke slide out the side of her mouth*
>Dude..., thats like... ... fuckin hella legit... ...
>Im so stoked, bro!!, hahahh!!!
>Dank kush, brahh!! Lets get shmokin on dat loud, biyotch!!!
>My dudes!
>*coughs up a lung*
>Cough to get off, bro, ... like, am I right, mannn?! Like, ... ... Hahahhha!!...
>Dude, I need more guys XL sweatshirts, dude! Haha!
>Dude, *chews gum*, like, I cant decide which blink lyrics I wanna get tatted ... ... or if I like wanna get snakebites... Hahahhhh!!!! ...
>Wait, dude ... whose hoodie is this? Mine smells like McNuggets and bud, ... HaHaha...
>Dude, like whose hair is like burning?? Oh wait, oh... shit, ... oh, kay dudes, like ... chill out guys, ... its just like, mine, boys!! ... ... Haha!!!!!
>*chews gum*
>Yo, ... you like ... good, dude???
>*brushes bangs out of her eyes*
>Yo, dude, like, ...can I bum a cigarette? ;)
>Later, Broski!!! Hahhaahh...
>*hugs her boi tightly*
>*makes peace sign*
>*fistbumps it*
>*skateboards away*
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Sexual Fitness

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Anyone else have a fetish of going off into different countries where the people don't look super attractive, and just impregnating a bunch of 6/10's to improve their bloodline? Just me? Okay
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>whoops uncle anon i fell down *giggles* don't fall on top of me by accident we could end up in a big mess together
wut do
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How do i come out as gay to my family?

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Dunkin donuts
What's your experience with Short men
/fat/ This is the USA team of personal trainers
What do you want out of life?
>Is this achievable natty?
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