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Stomach Vaccuums

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So, what's the skinny with this?

What are the actual benefits?

And, how do you do them? Just tense your core and then suck in?

>pic semi related
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Greetings /fit/. This is a screenshot of Haven and Hearth, a small but extremely intricate multiplayer online game with permadeath and near infinite character growth. It was created as a rough simulation of old Germany. You can mine, farm, build houses, sew, and murder other people and loot their permanently dead corpses. The game has a lot of depth, and is amazing when you find a good group. The graphics is meh and the interface is retarded, but the game itself is bullshit amazing when you get into it. This is a true free to play game, none of that pay 2 win horse shit. There's nothing to buy, but you will need java to run it.

I’ve been playing for about 2 weeks and want to try building a new village. Thus far I have two others with me and we are all willing to help new players in any way we can.

Here’s a link to a guide to get you started (

This is a link to a bit more in-depth guide (

And this is the wiki that will come in handy when you have questions about stuff (

To begin playing, register an account. You will need an email to do this. If you can't figure out this process you're too stupid to play.

This is the homepage of Haven and Hearth
When you're registered click the big red play button.

You will start off the game in a small room. After you get your clothing, your gender, your name, DO NOT go to the ladder, for that will make you spawn in the middle of the wilderness. Go to the guy in the upper left hand corner and enter the following hearth secret: fourchancity

After doing so, a stairway will open up, and can go down it.

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I'll be backpacking for the next 6 months and won't be able to visit the gym regularly.
Thoughts on this?
Is it well balanced etc.?
When i step up to the next level, should o do 3 sets to exhaustion before i reach 12 reps?

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Met a girl here years ago.

Rosa do you still browse here? We spoke for almost 4 months on skype then I forgot my details its been 3 years she confessed her love for me and I just remember her today

5' tall
big tits
browses /fit/ skype threads
is from sydney

please respond
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Hey /fit/, former skinnyfat /trv/ler here, I need your wisdom.

I'm 5'11 and started lifting 2 months ago while cutting calories and eating well. I lost around 10 pounds and am now at something like 12% bodyfat, and I thought it was time to start bulking a bit since I'm still what you call a hungry skeleton at 140 pounds.

Problem is, I'm leaving for a 2 week vacation in Morrocco next week and I'm worried about what will happen. What will happen if I eat over maintenance (ie. will my body think "I've been half-starved for 2 months, time to rebuild those fat reserves quick"), and what do you suggest I do to mitigate my lack of lifting ?

If I do get some fat back, should I cut again when I come home, or say screw this and bulk anyway ?

Small injuries and lack of motivation: I don't know where to start... again

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It's not that I don't know the theory. I read the sticky post and applied it for some time.

However, I seem to be unable to exercise continuously, on a regular basis.

I am a free-lance worker and my weekly schedule changes at the shortest notice. Sometimes it is just hard at the end of the working day to decide to drive to the gym and hit the lifts for a while.

On top of that, most gyms around here, in my country, hardly work on weekends. I know it sounds stupid, but they manage to do 7.30-22.00 on weekdays and just 7.30-18.00 on weekends or even 09.00-14.00. I mean, WTF is that?

I don't like the outdoors.

On top of that:
>recent tendon injury (right thumb)
>developed leg muscles, very easy to exercise them, but physiotherapist told me I have troubles with my hamstring so I should do dedicated exercises and do stationary things (e.g. cycling) rather than exercises in which I have to lift the entire plant of my foot until I get stronger.

>I am not sure which machines or free weights I should use. I mean, I never know if I'm training properly. Should I book a coach for a session or two?
>I am always fumbling with regulations, seat height, etc. So many things to remember for each machine. I tried to make a chart, but I have to go around the gym with pen and paper...

I dunno really guys. I think I have a problem of attitude or I focus on things that are not really relevant (e.g. maybe I should just try to work out more instinctively).

I really don't know how to organize everything.

Maybe somebody could ask me some specific questions or interview me to find the problem? I believe I'm not the only one with these kind of troubles.

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>been on gomad for 3 weeks
>shit is completely liquid
>have LOST weight
>craving food so fucking hard

Was I trolled? Is GOMAD just a meme?
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did nofap change your life?

please no blind naysayers, only those who have legitimately tried nofap may reply, it's not science it's psychology
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What will it take to get below 200lb?
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/fat/ Fatty general

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Yummy yummy jif edition

Old thread BMI exceed 300 >>40911998

Who is /fat/ for? Fat members of /fit/ who want to learn how to eat right, lift weights, and lose fat. Here we ask others for advice and give moral support to one another. We all know how hard it first is and we all have to get through it to better ourselves. At the end of the day this is a support general whose goal is to help and motivate the chubby channers who need it. Please be warned that there are some chronic idiots who post in this general giving horrible advice that doesn't work for them or anybody. If you see something that contradicts what the sticky says, ignore it.

>Calculate your Body Fat Percentage
>Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and eat 500 calories or less than it daily to steadily lose weight
>Plan your weight loss week by week
>Track your calories and macros with MyFitnessPal, works best on smartphones
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