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Am I gonna make it?

Push-up general

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Is there any difference between classical push-ups and say finger push-ups?

Which is the best push-up?
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/fit/ ideals thread?
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How much protein do you consume each day?
How much do you weigh?
Where do you get your protein from? Meat or protein powder?
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Look maxing guide

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The face in the photos remain exactly the same.
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are you a gym creeps /fit/?
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Its all genetics

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Why even Lift if you dont have the top 1% genetics.
You will never look like your idols.
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Some years back, I found a big dump of 4chan useful information. There were pictures of some very useful threads, some videos and a lot of infographs from various boards.

Any chance to find it again or even better, get an updated version of it?


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Last one near the limit.
At what age did you grow out of the personality is unrelated to aperance meme /fit/ ?
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could you check my squat form?

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Hi fit, I'm a dyel and today is my first time squatting. I did 30kg + the bar. Could you please critique my form or give me any pointers? Help me not snap my shit.
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