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Is Allpro's beginner program decent for a newish lifter that cares only for hypertrophy? I know I need strength increases to keep getting bigger, but something like SS that is just purely focused on strength is not of intrest to me. Any other good hypertrophy focused routines for the beginner/ intermediate range?

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Pre-cooked chicken strips.

How does /fit/ feel about the super easy pre cooked chicken from places such as costco or trader joes?

They have no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Seems like just a bit more salt than usual.

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my gf wants to start working out with me but i'm pretty sure shell hate doing SS and frankly she could do with a nicer ass. anyone have good routines aimed towards women who want joocy legs/ butts.
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Does using this is going to help?

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Don't have much time while at the gym and I usually get to do about 6 or 7 exercises, and never get to workout my forearms.

So I bought one like pic and I use it everytime I'm on the PC or reading or not doing something that requires both arms.

But does is this really going to help me develop strength?
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Doctor says I can't lift or use isometric excercises, but I'm not trying to be some weakling. What can I use to build some muscle without breaking the rules?

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Just how strong would you have to be to pick up a grown man by the neck with one hand in the "villain choke"? Would the motion be closer to a front lateral raise or a curl? If I'm not 100% clear please see:

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Hi /fit/

I have done keto before and went from 103kg/227lbs to 81kg/178lbs. So I know (how) it works.

However, I am at 89kg/196lbs again after 2 years and wanna lose some more weight again.

I started keto a little over 2 weeks ago and have been very strict, eaten max 25-30g of carbs a day, plenty of fat/protein. Only drank water. I also started hitting the gym at the start of last week. I weighed myself at the start of my diet, then a roomate broke the scale and I couldnt weigh myself during that time. Today I got a new one, weighed myself and found that I didn't lose any weight, literally the same numbers on the scale. What could I have done wrong/what can I change?
Or am I just impatient?

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this is the reaction chad gets when he does inappropriate shit while you;d get screamed at and reported
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This is what a real mans legs look like /fit/, never trained them once either, jealous?
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