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I have the worst case of gyno out of anyone I’ve ever seen on /fit/ or irl. I’ve accepted I’m a genetic failure and that I shouldn’t reproduce. However I don’t want to kill myself so I’m gonna get the surgery.
Is there any chance the breast tissue will come back afterwards? Should I try to cut down to like 12% before the surgery, or is it irrelevant?
How long does it take to recover and are there any serious ramifications?
Mine is worse than pic related
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Mewing/correct tounge posture

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Who else /chinlet/ here using this as a last resort?
I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly though. Do I push my tounge hard against the ceiling or do I just let it rest along it with the tip barely touching the front teeth?
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At last I truly see...
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why doesn't he just go to a barber instead of cutting his own hair and looking like shit?
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Is 1/2/3/4 a meme?

I only asked because I just want to be big, I don't actually care about strength in an of itself. However, I have NEVER seen anyone at my gym doing an OHP, and I have to admit that squatting and deadlifting is relatively also a rare occurrence in consideration of the amount of jacked dudes.
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Newbie - Wanting to get jacked

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Hey folks, I'm new to this board, but I was told this is where you should go to get some decent advice asap. So lemme cut to the chase:

I'm 6' Tall and weigh 65 KG

I'd consider myself kinda skinny with a bit of a belly but I basically want to put on some gains and build some good muscle.

>> I just need a solid workout routine I could stick to and a good meal plan as well. <<

I've already bought some protein and creatine to get the ball rolling.

Any tips/advice/links would be very much appreciated.
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How big is your chest /fit/?
What is your chest routine /fit/?
What do you hope your chest looks like in the next five years?

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>Tries to steal your gains
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>starting nursing school in May
>class is Monday thru Friday every week for a year
>gym is literally across the street
>take this as a sign I need to get fucking jacked
It's perfect. I can go to school, how across the street after class to lift at the gym, then go home to blast protein and study...
I have no excuses. In 1 year I will be a jacked nurse
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