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Resistance bands/tubes

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Are these things worth buying or they a waste?

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What kind of milk does /fit/ like?
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Fitness & life goals for 2018

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What are alternatives to OHP? Can you do seated OHP? The ceiling is too low in my home gym to put a bar above my head

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Did anybody here start lifting because they were being treated like shit in general? Like being bullied, always being threatened with physical aggression or just not receiving much respect in general.

Did it work? Has your situation improved?
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When will they learn?

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Is the consumption of meat truly necessary in order to obtain muscle mass?

Horses are muscular AF but only eat grass and sugar cubes.
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which fitness program is worth following given my current body size.

I weigh 64kg at 5'8 if that factors anything
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Bloatman, Bloatman, Bloatman,
That man up to bloatin'
He just spent like two or three weeks in the pantry
That man up to bloatin'
He just not just bluffin'

Bloat appreciation thred