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Secret sauce

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What is the secret you know that tip of the iceberg to gain a lot of muscles and look lean. I know its mostly consistent lifting and diet but there are so many supplements to help get a little bit more than you can. Creatine, BCAAs and other stuff.

What supplements should be taken to look like chad and now his little brother?
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>be me, not you
>6ft, 210lbs @12%bf
>FACE, FRAME, and (manlet cut off) HEIGHT
>blue eyes, blonde hair
>going to a bookstore after work today
>gotta find the most liberal looking employee
>shouldn't be hard, I live in Massachusetts
>"Excuse me, do you carry Mein Kampf?"

How should I handle the ensuing shit storm?

Relevant topics of discussion for this thread:
>Answer my question
>How has lifting changed your political outlook?
>Why are liberal women so attracted to, yet disgusted by strong men with traditional values

inb4, REEE go back to /pol/!!
>I don't like it there, too many betas
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How many days should you train for mass?

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Some say less is more, is this the truth or a lie to keep us DYELs from getting 'mired?

Is a 4-day split better than a 6-day split? Why? Why not?

>lifting 6 days a week + cardio 3 times a week
>brah tells me i don't get enough rest because of this, burning off all my gains
>the fuck?

Positivity General

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What is everyone doing to stay positive? Walked 1.5 miles yesterday. rewarded myself with some Mcdonalds. Feels good
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OHP substitute

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I'm going through physical therapy right now for my lower back and my therapist recommended to avoid OHP. It's my favorite lift, but I want to speed up my convalescence so I won't do it. Are there any decent lifts/machines I can't replace OHP with for a while so I don't lose my strength gains?
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Citrulline Malate

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I've been taking 3-5 grams of L-Citrulline supplements in pill form every day for a few months now. Initially, I started taking it to help counteract the erection killing side effects of my low dose anti-depressant. It worked like a charm, but in addition to the positive effects it's had on my boner, I've also noticed positive effects on my workout routine.

>better pumps
>more energy/longer workouts
>better recovery

I've read that when it comes to workouts, Citrulline Malate Powder yields even better results than the L-Citrulline tablets I've been taking. I'm strongly considering buying some to try.

any /fit/izens have good experience with Citrulline Malate?
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>character(s) in a TV-show goes to the gym
>does nothing but bodyweight exercises and bicep curls, with a PT hounding them like a drill sergeant

Is protein powder good on a cut

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or am i just wasting my money

quick personal training certification

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Ok guys I need help. I run a gym and one of my faggot trainers just quit. My other trainer is studying for the ACE cert but it will be a while before he finishes. What is the fastest and easiest personal training cert online? cheap is also a bonus

pic for attention

Are you beach body ready /fit/?

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Summer is right around the corner, you have been cutting... right?
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