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Anyone else balding here? What do?

pic related, my NW5
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>tfw drop out of college bc shit grades
>move in with parents and become wagecuck
>no friends or gf bc too busy wagecucking to pay back student debt
>go from 195 shredded two years ago to 180 skinnyfat
>tfw can't bench 135

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>he dates girls who have had previous sexual partners
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It's time for a testosterone boosting thick thread
Contribute big sexy bitches
Jannies fuck off
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Injuries general

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ITT we talk about our injuries

Who here /injured/?

Every since lifting last week, I'm having a sharp pain in the base of my thumb (from the inside of the palm). I'm not sure if its tendonitis or arthirtis. I'm willing to take a few days off to see if it gets better, but gym is my life, and I'm so depressed to think I will have to take time off. Hopefully I wont lose any gains
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Will a dermatologist be able to tell me if I'm balding or not? I think my hairline has just matured a bit
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Damn, this is ki d of inspirational.
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2 or 1 grams of protein per lb. of bodyweight for a bulk?
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>be skeleton
>get told to bulk and lift
>start bulking as a skeleton
>weight increases
>lifts do not increase
>get fat
thanks /fit/
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rice thread

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share good and cheap and fast rice recipes niggas
main bulking food eating everyday, getting sick of pure steam rice lol
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