Why is thre such a wide gulf between what impresses normies and impresses fit?

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when I say I deadlift 2 plates normies tend to b super-impressed while fit says 2 is fucking weak
whats the deal here?
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>that first sip of the day
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Anyone had this before? i got it from rock climbing. it's been 8 months and it still hasn't healed completely. I had to stop deadlfiting, and stop any grip work the entire time. my traps have shrunk and my grip strength is pathetic now.

physio said it takes a while, but this long? its improved but when i start trying to do more grip work again it still feels a bit sore, scared of making it worse again.
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Steroids General™

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New Official Steroids General Thread™: let's celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord edition.

Last thread: >>30281172
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Feels like bros gf wants me

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Hello GODS of /fit. I come seeking advice and also you opinions. Basiclly my older brother has been dating this girl who is 2 years younger then me for a few months now. I dont see her alot but when i do she always makes it a point to talk to me. She has tried to sit by me a few times when im watching tv and when they spent the night over before. She went up to bed with my brother. I was the only one downstairs mind you. And she walked downstairs in her underwear to get a glass of water. She has been asking me about getting a girlfriend alot latley also which i find strange. Anyway to my thoughts. Im not intrested in her i think shes annoying and i might just be crazy thinking she wants me idk maybe im reading it wrong. Btw she is into strong guys and weight lifters. It just so happens that im a decent amount bigger and /fit/ter than my bro. If you were able to read this shit i speed typed on my phone let me know what you think. Going to bed ill be checking this later guys thanks
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Got told off by one of my co worker to stop eating sausages because it's unhealthy.

I told her, it's based on calories in calories out.

Told me to follow a bullshit website about food.

>Pic related.

This is what i'm eating every morning.
3 Sausages = 426 Calories
3 egg whites = 51 Calories
2 Egg Yolk with egg whites = 156 Calories
Total 633 Calories per morning.

How do i tell her she's wrong with avoiding confrontation?
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When the nether beast drama was going on, everyone was saying that in the 800 squat clip you could see the reverse bands on the wall.

Can someone please show me where these are?

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Ok how do I lose 15kg quickly? I feel like a fat piece of sh*t because I gained weight recently thanks to muh depression and I'm 5"4 for 130lbs. I have asthma so working out is difficult but I still want to move my bum.
What do /fit/?

pic related is my body,the angle makes it kinda flattering for once but I usually look fat and large.
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What "over the counter" boner pill works? I'm with a new girl but I can't get it hard with her eventho she's much hotter then my ex. When I fooled around with my ex I had no issues.
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