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What kind of brown rice do you anons buy ?

Was reading up on white rice that shit is disgusting and lacks in so many aspects... feel like i just made a break through in my life.

So was wondering what brand of brown Rice do you guys buy ?
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>TFW 22 and still living with my parents

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Do girls initiate conversation with you more often if youre fit? Say youre reading a bookat the beach, will they aopproach you?
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Show me your personal GYM [Home GYM]

I am making my home GYM and today I'm looking for the necessary things to buy.
Also for creative ideas

What do you suggest are the essentials so I can work all my muscles.
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Rate my squat form
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Is there a stronger man on earth?

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>the 48kg Male and still look fat
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Lads I'm going to a party with my crush tonight. She rejected me a few months ago with the whole "I have a boyfriend" meme. What do I do tonight to win her over?

To keep it fitness related: How many pullups can you do in a row? I'm at 8
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