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How do I ignore recovery days? I wanna be able to go to the gym 5 days a week but everytime I try, I wind up being too sore to get out of bed by thursday

{PS. I go to work after I'm done at the gym}

Just want to ask you guys 2 questions

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Will becoming physically fit help any guy who isn't handsome, get a fwb/girlfriend ?

We're men, the vast majority of us want women/pussy (it's in our DNA to want them)

So why do a lot of guys here say you shouldn't lift just to help you get girls/laid ?
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Hello friends. I want to start incorporating cardio into my workout. My gym has an unused punching bag that I would like to start using. Can anyone point me to some solid resources that I can use to start learning how to kickbox? I'm poor so I can't afford lessons or a group course. Also, can anyone point me to some gloves that would be good for a beginner that don't cost a ton? And I guess any discussion for those of you that do martial arts for cardio is welcome as well. Thanks!
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I shit myself while doing squats today. My dad dropped me off today and he saw it all. Do people even care anymore or is shitting at the gym a normie meme now?

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There is a very very large portion of society who would listen to her over you.
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>gym sells these in the vending machine
>try one, really high protein
>first sip is okay doesn't taste too bad
>second sip has a fucking inch long rope of white gunk, consistency of chewing gum

Holy fuck never drink this shit
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What are some good snacks that require no prep or cooking?

I'm trying to find something just satiate my hunger when I doesn't have the means to prepare a meal, and there's never many leftovers in my house.

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What's wrong with this guy's physique?
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It's almost July. Almost halfway through the year. How are you doing on your NY Resolutions, /fit/?
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