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What do you do on off days?

Not lifting is killing me on the inside. I just don't know what to do.
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I just bench pressed 225 X 20 times
I'm happy but is that respectable?
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Tfw girls are this autistic..
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why is Mehdi from stronglifts so weak

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>squats 170kg
>stronglifts have like 6 years

why is he such GDE
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Use your sex drive for gains.

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Lifting for women is the most basic way of getting motivated for a man. It gets you in the door of fitness. If you find other reasons to train great if you do it for women great. I don't see a problem of using the male sex drive for something useful verses jacking off to hentai all day. If women give you the motivation to leave your ejaculatorium great.
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Hey /fit/

I'm moving out soon. It'll be the first time I'm away from my parents and not travelling. I can cook just fine, but I'm uncreative.

Future apartment has an oven so I definitely wanna up my game.

Pic related because I haven't had butternut squash roast in years.

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How do I unluck /kinginthenorth/ mode?
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what is the most overrated exercise

what is the most underrated exercise
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fit-poop cherry

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>half way through my usual run path
>start tooting farts all the way up the hill
>keep going
>it's happening
>holding my anus to stop poop from coming out
>run up to a nearby wall
>squat and relieve my body of poop
>start sprinting home with poop wiped over my trousers all the while hoping no one notices despite the trousers are almost white
>get home and instant shower
>throw out trousers and underwear

well guys, I popped my shitting-self-from-exercise cherry, what about you guys?
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