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Fuck powerlifters

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>Get chalk everywhere, all over the equipment and locker area
>Throw their belts and other BDSM equipment all over the equipment and locker area
>Camp the rack for 3 hours straight
>Come in 3 man squads and hoot and holler and chant after every set
>High five and slap each other's asses after every set
>Are fat
>Drag benches over to the rack to sit on for 8 minutes between each of their 3x25 sets despite doing an exercise that requires no bench
>Grunt loud and spray spit all over the mirrors
>Act like they own the place despite the fact that they look like shit
>Lift in socks like fags
>Throw plates and bars around like a bunch of fucking oafs
>Kick clips and 10lb plates across the floor in a rage when they aren't able to lift as much as they thought they could
>Blast their shitty dadrock and theory of a deadman/Korn music on their gay lttle bluetooth speakers
>Eat nutrition bars between sets and leave wrappers all over the place

Can we just ban these faggots from every gym?

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I look good shirtless, but I look like a skelly under the shirt. What are some good exercises which will make my arms burn?
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/fit/ Does Dating

35 and just divorced after 10 years. Meeting a sporty 43 year old divorcee MILF in 3 hours. She lives right down the road and could become my new fuck buddy..

Brehs, I haven't dated anyone but my ex-wife in 13 years. The divorce drained me and I have to force smiles but my dick needs attention. I'm gonna try to use the FORD method and light touching to get her relaxed, but suddenly I've realized how nervous and disinterested in trying to hold a convo I've suddenly become.

Fuck guys. Anyone else out there had to force themselves back into dating?
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Recovery from being fat

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>180lb 18 year old 5’10 male
>Trying to build muscle while maintaining current weight (Or slowly losing fat) for the next year to let loose skin fix itself after 160lb weight loss
>Currently just doing incline bench, decline chin-ups, body weight squats and pull ups 3 days a week

How many calories should I be eating? I’m currently doing 1700 while getting 130g of protein and carbs

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Last year I added a "/fit/ meetup" to my calendar scheduled for the 14th of January 2019. It was based on a long thread with some of you phaggets planning to go to Thailand on this day. Any updates?
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>arrive at the gym
>ready to do some OHP
>glance at the squat racks
>one rack 80 pound woman squatting 95lb with wraps and belt
>second rack dyel man squatting 105lb
>3rd rack kid squatting 135

What the fuck is going on?

Don't these fags learn to do leg press before they take up a squat rack that I'm going to OHP more weight than they squat?

Is this fucking starting strength or some CrossFit meme where people don't build a base with leg press anymore?

This is annoying as fuck.
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> ask a guy who secretly drank coworker's breast milk as PW supplement anything
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can someone explain the keto diet to an obese fat fuck like myself?
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Don't forget it.
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