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Is it ok if I just fap once a week or should I go all the way into nofap?
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How can you eat this disgusting shit?
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Social awkwardness thread!!
Tell me your best awkward personal stories, fit.
Mine is: I have always called weight lifting pooht-padooht

>It comes from PUHTPDHT
>Means Pick Up Heavy Things, Put Down Heavy Things
>I use it casually around women and family
>They used to think I was retarded for saying "I'm about to pooht-padooht"
>Got kind of fit, now they think it's quirky and funny
>Huge improvement, even my family uses it in casual conversation and with friends.
>Feel like I really made it
>One downside
>The gym.
>My home away from home
>I scream Pooht-padooht at the end of every rep because it motivates me
>Everyone in the gym still thinks I'm a retard.
>Feels like the girls actively avoid me
>Went to a new gym to test my suspicions.
>No Pooht-padooht, lifting impacted severely
>A girl touched me on my arm to get my attention during DB flies
>I knew it
>Feel like a whore, go back to my old gym and stay there.
>Scream even louder
>Now it comes from a place of pain
>Pooht-padooht even heavier weight now

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What is the male equivalent to the gym thot?
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i got deferred from the main university i applied to

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i got the email and i genuinely dont want to go the gym anymore. i am so sad. i dont know what to do. please knock some sense into my /fit/. i fucking broke my 4 day nofap too. i dont know why this is affecting me so much.
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I never get DOMS in my biceps, am I doing it wrong?

Could you take him?

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/fit/ Could you take out this 5'6 135 pound boxer in a fight to the death?
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/PLG/ - Powerlifting General

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>GDE (genetic dead end)
Exercise low-responder. High injury rate, no sports background, weak willed.

>GAYS (gay aylien skull)
Weak bone structure, mouth breather. Wastes time trying to be strong. Jewey faced and mad, but harmless.

>CUCC (crying uninjured canadian cuckold)
Identify as injured, without medical diagnosis. Trans-herniated. Purposely do self-destructive programs like PH3, Smolov, etc. They wanted an excuse to quit.

>VOLEM (voluntary evermediate)
Late beginner, early intermediate. Panics when the bar gets heavy. Program hops, works on technique, or sabotages recovery as an excuse to not progress.

>BENIS (Bulking Enthusiast, Not In Shape)
Eats far beyond the maximal lean mass growth rate because Dave Tate did it at Westside.

>PANZR (pussy ass ncelibate zerg rapist}
Incelibate. Angry. Entitled. Weak bench. Should not be allowed to live near schools. High risk of joining isis or raping a dog.

>CHODE (communist homo of dick eating)
Angry, godless little postmodernists who secretly loathe strong, masculine men who won't fuck their boybutt. Some transition into ugly rat faced pedos, others defend said CHODES. Also known as PHAGs (projecting homo ass goblins)

>TCHAD (tries consistently hard all day)
The Isleys, MAs, and other guys with average genes who actually like competing and getting stronger.

>MOG (men of greatness)
When a man has the genes, the durability, the work ethic, the desire, and maybe the anabolics to fuck everything iron or flesh with his veiny, throbbing cockmeat. John Haack. Jessie Norris. Konstantin Konstantinov (rip). Blaine Sumner. Eddie Hall. Brian Shaw. Get mogged.
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Zoomer thread

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A thread for the young lads of /fit/ with eyes full of hope and heads full of hair. How's everyone doing?
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High Test and your Favorite Lift

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Deadlifts 5x5
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