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Femanons, is there a way to get hips like this or is it all genetics?
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Am I pathetic for having an "easy" body goal? I see so many muscular girls and I just aim for pic related. I don't really have the desire to train hard or get big, although muscle is great. I just don't want a very developed physique.

How real is the wall?

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I just moved to a liberal college town and see all these 20yo qts, but I'm realizing I see no 30yo qts, what the fuck? Every 30 year old is haggard, has jaded eyes or is fat. Does the beauty of a woman just disappear out of the fucking blue? I'm seriously shook
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I just figured out women. I cracked the code.

Let me just say I don't ever dress fancy. I'm in a t shirt and shorts most always.

If I were wearing a t shirt and shorts they wouldn't give a FUCK.

Today I wore a dress shirt and slacks with nice shoes to an interview. Young girls looking at me THIRSTY. I was so shook and felt so handsome it was embarrassing. This little Asian one in black short shorts noticed Mr hard and I wanted to bend her over and give it to her right then and there but I was still so shocked. This definitely needs to be learned how to be handled. But I can say with the utmost confidence that dressing well it AT LEAST 75% of getting laid. All that was missing was confidence.
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I need fitness help. Im a femboy so idk how to fitness.

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Hi friends.
Im a pretty fit (no pun intended) femboy, but for some reason I feel like my arms and shoulders are kinda big compared to the rest of my body :/

My upper arms carry fat and i feel like thats what makes them big. My shoulders have some muscle on them, makes me look less narrow. Is there a way for me to make them smaller/get rid of fat/muscle? Or is that a stupid question.
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/plg/ - powerblogging general

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dont wory, apu is fine :)
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daily reminder that regardless of how strong you are, some random skinny tyrone with okay range and like 3 years of fighting experience can fuck you up for fun
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/NoFap/ general - day 7 test boost edition

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OLD THREAD >>46445565
The old one just died but I didn't have a chance to talk in it, so here's a new one.

>Will I break my streak if I have sex?
>What about wet dreams?
No. You can only break your streak by fapping.
>Can I still watch porn?
Some say yes, others say no. Note that watching porn releases dopamine in the brain and humans are programmed to seek dopamine. It's what causes porn addiction in the first place. To truly nofap, you can't watch porn.
>What does PMO stand for?
Porn, masturbation, and orgasm.
>Why do nofap?
Many people report increased confidence, higher energy levels, and more drive to have sex with women. Others report stimulation of hair growth and clearer skin. Some say that it increases testosterone in the long run.

Anecdotal evidence imgur album:
Book on porn addiction:
Study linking higher test to 7 days of nofap:

I'm on day 6 bros. Tomorrow I start working and I just joined my new gym today. I'm right on schedule for an energetic workout and a boost for the first day of work tomorrow.
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>22% bodyfat

I want to get in shape but don't want my whole life to be based around gym shit and buying expensive healthy foods.

Is it possible to get in super ripped shape with a 20 minute workout 3 times a week? and on a budget of $50/week?

I see these poor wigger types & niggas in my neighborhood all the time who're really fit and they just seem to spend their days smoking weed, going to parties, doing drugs, drinking soda, and eating fast food. How the fuck do they stay in great shape?

>ideal body

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What is with the disturbing amount of /fit/ people who intend to never have children?

Too poor?
Secret homos?

You intend to reproduce, right dude?
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