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Ideal body fat % on women

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Do you think I should bulk up?
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Soup brah’s. Mind telling me wtf this is and why the fuck I get it every time I deadlift
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How long do noob gains last?

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I have been trying to lose weight for a weigh in I need to make. Because I have been lifting really hard the past 2 months I have lost literally 0 weight but my performance and appearance is better than it were before. When can I expect to start to actually see the scale go down?
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press F for respect

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First zyzz, then rich... now this happens.
Goodbye my biggest idol... i dont even wanna lift anymore.
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>that first sip of the day
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Why are so many on 4chan balding?
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Are potatoes /fit/ tier for cutting?

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I don't see how you can afford the powder. I work at mcdonalds
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