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Do you lift 1/2/3/4 pl8s? Do you look DYEL?

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>mfw my gf just told me her biggest sexual fantasies are getting fattened up by me to obesity, being weighed and shamed regularly for getting fat, being measured and shamed, outgrowing her clothes, and eating cake and being called a fat whale/pig while getting fucked by me
Should I just kill myself?
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>tfw fit but an utter failure

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Do I look like I lift? Everyone thinks I'm a skeleton with my shirt on
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>tfw I work out 3 days a week
>tfw gf works out 5 days a week
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>attempt 5x5 OHP
Explain this

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Have exams coming up and just pulled my second all nighter this week studying. How much/how often should I be taking caffeine? I have shit to do but I don't want my heart to explode.