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Does /fit/ ever do massage therapy? Is it worth it to get a membership to one of those massage chains to keep the muscles nice and loose?
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Anxiety/Depression Help

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Bros, I don't know what to do anymore. I had a breakdown with panic attacks a month ago, had to take a week off work, and three weeks later I'm barely any better. I'm constantly obsessing about going crazy, worrying all day to the point of being on autopilot, I can't go one night without waking up at 3 in the morning, and even when I wake up the next day I just feel fucking scared.

I've had bad times in the past but my brain isn't working like it used to. I break down and cry every day, I can't go one fucking day without feeling like I'm never going to get back to my old self. Even the way the world looks is fucked now, I'm pretty sure I've got Visual Snow.

I just want to know if anyone else has had this and what you did to get out. I'm jogging every night and lifting every couple of days, meditating, cut caffiene, and just got Niacin and Magnesium to add to my supplements to try to help my brain recover. But for the last two weeks I've felt no progress, still can't sleep, wake up terrified, and ses static everywhere. Any of you guys go on meds for a few months then ween off of them? Will the routine I have eventually help me get out of this?

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Monkey prick getting huge, apologize
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>wait so... you don't play any sports?

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>oh anon, thanks for taking me to the funfair... how did you know that i love to ride the carousel?
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Be honest guys, where are you at?
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Dumbbell to bar and plates conversion

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I've only worked out from home for years but finally joining a gym. Just curious if there is a ballpark estimate for where I should start/ conversion from what I've been doing. I do pretty much everything with my dumbbells. I squat and bench press on the floor with 50's, curl with 40's, and use 25's for most over head stuff. Anyone know about how that translates for a starting point?
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skeezy druggy frauds who cheat their way forward in life

>cheat on gf or nah? edition

prev >>36939232
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Steroids General - /roid/

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For who do you lift?
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