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Should I cut, or permabulk?
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/RWTS/ Right Wing Translation Squads

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Current /pol thread:

Quick Rundown:
>anon finds legendary German Army fitness manual
>scans it
>anons get on translating it
>anons does gods work and uploads a transcribed version
>we need to t r a n s l a t e now


thread theme:
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>itt. appreciation for personalities who help us reach our fit goals
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muh functional training!

This fucking coach in the picture is at my local gym, clearly doesn't lift, and has women do dumb shit in the weight room

Today he put two plates on the ground about 4 meters apart and had a woman run from one to the other, squat down and touch them, then run to the other one for sets of 5. RIGHT BEHIND MY SQUAT RACK

Last week he was standing in between the two squat racks and passing a yoga ball by throwing it to his client, and they were on Bosu balls
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Does your gym use social media?
Have you ever looked at it's # on instagram?

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What happens if I mix different protein powders into one bottle? Am I going to die now?

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does masturbation exercise your bones
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Has anyone here actually cut out porn from their life long term? I'm not sure I believe it's really possible. It seems like everyone relapses eventually even after streaks of hundreds of days.
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can /fit/ pls give me a bf% estimate?
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