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Noobs go to reddit's r/steroids board and read their wiki before asking a question.

When posting a question about your first cycle, include your height, weight, years spent lifting, and current percent bodyfat.

Don't respond to retards.

NO SOURCE TALK. If you're not sure, assume it's source talk.
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How do i lose fat without losing (too much) muscle?
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How you doing, anon?
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Things Normies Say

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3 Sets of 10 edition
>ITT: We post some of the normal stuff normies say.
>Breathing is the most important thing for gains.
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Why do you phaggots like rice so much? There is pretty much no nutritional value, is it because it is filling?
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How do I make my neck thicker?

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Hey fit, I'm a 190 pound 6'7" turbo hungry skelly lanklet, and I have a seriously long neck. I think I'm supposed to be 6'5" but must have an extra vertebra in my neck or something.

I've been training for a few months, DL's, Squats, Presses and all that. Been keeping a dietary log, and weights are going up.

I started at 175 pounds, I'm now 190.

Anyway, should I be doing neck specific exercises?

Pic related is Pro-Wrestler kevin Nash, he also has a long neck, but it's not as back because of how thick it is. I want mine to look more like that... less like a condor.
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>been on gomad for 3 weeks
>shit is completely liquid
>have LOST weight
>craving food so fucking hard

Was I trolled? Is GOMAD just a meme?
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day 11 of no fap

hows it goin bros?

dont touch your dick
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>Gains are made in the kitchen

Is is true /fit/ or it's a meme ?

btw it disturbs me how guy in pic related looks like vitalyzdtv

anyone here /martialArts/?

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I really want to start judo. Any tips/stories/experience?
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