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Fucking /Onionpill/

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Hey /fit/, I would just to say that this onion shit does not work at all, instead it just fucking hurts. I looked at the articles and it seem legit, so I got some white onions and mashed them into a juice, then injected 50 mL into my quad. It fucking hurt so much and I don't feel any different. Did I do something wrong?
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Do you skip core workout?

>tfw too lazt to do crunches
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>be me, 20 yo virgin
>have girl coming onto me initiating all the way to sex
>have boner all the time until clothes come off and time to have sex, pressure to perform
>hate myself
>buy viagra for next time, be rock hard for 3 times in a row
>time after that the viagra doesnt work anymore, like I built a new mental barrier

She keeps telling she loves me and wants to be my gf so bad, but I can only hate myself. Should I break up with her? Or perhaps fuck escorts to “learn”? I’m gonna to a doc to get checked but I don’t have any reason to have erectile dysfunction (20 years old, fit etc)
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Briefs Master Race

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You can only pull off briefs if you're aesthetic.

Boxer brief and boxer fags are DYEL
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How much does your gym cost?

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Per month.
Mine is $47 dollars.
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how do i find traps

/fit/ BTFO!

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>Drinking Raw Onion Juice Is A Bad Idea, No Matter What People Say On 4chan

>The people of 4chan are the latest, but were not the first and will probably not be the last, to try to boost their testosterone by drinking raw onion juice. This is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea.

>Will Sommer, who writes a newsletter about conservative media, tweeted about the onion craze currently ongoing on 4chan's /pol/ forum. There's more where those screenshots came from, but click at your own peril. (Content warning for racist memes about onions, a thing that 2015 me would never have dreamed I would one day have to type.)

>Drinking onion juice, or eating massive quantities of raw onions, is a bad idea because the taste is reportedly horrible and the aftermath consists of sweating onion stench out of every pore for days if not weeks. This is something the message board denizens would have known if they'd checked out the many times people have tried this before and reported back, for example on bodybuilding forums.
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Hey, /fit/.
Are there are good exercises for strengthening your knees (for lack of a better term).

I've recently started doing martial arts, and I've found that when I have to go into a stance that requires me to bend my knees to a 50 degree or higher angle my legs start to shake pretty badly.

Normally bending of the knees does not make them shake, but when I have to hold these stances for an extended period of time, it gets really bad.

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How do I get this big?
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