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>not doing full body twice a week
>not managing volume and intensity
>not doing concurrent periodization

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What's /fit/s opinion on Pic related?
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guys i need a chester day wod

i was thinking instead of preworkout i just look in the mirror and get sad+mad

500m low crawl
2km run from failures
rope climb until failure

for postworkout some mcdonalds so it doesn't even matter
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What will you do fit?

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A, B, C or D?
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Pajeet gains

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How do I differentiate myself from all the gym pajeets of today? I'm tired of being a skinny ugly brown loser. No one respects me. I'm a joke of a human being, but I want to change. I'm worried that simply getting big won't be enough. What do /fit/?
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>What do you talk to women about?
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Gym Bag Thread

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Old back back being put to rest. Need a gym bag. Usually take swimsuit, towel, headphones, resistance bands, wrist wraps, etc... to gym. Whats the best gym bag? Duffel? Canvas? Backpack? Rucksack?
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