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How do they maintain their physique while eating complete shit?
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Alright boys, I'm planning on making sick natty gains. I'm going to max out twice a day 4 days a week just like muh Bulgarians. Gonna get fit or die trying. Heaven or hell. WHATEVER IT TAKES!

Do any of you motherfuckers have experience with 2x a day training? How do you like it?
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Massive calves?

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Okay /fit/ maybe someone can help me with this question.

So when I was in grade school I hurt my feet and shins running a race in gym class. Doctor said it might be shin splints. As a result, I started to walk on my toes because it relieved the pain.

Fast forward to me being in my late teens, early 20s. I slowly stop walking like this even when barefoot now.

And then fast forward to now, 26, starting to get fit.

So here's where the question comes in.

As a result of me walking on my toes so long my calves are FUCKING. MASSIVE. Like fully muscular calves but a little extreme especially on a girl. Probably especially because I was a mini planet while it happened.

So my question is: Now that i'm starting to get fit, what's going to happen to my calves? Will they go to normal with some normal exercises and proper diet (Like is a lot of it actually fat and the muscles are just making them look even better? My fat is proportional all around (so i thankfully look slightly less fat than i am but that don't mean shit) except for my calves so i can't really tell.

What do?
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why even bother existing
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When will they learn?
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>being this dumb and gullible
No way this shit works
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Full Meme

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I've been staying with my folks during dead week and finals week at my uni. They're vegetarian so one of the ways I've been compensating for protein is using soya chunks (read: Textured Vegetable Protein) in most of the Indian food my mom makes.

>higher protein density than meat and cheap as fuck, FeelsGoodMan.jpg
>stomach is not adjusted at all
>constant awful protein farts while I'm working on thesis
>mfw living up the Indian meme as a stinky pajeet
>decide to embrace the meme
>cup and smell everytime i fart
>smell grows on me
>pr on all my lifts each day no problem
>"It's the gaseous byproduct of my vegetarian gains"
>pavlovian response forms: smell -> gains

jesus fucking christ someone buy me some beano before people start to notice my autism when next quarter starts

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What's the best routine to follow if I want a huge neck, traps, upper back, forearms, glutes and shoulders?

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How do I get the body of seangares?

also whats a good diet for a "starter"?
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who here uses push up bars?
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