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Looking to get a set of adjustable dumbbells. What yall reccomend?
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>dad buys $56 (fifty-six-dollars) worth of pork meat
>bacon, ham, pork belly, sausage, loin, baby back ribs
>can smell the oh so sweet succulent smell of evaporated pig fat and fried pork belly with bacon in my fucking room
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Is CBD oil legit or a meme or what? Does anyone here use it? I'm interested in trying it but don't want to spend $30 just to try something that's potentially snake oil.

Should MODS post pictures of their bodies and be voted as who gets to be a moderator?

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It feels like mods are just pathetic dyel's who do not contribute to the overall discussion on this board, other than banning threads. A mod on /fit/ should be a qualified sports scientist who actually moderates the board for quality content and contributes to the discussion with facts and studies, as a trusted source. Also having a weekly or even monthly sticky with new released studies about fitness would be an interesting idea.

>Hiroshi said we are allowed one meta discussion thread per board

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How can you eat this disgusting shit?
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>Barely 28 years old
>Already have awful foot problems
>Got Insoles for flat feet with metatarsal pads
>Left foot Metatarsal pad area still hurts while walking on concrete
>Literally lame at this age

It was always too late me, bros.

Push-up thread

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CBT weak edition

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Anyone else much weaker than they look?

>315x1 deadlift
>205x5 bench
>115x5 ohp
>135 squat 3x20

5'6 165lbs
Month old pic or so because sickness and shoulder injury has caused me to flatline
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