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>tfw no t-rex gf

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Dietary kryptonite

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Well, /fit/?
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Where can I safely buy sterile 23 gauge syringes?
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From /Fat/ to /Fit/: Diet Advice Thread

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Ok, guys. I used to be really fit. I focused mostly on strength, but I was also able to run a 5k in about 24 minutes because of military requirements. I was about 5’9” and 210 lbs, able to bench around 300, and curled 55lb dumbbells 21x in each arm at the beginning of each workout. However, I developed a chronic illness and for the last 3 years was barely able to leave my house because of how sick I was. Now I am /fat/, although I am starting to recover from the illness.

My question to you guys is, how do I eat so that I lose weight? Even when I was fit I ate like trash because I lifted an hour per day and ran all the time. I never learned how to eat right, and now that I’m /fat/ I don’t know how to lose this weight (and I can’t exercise yet due to my illness, but hopefully that will come soon).

What should I be eating guys?

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Reminder that 90% of people on /fit/ reside in mount stupid
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Who here /bad day at gym/

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>be dyel lanklet
>start lifting two months ago
>start really weak make slow but decent gains (still weak but less weak)
>go in today
>cant squat more than 3 reps same weight as last time
>Fail last two reps on last set of bench
>barely finish DL
>can't even do one dip
Wtf bros its not fair
Current stats (nobully I'm new)
45 kg squat
40 kg bench and pendlay row
70 kg DL
25 kg OHP
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Artificial sweetners

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My normal diet consists of greek yogurt and oats and I usually put about 4 packets of sweet n low in each. I also drink like 2 diet cokes a day. Am i kill?

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I broke up with my gf because she was interfering with my gains.

Am I faggot ?
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Help! How do I get this body in the gym? No surgery recommendations!
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