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is there something more depressing than going full bald in your early 20s?
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Why the fuckin long face, bro?
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What book(s) changed your life and how?
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Guess who almost popped off these past few months and has his 2-hour long follow-up episode tonight?

James K, the infamous contestant on the hit TLC Game Show "My 600 Pound Life: will you stop eating so you won't die?" will have his followup episode tonight.

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My brother and I were out at the club last week
This 8/19 girl comes up to men and asks where my bathroom so so I tell her.
Bro tells me I should take her home but I ask her and she says $no

Just dropped off a bear for her and make her sign it, now I have a signed frame to place in my room

My gym membership was cancelled because I didn’t turn up in time but that’s ok, I know the manager is my cousin

Hey I was going wondering just know that you I’m not a girl

- [ ] Please take help out with the guy and then I will take care you and your friends
I know can’t just say I it because I don’t know where I it will go.
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caffeine, sweets, alcohol

How bad are these for you? I've been considering quitting all three. Might be tough to do but maybe I'll do it.
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Why does this cunt never smile?
Is it autism?
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Supplement stack

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1.Raw coq10
For dat cardio vascular health

2.probiotic mood
Ashwaganda +probiotics = goat mood enhancer

3.flax seed oil
Again cardio vascular health/anti inflammatory also helps with abortion of coq10

4.vitamin C + bio flavonoids
For dat joint support

5.creatine 5mg

6.betatine hydroxide


I don’t go out in the sub

A for sports preformance and recovery.

What do you guys think?
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