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Is soy bad for gains ?

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Should I star a onions regimen for lean gains ?

Asking for friend

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>check snap story
>everyone out with friends and socializing
>I'm just at the gym

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What's your favourite way to eat em? Any cool recipes
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>be me
>lucky enough to match with someone on tinder who actually agreed to go out on a date with me
>she's fit blonde hair blue eyes qt dragon
>so far so good

>"yeah my brother is a trump supporter which I don't like"
>"the school i went to wasn't diverse enough for me in the states, that's why I like Canada so much"
>"I minored in gender studies for my program"
>"I don't like watching movies that have violence or rape in them because it promotes that kind of culture"
>mfw the entire time

Fuck me lads, what do I do? Who the fuck brings out politics on the first fucking date? Besides these obvious red flags, she was super nice and attractive and funny and outgoing.... I'm so depressed because she seems like a great catch all things considered, but how important is being able to see eye to eye from a world view/political perspective? I have absolutely zero issues hashing things out and having like debates or conversations about these sorts of things to try and find common ground. But I don't know how others are.

It's been so long, I need a gf :(

to keep it fit related: bench press or dumbbell chest press?
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should I listen to his fitness advice?
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Who likes my juicy leg. Post your legs bros
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Colon health

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Since /fit/ is still a health board, even though somebody fucked up the title, let's talk about bowel fitness.
Since a few weeks I shit pellets. Usually I have regular sausage shit, sometimes a bit smeary from fat, usually away with a wipe or two, but recently I poo in tiny pieces. I always thought these were pretty dry, but they also smeared. I started cutting and I still shit sausage-lumps. Does anybody have an idea what could cause that?

Pic related, I am currently at 1 or 2.
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>that quiet introverted guy that lifts
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Why do normies feel ok with eating garbage all day and never getting exercise?What's wrong with them? Doesn't trashing their bodies feel bad to them at all? They complain about real food being so expensive, and turn around and buy an over priced purse or truck. Do they think that will make them more likable to other people? If there is anything at all worth glorifying, it's your body.
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Virgin vs Chad Thread

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Post 'em here.
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