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Last year I added a "/fit/ meetup" to my calendar scheduled for the 14th of January 2019. It was based on a long thread with some of you phaggets planning to go to Thailand on this day. Any updates?
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I hate my body. I’m tired all the time, it never sleeps, it’s always hungry, it’s weak and it hurts. Not even in a teehee it’s ugly way but just that it can’t even perform basic functions. Fuck all the women who are like “teehee I hate my body omgggg” i just want a functional body, god. I have to be on seven different sleeping meds (around 3 to 4 types PER NIGHT) only to wake up in 1 or 2 hours and never being able to sleep again for the whole day. I do everything for it and this is how it treats me.
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Do Americans really live off fast food?
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/fit/splain me on pistol squats

Good ? Useful ? I can squat 300 lbs but can't do a single one

Vaping Thread

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Do you vape?
Does it hurt gains?
Does it cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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You guys are my friends
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/fit/ weebshit?

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Used to measure in at 6ft1.25
Now at 6ft0.50
Getting shorter with all these squats
Its not a lot to lose but something is off. Starting to wonder if its my posture or the heavy weights

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Everytime I do pushups my wrist is fucked for a couple days, what do? Am i just a hopeless wristlet or can i fix it?

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>ohp in the squat rack
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