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I fell off the treadmill this morning and people laughed at me

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>lifting for girls
>not lifting for your pets
You will never make it if you have this attitude, /fit/
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How has getting fit improved your life?
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anyone make this before? looks tasty desu. might make some tonight if i can find that psyllium powder at my local vegan-faggot-store.

UK bros

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What jeans do you guys wear if you have squat legs?

I can't find any that aren't baggy as fuck or too tight and end up looking faggy.
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Vaping as an appetite suppressant?

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They're better than regular cigarettes in every way, no tar, no terrible smell, no teeth yellowing, and you get all the benefits of nicotine. As far as anyone knows the only downside is the addictive quality of nicotine, but caffeine is as addictive with more drawbacks. AND nicotine is a natural appetite suppressant. Anyone here vape/smoke and notice less hunger?
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Is it just me or is lifting for "aesthetics" a never-ending battle that you can't actually win?

After doing 6/day week split for years and watching my macros like an hawk I find that training and eating like that isn't conducive to my lifestyle as Ive entered my 30s, focusing on business and family has taken over my life.

I recently stopped tracking macros like a robot and have began focusing on "healthy" eating, and I switched from my 6/day week split to a 3/day week full body routine, and I have found this to be far better for other aspects of my life. Not having to weigh everything on a food scale, not having to scan bar-codes, not having to ensure I hit certain macro goals, it's actually pretty amazing how much extra time it frees up. Now only going to the gym 3/days a week instead of 6, that has improved my relationship with my family a lot, and I've had more time during the week to work on my business. Overall I feel less stressed, and it's a good thing.

Now I am probably not going to be able to maintain the body I built lifting 6/days a week and counting macros to the T for all those years, but at this point in life I feel its just not for me anymore.

This feels like my own kind of "clean up your room" kind of thing, I feel like my life is a lot more optimized for my current life goals. Anyone else experience something similiar?
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What's /fit/'s opinion on meme exercises? Do you do them to spice out a workout session?

For example here we have Bad Genetics Manletiere showing some of them
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Anon, please tell me you know basic physics that allows vibranium to be deactivated, mined and transported safely.

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me put 3 rock on back
me go down up 5 time
tomorrow me put 4 rock on back
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