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Arm pain/Bicep Curl Form

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So i was doing bicep curls earlier and I felt a dull yet persistent pain in the highlighted area. I wasn't using an underhanded grip (Palms outward in the starting position) and i switched to a form where my palms faced inward in he starting position. The pain immediately stopped. Was my form wrong? I feel like the second form wouldn't work out my forearms.
>inb4 skeletor
I know
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posted in cbt, but it died

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i get it, i'm a fucking twig.
i've only been lifting for a couple months, and only seriously for like two weeks.

i eat really well, and i stopped drinking/drugs. i know it's hard to take me seriously looking at my weakass body, but I really want to improve.

what should I focus on in order to get past my pathetic current state so im not embarassed looking in the mirror?

some more info:
>183 lbs (meausred today with shitty gym scale, could be inaccurate)
>ran xc in hs, was bad, but still decently strong legs. my legs actually look a bit better than ops tbch, but who cares about legs

my current mindset is do some biceps, triceps, core, back every day, and then finish with ~30 mins cardio for legs, calorie burning, etc.

not gonna lie i would be pretty scared to squat/deadlift in front of lot of people, also I think with my current pencilmode it wouldn't do anything. i think i can bench like 110 rn, haven't benched for like a week..

also are supplements an absolute must? can I just eat well instead?
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Does it kill your gains?
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How much more success do you guys have on tinder with six packs?

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I'm debating on cutting for the slootz
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How fucked am I?

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>On a cut
>ate an entire tube of bonjela

hold me /fit/

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Recovering anorexic here

How do I go about gaining muscle from literally 0 muscle mass? Whenever I eat at my surplus or even maintenance I balloon up because it all goes straight to fat. Am I just gonna have to grit my teeth and be a skinnyfat until gains start appearing? How long to make gains from basecamp?
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I'm tired of being a sad cunt starting today I'm gonna be a sick cunt

Who's with me

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Hey /fit/ I currently do this routine every tuesday and thursday, with leg day on Mondays. That's my entire weekly workout schedule. I just added the shrugs today, and it's officially too much to do in one session, so I'm looking to split this routine into two seperate routines to be done on tuesday/thursday respectively.

What's a logical way to split this into two separate days, and what other excercises should I add to each day to betterflush out my workout?

Also routine advice general
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>i want you to eat lots of chinese takeout, it's healthy because it's fried

What did he mean by this?

Whole food plant based diet thread

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Want to prevent our most common chronic diseases?

Want to eat as much tasty filling food as you like while staying lean year round or effortlessly drop fat if you are overweight?

Want to prevent needless environmental catastrophe and animal suffering?

Want to lower your food bill enormously by subsiding on a diet of cheap staples like whole grains, beans, tubers, fruit and vegetables?

Want to avoid giving money to corrupt industry's that profit of sickness and misery?

Redpil yourself on the benefits of the whole food plant based diet
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