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Is this the official car for /fit ?

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/fit Chads always have this car
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Coomers, when you're ready to quit porn, read this
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>friday night
Why are you here?
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can someone explain the incel phenotype
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What are the dowsides if you dont drink enough and eat just meat and carbs? Waht are the long term effects?

i spend the weekend in the commune with my friend. He eats pretty normal but the two other guys just eat meat,carbs and candy and they spill it down with weed and ice tea.
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>that 30 year old at the gym
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/fph/ - fat pest hate: starter pack edition

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Fat people hate has been rebranded into fat pest hate. How did this start?
Some individuals are subject to behavioral and mechanical reproductive isolation due to being fat, and thus cannot be considered part of the species Homo sapiens anymore.
The term 'people' has been replaced with pest to reflect this, and also to be more inclusive to fat animals and fat fictional characters.
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Beat my wife today.

We've been happily married over 13 years, and today it happened.

She stays at home and manages the house, I work and bring in the money. I go to work, head to the gym, and am home by 7-8pm. Dinner is on the table along with a cold beer in the freezer. After that we usually watch something then have sex. Due to this Chinese virus however, I have been working from home for the past month and she's becoming a lazy piece of shit. Past couple of days she's stopped cooking and cleaning. I've had no outlet to let out my aggression due to the gym being closed...

Today I asked "where's my dinner" and she passively aggressively said "you can cook it yourself", and stomped off. I silently made myself a meal and opened the freezer, there was no beer. I eat my meal, go to the couch, and there she is, drinking my beer. I ask what her problem is, and she starts bitching at me telling me I need to contribute more, while I'm working all day and she sits and watches netflix all day texting her girlfriends, and maybe goes to the supermarket every few days. I say 'let's talk this over later" and I go outside and take a walk around the block, then head into the bedroom where she's in a t-shirt and panties. I start rubbing her thighs and groping her tits and she says she's tired. I call bullshit and put her hand on my cock and she slaps me in the face and starts to leave the room. At this point I've fucking lost it.

I grabbed her by the hair and threw her down on the floor. She looked up at me like a scared kid and I punched her right in the nose as hard as I could, blood started erupting like ive never seen, probably broke it. She started crying and begging me to stop, but I jumped on her and started punching her ribs until I lost stamina. Gave her one last punch in the eye and told her to leave my house.

She drove to her parents house I'm pretty sure, and I'm probably going to jail. Gyms are an essential businesses, this shit is ridiculous.
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Is trap semen nutritious?
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I’m getting desperate bros. Menards is essential but gym equipment isn’t.
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