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>be me
>set stuff down on a bench in locker room
>nobody else in locker room
>old man walks out from shower
>places his stuff right next to me
>drop his towel to floor
>lets his old mozzarella testicles loose
>all of this is happening right next to me in a big ass empty locker room

How have old men not become banned from the locker room yet?
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/fit/, which body type is best for a guy(me) with an ugly face?

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>A) big and bulky like a bodybuilder. An intimidating look that might draw away from my face, but would be sure to scare off women.


>B) Lean and fit look. If I had this look I may look better to women but it wouldn't draw away from my face and women would probably still not like me.
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So... Now that the dust has settled, which is it, /fit/?
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How does it make you feel?

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A literal vegan, former skelly is just dwarfing the whole fit, fraud included.
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ITT post neat health tricks that normies don't know about.
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two years ago I lost a huge amount of weight and became a normal size for the first time in my life, then I started trying lifting and I ended up just getting fat again

what do I do differently this time?

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Are rest days really that important?
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>ITT: Guys you thought were big before you started lifting.
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just realized how easy it is to get protein with supplements

>protein pancakes
>440 calories
>60g protein

took me 5 minutes to prepare and 2 minutes to eat

recipe (really random but didnt taste like shit)

>two big scoops (~35g each) of impact whey protein
>two eggs
>100ml milk

throw that
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At what age do you become old and past your prime? I'm 28 and feeling like a fucking geezer. So depressing thinking of how old I am.
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