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Jummah Mubarak

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Asalaamualaikum brother, Mashallah brother you have made some great gains, friendly reminder that in order to succeed in this life we must keep the notion of Allah in our hearts, Allah gives and takes as he pleases and verily brother we must remember the name of Allah and thank him for our gains.

Wallah brother you must stay away from Haram deeds, do not simply rub yourself until fluid comes out, do not indulge in Zina and instead lay with your wives, if this is not possible brother then lay with your concubines.

Brother it is important in these times to stay clean and purified, perform ablutions before and after your strength building exertions and after every set say Subhan'Allah, verily Allah will guide you on the true path.

Jazakhallah Khairun my Khalifs
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Help with ear infection

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>always messing with my ear, sticking in q-tips cause it feels good
>start to lose hearing in ear last week, followed by ear infection yesterday, which got so bad it spread into my jaw
>create a homemade ear toilet plunger using a pair of headphones and start plunging in
>this comes out
It’s very hard and smells like a wet bandaid. What could be the cause of this?
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Not bad for 37 right?
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>get over a whore after getting cucked
>tfw she randomly texts "I miss you"
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I want to make the rowing machine the main part of my workout. I use the Concept 2.

Now the rowing machine uses a lot of muscles but not all of them. So what lifts should I add so I get a full body workout?

All my lifts are at novice level if that makes a difference.

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somebody measured me with a tape measure and i was 5'9. but when i went to the doctors and got measure (i had my shoes off).i was measured 5'10.5. which is true?
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so I've been cutting for a long 76 from 82 in 2 months,then I stuck. started Intermediate fasting and could lose 1.5 kg more in a month. Then out of nowhere (while on even lower calories) and fasting, I'm 76.5 in just 3 days after weighing 74.5.
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Cbt - Yogains Edition

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Why arent you doing Yoga Anons??

184cm 78kg. Should i go back to lifting?
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how was your valentines day, /fit/?
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Did you get a date for this Valentine's day?
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