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>get tested for low T
>normal range is 270-1,070
>i have 145
>it's not low enough, my insurance company uses a 100-800 scale
What's the point of anything?
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/fit/, how can we bring back the good old days of actual fitness advice and related topics?

all i see is chad threads, face threads, and other things by incel + r9k losers
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Choosing a Martial Art

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What martial art should I study?

-I'm 6'2'' (188 cm) and 140 lbs (63 kg).
-No prior experience with martial arts
-I play tennis regularly
-Mostly plant-based diet, a bit of meat about every other day

If any other information is needed, ask below
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Does /fit/ do deadhangs? How long can you do it?
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/routine general/

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No routine bread, let's fix this.

Post your lifting routine and ask questions you have about exercises and programming.
Some quick info for beginners

>#1: Read the Sticky

>If you want to gain/lose weight, track your calories
>If you are just getting started, a proven and popular program is always going to be better than something you came up with, save yourself the time and headaches
>SS, GSLP, Reg Park's, ICF, SL or any Linear Progression Strenght program based on the big 3 lifts will be ok
Unless you want to get into Powerlifting, in that case, there are some PL focused beginner programs

>Bodyweight exercises, while not the best for muscle gain, are a good gauge to know if you're gaining too much fat too quickly. If your Rows and DL are progressing but your pullups are laggin behind, chances are you gotta lose some weight

>Yes, you can gain strenght while losing fat...unless you're pretty advanced, Cut/Bulk is not really needed, just stay at a sensible bf% and eat healthy food and plenty of protons
>track your fucking calories

>"Cardio kills gains" is a meme, if you want to be healthy you need your cardiovascular system in check. Just lifting weights is not enough
>HIIT optimally, low intensity steady state cardio is fine too, especially considering HIIT can be tough to recover from if you're also liftin heavy

>You should be STRETCHING. Make it a habit. Mobility/Flexibility is crucial both for gains and lift safety.
>"Starting Stretching" is ok to start
>Do not static stretch before lifting, stretching cold muscles makes them more prone to injury and somewhat hinders you strenght. Do dynamic warmups, warm up all joints and antagonistic muscles before a lift

If you're having trouble progressing, your routine is ok, you're eating and sleeping enough, post a form check.
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5'10" 155lbs

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How the fuck do I eat more?
>inb4 just put food in mouth lol
I am literally about to puke and only at 1900 calories for the day.

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>be me
>be tall
>be fit
>everyone assumes i'm some kind of jock meathead normie
>i play dungeons and dragons and dota, do theater, make pottery, and can't name more than two players on my city's football/basketball/hockey/baseball teams

So this is prejudice.
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What country is the most /fit/?

Name the strongest nation and weakest nation based on average male citizen.
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The Gigachad

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Hmm... He's a big guy...
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prove me how counting calories isn't absolutely retarded.

I did it for a year when trying to lose weight where I was at a 300 calorie deficit based on a vague maintenance that a generic net calculator gave me. the results were sub par and I did go down in weight, but not nearly good enough. I found out that some days, even though I wasn't hungry I had a bunch of calories to spend and had to obsess with dividing the smallest bits of food to reach the exact goal. my friends thought I was weird, I never ate out as I didn't know how many calories there were and my life was generally miserable.

since summer, I've just been trying to eat things that I know are high in protein and low in calories. I try to eat as little as I can as long as I'm not starving and I've gone down around 10 pounds without measuring shit! my strength is the same, and my muscle mass is about the same. Our body has its own way of measuring how much food one needs. we have kept stable weights in thousands of years! if you're not completely satisfied, yet not super hungry then you're eating at deficit. if you're overeating and almost feel overwhelmed and tired, then you're bulking. no point carrying a fucking scale with you everywhere you go. for people who have lives besides lifting it's just ridiculous and the whole idea of counting every single ting scares away many beginners as they are told it's literally the only fucking way that is physically possible to go down in weight, which is not!
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