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CBT: assload of minoxidil edition

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6'0 163 lbs
>tfw lean bulk meme wasn't a meme
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Strength is one thing but what are some good exercises to improve co-ordination and explosiveness?
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>Umm sorry anon I don't like muscular guys, I only date SLIM guys lmao

What do you do?
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Hey /fit/ your body might be in excellent condition but can you say the same about your mental health? How are you feeling, what's on your mind, what is bothering you? Get it off your chest. Being mentally fit is just as important as being physically fit.
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What's a good replacement for bread/crackers to spread things on? I feel like I eat way too much bread but I like having hummus, avocado, peanut butter, etc. Is there some decently healthy alternative?
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What can I put down my pants to make it look like I have a bigger bulge?
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>go get a sip of water between a set
>nigger steals my bench
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Dinner Thread

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/fit/ what do you think of my din din?

1 can of salmon 91 g of protein
the rest is rice, green beans, and left over beef stew.

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After seeing this meme for so long, I've finally had my first sip lads. Very good to be honest
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