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Be honest guys, where are you at?
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It's over for me

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That's it guys, I got the rona:

> Sunday morning friend invites me to aquapark for free
> It's terribly packed, full of people
> No masks
> Queues are immense
> Open bar for rona

Yesterday and today I have a killing headache, I started coughing and I'm feeling extremely tired all day... Yesterday I managed to finish my workout but today I couldn't even finish my OHP, I missed my last set.

Right when I was at my peak of bulking... Now I will lose my appetite, I will lose weight and it will be over

Why me /fit/, I did one single mistake and I was enough, don't be like me
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Push-up thread

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Do You Date/Hook Up With More Attractive Girls Now?

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>implying we're not all perma-virgins

Do you have sex with and hook up with sexier girls now compared to when you didn't lift? Pic unrelated, but related to what I wanna fuck -- nomsayin'?
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Are pheromones real?
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You must read, brah. You pour hundreds, if not thousands of hours into sculpting the ideal body. Why not do so with the mind, as well?

Pick up a book, bitch. Start somewhere, it doesn't even matter. Just start and run with it. Do it before you rest or on an off day, just fucking do it cunt. That's what the revolution is all about.
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give me your favourite motivation photos
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can you press more than Whitney?
starts at 1:22
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Gf and I just set up a homegym. Wish us luck bros
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Why aren't you doing GOMAD if you're skinny?
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