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Free Money

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this is me try 2 roast me
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official progress enqiry

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hello guys
>been working out solidly 3 months
>went from 62kg skelly to 70kg skelly
>reached 80kg (2plate) deadlift today (3*5)

Specifically for deadlifts would you consider this good progress for my weight?
Used to only go up to like 50kg for deadlift keeping proper form.
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Who else is yoga master race here? I've been doing yoga half an hour every day for the past month and I feel amazing. I have a lot more energy and am able to lift more than I used to all while working areas I didn't know I had. Overall no downsides. Would recommend.
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How many protein can be enough needed for useful calories consumed during a cut

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so which membership do I choose?

>t. beginner lifter

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Fat people hate thread
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Hey /fit/, how does it feel knowing you will never be as good looking as me? =)
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I finally figured out why we’re shilling onions so hard

It’s to get one last meme in this year so the New Years SIR comic isn’t just 5 pages or braaposting