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Show me your last rep Face /fit/
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Last one reached limit

So I've been doing SL for 5 months now and gained about 14kg. Pretty satisfied overall and feel stronger but I feel like my arms and chest could do with a bit more work. Been looking for more advanced routines and came across PHUL. Has anyone done it? Should I stick to my current routine and add accessory workouts or change to PHUL?

My stats (not 1RM)
Squat 176lbs
Bench 1pl8
DL 225
Row 126lbs
OHP 100lbs
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>eat less than TDEE

is this all it takes to lose weight? Do the tricks of?

>eat 10 small meals a day
>do not eat carbs after lunch
>Starve yourself
>eat one big meal and only that
>drink water when you are hungry

Are those tips just memes? Is simply eating less than your TDEE all you need to focus on?

>at 24% BF wanting to drop to 15%
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Whats a good body type for a manlet? any examples?

>tfw 5'7
>inb4 memes

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Im a normal straight guy but I find myself more inspired by female gym bodies. When I look at a fit girl I feel more envious of their bodies, typically. Anybody else experience this?
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For whom do you lift?
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/fit/ hobbies pt2

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Hey /fit/ since it's Zyzz''s birthday today I figured I'd draw him as a tribute. We had the same thread last night with anons sharing their hobbies besides lifting and i was getting feedback for my art. It was very helpful, and now I'm almost done, will post full pic as the thread moves along.

Anyway, general /fit/ hobbies thread

>"what do you do besides lift weights, anon?"
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Friendly reminder that this is what men want