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Hey fit I'm going to start gym on monday, im 6'2 220lbs and I'm fat and fluffy.
I had and body fat exam yesterday and they told me i have to lose at least 20 pounds of fat and that my muscle mass is in "normal range" so they told that i can do any routi ne i want but that i must do one hour of cardio everyday i go to the gym.
What do you think?

gym etiquette

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Women /fit/izens- do you wear the towel around your waist or above your breasts?
What do you (everyone) wear in the sauna?
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What preworkout does /fit/ use?
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what's the point of lifting when women make no gains? This is seriously TWO YEARS of progress. I'm tired of being a woman.
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Words that trigger /fit/.

>just be yourself anon
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Any Bros fix their own knees?

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Are my knees hurt all the fucking time and I'm 25. Am I doomed to limp through the post trumpocalyptic wastelands. Or is there hope my shit can be fixed? Muscle imbalances maybe? My quads are quite a bit stronger than my hamstrings and my hamstrings have always been super tight.

Anon saved my fatass client

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Hey anons, I was posting in a FPH thread yesterday talking about one of my clients from a regional center, when some anon mentioned the child's symptoms sounded awfully similar to Prader-Willi syndrome. I read about it, it matched him to a T, so I took the kid in for another examination from a different pediatrician and mentioned the disorder, we drew blood to have a genetic test done and he's getting a modified care plan.

I made this post for you, anon. I don't know if you'll ever see this, but I want to let you know that you have immeasurably improved this child's life. Whoever you are, I wanted to thank you.
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/Zyzz - God of Aesthetics/ Redpill Edition

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>big hands
>small wrists