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The great gama did 3000 push ups and 5000 squats everyday

Wouldnt it lead into overtraining ? He was known for never losing a wrestling match so it probably worked to him
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> post your last rep face
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Why aren't you tan?

Pale = female

Did you know women find tan men more attractive?
Did you know pale skin is associated with feminity?

Attractive men are tan 9/10 times.

Why are palecucks not doing everything to be tan? Why aren't you on Melanotan II?
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Eat big to get big CMON

The Texas Method thread

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Previous TM thread died.
Here's a new one, for discussion about anything TM-related.

To start, can you folks help me filling up / fixing this 4-day TM template?

Bench Volume
LTE / Dips / ??
Chinup 3xf

Squat Volume
Back Ext 5x5

Bench Intens
Press Volume 8x3 or something
Chinup (or BBRow or what?)

Squat Intens
Deadlift 1x5
AB exercise?? or what?
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I feel the sticky doesn't adequately cover how to get motivated to work out.

I've had gym memberships that have been wasted and loads of home equipment that I leave untouched for months on end because after a day working a job, 99% of times I find it fucking impossible to get motivated enough and have energy to start working out for the next hour.

Any suggestions guys?
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Is mcdonalds good if you bulk?
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I'm trying to eat as much as I can but my mom keeps getting really mad at me...

We fight almost every lunch about how i'm eating all the week's food and how it's costing her too much money. Just now she told me I'm going to turn into a disgusting pig if I keep eating
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>broke wrist yesterday
>have to wear massive, bulky splint
>doc wants me to take it easy until i can see the ortho on friday
>cast for 6-8 weeks most likely

Losing my fucking mind over this shit, how do you people cope with injury?
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CBT// only aesthetics

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cbt thread time
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