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vitamin/supplement general

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what supplements do you take?

my daily dose:
1000mg fish oil
1000iu vitamin D3
200mg magnesium citrate
50mg zinc
1000mg niacin

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>we have to compete with this
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ITT un/fit/ alpha males
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ITT: God Tier bulking foods

Snap City Thread

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Take me down to snap city where the lifts are heavy and the form is shitty
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fit my friend told me i only absorb 45% of the protien from a protien shake because its a chemically sourced protien and is not any good. is this true fit or some stupid bro science
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Is cardio acceleration (doing a minute of cardio in between sets) bullshit?

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If you can't do one of these, what exercise do you do so that you can do one?
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>It's another "anon has another existential crisis while laying in bed and can't fall asleep due to the weight of his own existence" episode

rest day tomorrow boys fuuaarrrk I really hope you didn't skip the gym again
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/plg/ powerlifting general

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Building a bigger arch for a better bench edition
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