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Whats your morning routine /fit/? What do you do to get the grogginess out?
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>get tested for low T
>normal range is 270-1,070
>i have 145
>it's not low enough, my insurance company uses a 100-800 scale
What's the point of anything?
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manlet frauds who use steroids for cheating general
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Steroids General - /roid/

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Why is thre such a wide gulf between what impresses normies and impresses fit?

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when I say I deadlift 2 plates normies tend to b super-impressed while fit says 2 is fucking weak
whats the deal here?
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Anyone had this before? i got it from rock climbing. it's been 8 months and it still hasn't healed completely. I had to stop deadlfiting, and stop any grip work the entire time. my traps have shrunk and my grip strength is pathetic now.

physio said it takes a while, but this long? its improved but when i start trying to do more grip work again it still feels a bit sore, scared of making it worse again.
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What's it like to feel mired?
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Is taking 6 datura seeds before bed a good sleep aid?
You'll know for sure in a few hours but I guess I want to know while I can still comprehend 4chan

Do You Date/Hook Up With More Attractive Girls Now?

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>implying we're not all perma-virgins

Do you have sex with and hook up with sexier girls now compared to when you didn't lift? Pic unrelated, but related to what I wanna fuck -- nomsayin'?
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>that first sip of the day
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