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Can't stand this cunt...

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What is the minimum level of /fit/ to achieve a chubby Mexican Girl like this?
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What happens if your traps fail before your legs on heavy above the knee rack pulls?

if you're doing 1 inch ROM with straps and your legs are really strong relative to your traps, could you eventually reach a point where your traps couldn't support the weight that your legs push 1 inch off the floor? Would you tear your traps or something else? How do you know if the weight on rack pulls is too much? I know the traps are really strong, but so are legs especially when doing 1-7 inch rom
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Must be pretty embarrassing when Jason can piss his underwear and still be more of a chad than 90% of /fit/
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*takes the only vacant power cage just before you get there*
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Quick post your /fit/ programs ITT:
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hey bois
new to cheffing
I hear cabbage is really healthy, does it matter how I cook it?
I was planning to use it in a stir fry
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Loose skin / stretch marks

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Best exercises to reduce loose skin/fat on your stomach?

Best products to fade stretch marks?
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Eating all of my calories on Saturday/Sunday

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I work 60 hours/12 hours a day from mon-friday and I usually only consume about 500-1000 calories due to not being hungry at all for some reason yet having tons of energy. On the weekends I totally binge, as if all of those calories were finally showing up. Can any relate?
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