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As the Man who started the Imagine the smell meme, I am going around to every board and saying thank you for all the fun times, but it is time to retire the phase, "Imagine the Smell," once and for all.

This thread will serve as one last chance for all you /fit/ users to get a final "imagine the smell" out of your systems. Go on. One last go, for old times sake. Hell, I'll even join you.

>Image the Smell

It has been a fun run. God, it seems like just yesterday I first typed the phrase on my keyboard, and little did I know how it would catch on, and change 4chan forever. Funny how time flies..

But now it is over. It's time we all moved on. We all still have plenty of other funny phrases we can say. But never ever again will we imagine what the smell would be like while browsing the internet.

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Calories counts on most foods are inaccurate

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>Hurr durr just count calories
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how do manlets cope with having a disadvantage on deadlifts ?
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Embrace sincerity
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How am i looking? do i need to add more mass or am i fit enough? i don't want to get too bulky tho
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2 scoops of Chad powder, please
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Eating used to be somewhat enjoyable. Now it's literally the worst part of day. I wake up every morning thinking "great, another day of eating"

Getting those 3000 fucking calories is nightmare. Just thinking about having to drink a protein shake tommrow makes me sick.
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/plg/ powerlifting general

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Rule Britannia edition
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NoFap/Porn General

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NoPorn/NoFap day 14

We're gonna make it bros
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how do I lose weight in a small town? and god traps me here

>nothing to do
>town is 2 empty roads and nothing in it
>no one around
>no one to do shit with
>bored with riding bike and walking up and down the same 2 roads
>no car
>god keeps making it so I cant drive
>still nothing to do if I can drive
>its always -30 here
>like freezing cold retarded winters for 9 months then hot as balls for 2 months
>either way its shitty as fuck to go outside
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