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rest days

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what do you guys do on rest days? any particular massages that you do to sore areas? apply cream? epsom salt bath? let me know what you guys do to recover faster and feel better for the day after.
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fit feels / mindset

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I was depressed for a long time and now after half a year of lifting, i fonly feel melanchonic most of the time but i get random spikes of euphoria and energy every now and again.

Did you have any developments with your mood?
Do you have any advice for me?


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DUBS get to decide the response
Also is it normal to experience lower back pain after squatting?
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redpill me on squats 3x/week
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>*beep beep*

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Hey /fit/

Poorfag here. any tips how to eat healthy with not much money at hand? Im trying to loose weight with an already pretty slim wallet. any good recipes or sides were to find some?

Alicia Vikander put on 12lbs for Tomb Raider

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Stupid Question

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Are you supposed to do all sets of an exercise at once or do you do one set per exercise and then move on to the next one?

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What are some good cutting foods? I'm currently trying to make a diet plan, but I always end up having way to little calories. I need around 2150 calories and 240g protein a day for -2lbs a week. Pls send help

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Rate my meal fit
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