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/fit/splain me on pistol squats

Good ? Useful ? I can squat 300 lbs but can't do a single one

Vaping Thread

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Do you vape?
Does it hurt gains?
Does it cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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You guys are my friends
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/fit/ weebshit?

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Used to measure in at 6ft1.25
Now at 6ft0.50
Getting shorter with all these squats
Its not a lot to lose but something is off. Starting to wonder if its my posture or the heavy weights

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Everytime I do pushups my wrist is fucked for a couple days, what do? Am i just a hopeless wristlet or can i fix it?

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>ohp in the squat rack
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Routine rate/critique/improvement thread?

I'm doing a PHUL. I wanna do deadlifts, not sure where I should put them.

Current routine is:

power upper
>barbell bench press 3-4x4-5
>incline barbell bench 3-4x4-5
>barbell rows 3-4x5-6
>pull ups 3x10 (trying to get to 3x10 before adding weight anyways)
>barbell curls 3-4x8-12
>skull crusher 3-4x8-12

Power Lower
>back squat 3-4x4-5
>leg press 3-4x8-12
>hamstring curls 3-4x8-12
>calf raises 3-4x8-12

Upper Hypetrophy
>incline barbell bench 3-4x8-12
>chest fly 3-4x8-12
>seated row 3-4x8-12
>one arm dumbbell row 3-4x8-12
>dumbbell side lateral raise 3-4x8-12
>incline dumbbell curl 3-4x8-12
>cable tricep extension 3-4x8-12

Lower Hypertrophy
>squat 3-4x8-12
>barbell lunge 3-4x8-12
>leg extension 3-4x8-12
>hamstring curls 3-4x8-12
>seated calf raise 3-4x8-12
>maybe another calf exercise

I also hate one arm db rows, they never feel like I'm hitting my back properly, anything I could replace them with?
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>never counted the bar
>start counting it
>worst lifts become best lifts
>best lifts become worst
What the fuck is that supposed to mean? It's just a 10kg (tesco barbell) increase, why did it have such a detrimental effect on my stats?

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Been in hospital for a while, then started a new term, finally healthy enough and have the motivation to get back to training. What should I do for my first day back? I haven't trained properly in nearly 2 months so I don't want to overdo it.
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