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watching this killed my motivation for lifting. I don't know what to do
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Is soy OK?

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Is it healthy? Does it slowly transform us into traps?
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Only so᠌y consumers and so᠌yboys can't get past the filter. You're not a so᠌yboy are you /fit/?
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which is the best sport

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And why is it rugby union
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Can't go to a gym during summer, give me a good calisthenics routine to keep my gains in the next 3 months, also some good stretching/yoga routine please.


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>be me mommy's 587lbs bundle of joy
>get the flu because the sail I use to cover myself at night, was wet with mountain dew and cummies
>scream at my mommy to get some tendies to fill better
>mommy is kill
>"fuck I have to do everything myself"
>go to walgreens at 3am after a WoW sesh with my e-trapgf
>grab some flu medicine
>some orange juice for muh vitamin C
>and a metric ton of chocolate
>make my way to the register
>try to persuade the cashier so I can get some xp for my barter skill
>"How goes it?"
>"It's ok, rough night"
>"Any news from the other provinces?"
>"Uhh... Not really, just a rough night we're having here, lot's of folk getting sick this time of year"
>grabs my metric ton of chocolate bars to scan it
>"Some of them not by choice"
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Fit brethren,

I need some advice. I'm thinking about getting this style (very similar) tattoo but only half sleeve for now.

Honest opinions Yay or nay.
>will post my body pic below
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What mode is this?
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This is how my ideal husband looks like. Your thoughts?
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Crossfit thoughts

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i saw a crossfit thread yesterday with 0 comments at the moment, now i've lost it, so im asking the same question.
is it good? is gym better? is any other option an equivalent or something like that?. like the other guy said, including healthy eating habits
also super newbie here.