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How much does a girl have to work out her chest to compete with the one on the left?
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Yes or No?
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>I fucking hate lateral raises
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Why is comdoms such a erection killer for me? I’ve been with this girl a couple of times now and the last time I managed (barely) to get the condom on and sticcc it in and fuck her. But today I went insta limp and could not get it up when I put it on :(

I was superhard and throbbing before putting it on.

Also, does grinding/cuddling/sleeping next to a beautiful girl without increase my test? Will i finally be able to hit 210kg on my diddy today?
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>drinks 30 cans of coke a day
>as well as sweet junk food
>over 4000 cal a day
>still skinny

CICO is bullshit. Or these freaky eater shows are a fraud.
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Why didnt she respond?
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/pol/ rejected me. But I know fit is for REAL men

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I became /fit/ so boys would like me, but it wasnt enough.
>super duper OOPER nice
>blue eyes and white
Whats the point of becoming fit if no one cares? Health?
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>curls for the girls
>bi's for the guys
>traps for the...
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Do you prefer your bae

>swole or
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