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What routine do I need to do to look like this?

They don't even look like the same species as me.
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/fit/ I'm a noob and going to just bulk for 6-12 months from 70kg 5ft11 skinnyfat. What are some tips? My diet is already in order just basically

>peanut butter
>chicken breasts
>brown rice
>dried beans/lentils
>wholemeal bread
>lean beef
>frozen mixed vegetables

Also have access to random misc stuff that family make/is left around the house, but generally just eat the stuff I buy. Gonna do the greyskull lp thing (pic related) but probably just cycle workout/rest days rather than taking the extra rest day at the end of the week.

So yeah, any tips? I wasn't planning to track my protein or calorie intake since >bulking and I have a huge appetite, but is there anything I should know or prep for?

Yes I've been planning this for a while
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Working out at home without a gym

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Hello /fit/

I have a young 13 year old brother who's unable to go to the gym due to his overall small body size (they didnt let him train in any of my local gyms)

So i need a good home routine that doesn't involve weights, i'm pretty experienced in diets and other things, but what i specifically need is a routine.

Thank you, he's sick of seeing me getting bigger while he's still small.

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What's the best gym bag?

expose your balls to the sun

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1939 study from Dr. Abraham Myerson, which showed that five days of UV light exposure to men’s chest area, increased total testosterone levels by ~120%. When the genitals were exposed to UV radiation for the same amount of time, the increase in testosterone skyrocketed to ~200%.
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Have you ever been mired by a girl at the gym? How did you react?
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If you only could do one exercise for the rest of your life without snapping your shit up, which one would it be?
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How do I achieve the mode of the black guy?

Is it possible to look like him as a natty?
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What's your favorite day: Leg day vs chest day vs back day.

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What's your favorite day?
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