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This is now a SymmetricStrength thread. Post your stats boys.
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Do you use a notebook to keep track of your lifts?

Do you bring it to the gym with you?
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Bow down to your alpha.
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Going to GNC, what should I get???

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Admit it, there's one part of your body you work out harder than the others hoping it gets bigger quicker. Which is it for you? Biceps? Thighs?
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Small successes

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Post your small successes

Finally did 3x5 of 1pl8 bench.

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it's rest day but I feel pumped the fuck up

it's 8:38 pm right now

should I go for a 5k run?

Bruce Lee Mode/Ottermode

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Have I made it? Do I have possess the correct body structure of former martial arts/actor Bruce Lee? (Billy Lo) Really need some serious opinions here. Rate /10 please.
The only problem I think would be my arms, but I'm not sure. 2 years of training and got this for, lemme know

Thank you KIND PEOPLE OF /fit/
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I want exercises and a diet to make my body more feminine looking
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Any way of getting slimmer thighs?

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Lost a decent amount of weight recently, and I look alright from the waist up, in a skinnyfat way but I still have these Boyega-tier thunder thighs - any way to fix this, either by diet or specific exercises? (Honestly, I feel like I'd rather have twinklegs than muscular ones. Right now they just look fat.)