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Is Casein protein a meme or legit?

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Hi /fit/. Just a friendly remimder that mussels=muscles. Thank me later.

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Okay, I don't understand. I'm 66 kg, 180 cm and a beginner and I don't know if I should gain muscle and lose weight or clean bulk. Does it depend on weight or on experience?
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Symmetric Strength

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>tfw less than 5lbs from blue man

symmetric strength thread
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Hey fit/ am I strong? How do I get started?
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*Blocks your path*

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Why are the admin and mods so shit on this board? The fucking sticky is dead and there's literally gay porn webm on the front page of this board (which I actually reported the moment the thread was posted and had 0 replies).

Seriously, fuck this board. /fit/ will never return back to its glory days.

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>Who coffee drinker here?
>That first sip of the morning
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Would taking creatine be a bad idea if I want to keep my hair?
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