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/fit/ girl thread

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What happened to the /fit/ of yesteryear that was attracted to chicks that actually lifted and not fatties?
Post ‘em anons!
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I'm fat and I need to lose weight... I'm motivated to lose it fast.

what do I hop on? KETO or CICO? I've heard you can eat a lot more on KETO
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Makes you think, doesn't it?
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/plg/ - powerlifting general

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Bodorio said he'd come back if you all post good music that I will like

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Why aren't you squatting at least lmao3plate?
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boomers of fit, share what you wish you knew about fitness, nutrition, life sooner
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Just crushed one of these by myself. Am I making it yet?

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Have you taken the neckpill yet /fit/?
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my general experience with girls who lift is terrible. They're fucking rude cunts who belittle and judge. I asked a gym thot one time how many more sets she had left in the power cage, and she looked at me like I was a mythical creature on something, like I was a fucking freak for even taking to her. Immediately I could see the judgement in her eyes and it made me feel uncomfortable. It was the only powercage in the entire gym, and all she was doing was sitting inside the cage on a bench texting for 10 minutes and then she would do a quick set of bench squats and then back to texting. I asked her if I get work in and she ignored the question, turned her head to signal her Chad BF, and then he quickly came over and flat out said "is there a problem here?". And she kept looking at him like she wanted him to deal with it, and I just said "I was just asking if I could work in", and he casually says "ya just wait for her to finish up". I waited around for another 10 minutes on the cardio machines and she just sat inside the power rack texting. I just left and went to a different gym.
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