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who are your favorite fitness youtubers?
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I am a manlet. What exactly is it that I'm supposed to learn?
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Day 9 of No Fap, I think I'm developing superpowers. Or at least becoming Batman. Is this normal? Also no fap thread.
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what does /fit/ wear outside the gym?
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Hi test

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Which butt looks more athletic? Let's see if /fit/ has any kind of actual anatomy knowledge.
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>Wake up to terrible stomach pain
>Puke and shit my guts out over the course of an hour
>Steel feeling like shit, and stuck in constant pain

D-Do I still have to work out today?

Gym clothing

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What do you wear to the gym /fit/?

I need to get new gym clothes, anyone know a good brand for me to check out?
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Can anyone post an actual thick neck transformaions?

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Imagine marlon (guy in pic related) with a pencil neck. if he had a pencil neck, he would be a twink cuck instead of a male model

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Why do my knees hurt so bad a day after squatting. It never used to be like this until I started SL 5x5. I tried switching it up to low bar but that didn't seem to help much. I even got squat shoes.
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What have I done /fit/?

>meet 7/10 girl on tinder back in December
>total wifey type. Cooks for me, blowjobs every time we hang out, massages, always doing sweet things for me
>expresses several times that she has feelings for me
>not really down to date her but I keep fucking her for a few months
>always mirin my gains
>start taking her to the gym
>she starts working out every day for a few months and gets fit as fuck, now 10/10
>Were still fucking, start getting feelings for her like crazy
>a week ago she starts dating a guy that's way more jacked and lifts way more than me

I can't believe how stupid I am. I rejected this girl so many times and she's done so much for me and she's such a beautiful person. Im an idiot
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