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>quit lifting
>feel happier
anyone else?
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>tfw got arrested for shitposting

/fit/ /k/ cross-boarder here. Got a little too drunk one night and now I've got charges for first-degree criminal shitposting, among other things.
Any felon-bros have advice about how to make it in jail/prison? Out on bail right now and I'm just bulking like a motherfucker for however long this shit takes cause I doubt prison food is going to have macros worth a damn. I have no idea how long I'll be in, if at all. anyways,
>best bodyweight/calisthenics routines
>what the fuck am I supposed to eat to get protein
>tips on avoiding BBC
and other stuff

Watch what you post bros, don't think it's just /pol/. There are trannies and FBI agents on here RIGHT NOW that will get your door kicked in if you shitpost too hard. Don't make my mistake
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This 'onions face' meme is nothing but childish ad homeminem when you disagree with someone's tastes or opinions. It's the equivalent to mimicking what someone said in a stupid voice. Grow the fuck up.
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Just lift bro

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>Just get a haircut bro
>Just be confident bro
>Shower +3 times a day bro
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>be me, former 250 pounds kissless virgin
>discover /fit/, read the sticky, get fit as fuck and score a qt 3.14 gf, life is good
>until one day, girlfriend has a hot dyke friend
>want some of that, suggest threesome to girlfriend and she agrees
>girlfriend asks friend if she's down, she is, fuck yeah
>asks to 'practice' with girlfriend alone first
>at first its hot as fuck knowing they're fucking, but after the first time she asks for a second 'practice', and then another, and then the next time i come home it's clear they were fucking just before i came home without telling me anything about it
>girlfriend leaves room when i arrive to get something, dyke turns to me with a massive shit eating grin on her face, starts to tell about how sweet my girlfriend is, how nice she is, etc., all keeping that massive smirk on her face
>girlfriend comes back and sits next to her on the couch, dyke slings her arm over her and keeps it there until she leaves

/fit/, what the fuck do I do? I know this isn't exactly on topic, but this is my homeboard. You should've seen the fucking look at her face, like she was outright fucking mocking me. Do I call this entire thing quits, or wait it out and see what happens and if I eventually get to fuck her?
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Got bitten by gf

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I got terrible pain in the arm and also had quite a strong pain right below neck on the left side/upper chest. Did she rupture a vein and should I skip training today and tomorrow?
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/YOG/ Yoga General

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/Yoga/ Feelsgoodman edition
Before asking your stupid "what leggings should I buy?" questions (yes they are stupid) make sure to read the r/yoga wiki:
Yes, its gay reddit. but so are you so what's the problem, right?

Don't ask us to help you pick up Yoga Girls. They don't want anything to do with you.
Vinyasa only classes are stupid and you won't develop your full spiritual potential so mix it up.
No posting that guy doing Yoga with a homeless tranny. you will get banned.
This isn't /b/. Stop posting your Pepe memes or pictures of scantily clad women


Let's get a Yoga thread going
post your favorite Yoga style
your favorite Yoga Routine
your favorite Yoga channels
Your favorite Yoga gear
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Can fitness fix brain tumors?
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>thanks for taking me to the maldives uncle anon you're so good to me i wish there was something i could do to make you have a really good holiday too
wut do
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>uncle anon i fell down help me
wut do