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>Be me on /b/ the other day
>see pic related
>"ask will my wife be a virgin, when I meet her?"
>fuck, I'm like 50 lbs overweight, and can manage 15 pushups at best
>Since I can't do em all in the same set, I do like 55 or something just to be safe
>had to push myself really hard to get them all
>proud of myself, but my arms really hurt
>eat cans of tuna, and lots of protein power to regenerate muscle.
>Ffw 2 days
>can still barely move arms.
>Sholders hurt, Tits hurt. Gut hurts. Shit out any food I eat within 2 hours.
All I wanted was a virgin qt wife. Am I'm gonna die, /fit/?
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>be motivated with SS program
>/fit/izen helps me
>it is time for pendlay rows
>me and fitizen start to wonder how to do it with proper form
>gym manager approaches us
>hey you are going to hurt yourself
>I'm a professional I can help you guys
>"first leave the bar and come here"
>because you guys are new, start with machines, free weights is only for advanced users
>tells me not to do exercises that involves free weight until I learn a lot or I'll hurt myself
>fitizen tells him we just did squats, he looks at us like we are retarded and he says that you can do the same in the machines without risk of injury

Every time I approached a free weight he'd look at me like I'm retarded and pointed at a machine

And this is how I quit after 2 days of SS. I'm done, I just cannot stand being treated like a retard.
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>get tested for low T
>normal range is 270-1,070
>i have 145
>it's not low enough, my insurance company uses a 100-800 scale
What's the point of anything?
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Callus hand thread

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Is vaporizing weed the most /fit/ way of relaxing?

>no burnt material means no negative effects on the lungs
>mind broadens as THC floods your brain, incredibly deep conversations
>better mind-body connection, can feel each muscle separately
>whatever you're doing becomes more interesting
>munchies means bulking is not hard, plenty of clean foods provided

Unless you're poor, you should be vaporizing weed in cycles
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Janny, you see this pile of shit?

Clean it the fuck up you fucking loser. Right now.

And you know what the best part is? You're doing it for free.
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>supposed to graduate friday
>have a 400 word essay due thursday night that if I don't get at least a C on I won't pass the class or graduate
>haven't even started
>still just on 4chan
>was supposed to leave for the gym an hour ago but still haven't
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Brutal moggings

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Reminder that even if you are a pro, you are not immune to being mogged
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How can I bulk on a carnivore diet? I feel like cutting the carbs will be the hardest thing switching to a carnivore diet to maximize my gains

Also, does anyone have experience using an essay service to get a college/uni paper done?

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Show me an example of a true Alpha Male.

Pic unrelated, idk who it is.
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