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Chad/Fit Cities

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What is the most Chad city to live in if you're /fit/?

And why is it San Francisco?
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Anyone here tried ashwagandha? If so what were your experiences in terms of gym but also anti anxiety effects?
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> lift so I can attract a mate to procreate with
> acquire prospective bitches
> 9/10 say the exact same thing. As if they were mass produced in a factory.
Pic related.

Don't fall for the meme guys, just lift for yourself. Women are a fucking let down, even the attractive ones.
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Vegan diets and health & fitness.

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anyone else here on a plantbased diet? I've been vegan for almost half a year now. haven't noticed anything negative as far as energy levels go. in fact my cardio is much better now and my blood pressure feels lower. of course my diet is pretty clean, I hit at least 200% RDA of all my vitamin/mineral requirements each day (I eat mainly wholefood unprocessed vegetables and legumes, I try to avoid junkfood). protein intake is a bit lower (not by a significant amount, something like 20 grams).

so yeah, if anyone is (or was) on a plantbased diet, share your experience with it, maybe problems you've encountered. since we're on 4chan, I'm glad we can have an honest discussion here, hopefully we can keep this civil without bad-faith arguments and anecdotal evidence of skinny raw-vegan youtubers.
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Why are (((they))) keeping the gyms closed? What do they gain from it?
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>That gay fucking incel doesn't have a gome gym.
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Where my /skelly/ bros at? Come post here for advice/support.

I've been feeling like a real fatass lately, lads. I started at a bmi of 17.6 and I've been gaining at about 1.25lbs/week on average (some weeks I go up by 2 pounds, some weeks by like half a pound, some weeks by 1 pound) to get up to a healthy weight/fuel my beginner lifts. 2.5 months in and I'm starting to worry that it's too much too fast/maybe my macros aren't that good because my belly feels so fucking FAT. When I sit, I can actually jiggle my stomach, shit's weird and makes me feel kinda shitty even though I know weight is going to other parts of my body like my arms and legs.

I've brought my caloric surplus down to only 500 above my TDEE in hopes that my weight gain slows a bit without sacrificing my lifts, since I still have some beginner gains left in the tank. I know that 500 is considered a good surplus, but I'm so tempted to lower it even more every day (to 300 or so maybe). I just hate how my stomach looks right now.

Any ex skellies have any suggestions on how to stick to a caloric surplus when you're not used to the feeling of having body fat/generally just don't like the look of your body during a bulk?

Working Out Twice A Day

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How many of you do twice daily sessions? How’s your recovery? Do you feel like it’s beneficial overall? What do your splits look like?
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Share your beta experiences with grills even though you're fit as fuck
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