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>flabby piece of shit recently diagnosed with clinical depression
>can barely wake up in the morning

How the hell do people find motivation to go to the gym? Please help anons
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I didn’t realise the absolute havoc adrenal gland problems can have on your body. If you suffer from anxiety and depression you can bet that you have adrenal problems, look up the symptoms of adrenal fatigue now. You know when your heart races and you get that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach? That’s your adrenal glands secreting cortisol and stress hormones, you need to suppress that.

When you’re so thoroughly anxious that this happens in all social interactions it will damage your adrenal glands and persistent stress will also atrophy the brain, particularly the amygdala, the region of your brain responsible for emotion. You wonder why you’re fatigued, depressed, an emotional wreck? You wonder why you have memory problems and brain fog? Don’t let this happen to you. This is an invaluable tip for your health.

My advice is that you learn to breathe, to relax. Do not be overly conscious of yourself or your environment. Meditation helps, so does clean living. Don’t do depraved shit you’re not proud of.

Who do YOU lift for?

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I've been a good boy lost 23lbs since the 1st this friday im gonna reward myself with

>8 pieces of chicken
>1 zinger & 1 cruncher
>4 fries
>2 coleslaw
>a 2 liter soda sorrel flavor
>and pecan ice cream

mmhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaa
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/fit/ skate

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Any /fit/izens former or current skateboarders? I've been into skating my whole life, and really got good in my adolescent years and early 20s. This was accompanied by periods of focusing heavily on lifting - now I've been using skating as cardio during my cut.
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I accidentally my gym thot webm folder. Help a brother out.
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Trying to unfuck myself, advice is appreciated

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143 kg / 313 lbs

Trying to unfuck my situation, what is the best way to go about losing fat and gaining musle simultaneously?
Lost a couple pounds over the past month, I'm happy about that, but I still appreciate any advice you got for me.


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What can I do to stop my veins from shining through my skin? It looks retarded and unhealthy.

> pic related is similar but not my arm
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Save me from myself, /fit/!
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