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Lagertha edn.

Can anyone offer me the simplest no bake protein bar recipes/ideas? Currently searching.

Bonus points if they don't require protein powder. Provide nutritional info too.
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If a guy wanted to humiliate a girl for her genetics, he'd be vilified.

But if a girl wanted to make fun of a guy for being short/having a smol cock, it's all fun and games.

Tell me why society should accept this.
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Tasty /fit/ recipes

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Can we get some tasty /fit/ recipes in here?
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What went wrong?
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What's my body fat percentage

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Plz be nice

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Why do beta dyels hate fit women? Is it jealousy?

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if i wear short shorts to the gym in america will people think im a poofter?
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I literally cannot bring myself to train natty, like not even one single session without being on something. How the fuck do you guys do it?

What do you hate about your gym?

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There's a fair few things I hate about my gym, and there's no other cheap options nearby. Shit sucks.

>Deadlift platforms have clutter surrounding them and are very cramped. Very easy to trip over shit when changing weights around
>Has both 15kg and 20kg barbells, no real way of telling them apart. Set a new PR? Nah, maybe just used a 15kg barbell
>Is always messy as fuck and it's hard to find what you need
>1 set of change plates. GL working off percentages when shit's busy

Why can't I just have a nice clean gym with an open layout?
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How do you know if a girl is fat over Tinder?
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