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Noblerex Vibration

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Sup /fit/.

My aunt died a while ago and she had one of these noblerex k1 platinum whole body vibration exercise machines. I have the machine and not sure what I should do with it. It's a fucking expensive machine (like $2500) so I could sell it or is it worth keeping and using? Anyone use one before? It seems like a meme. Here's their website:

Why are ugly people always jealous of attractive people?

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It's something I've noticed with ugly people. I'm not even good looking myself (pretty ugly actually), and I sometimes feel rage when I see a good looking guy shag a girl that I was trying to hook up with in the bar. I get jealous of his looks. And because of that, I have taken the lookspill. Ugly people are also more likely to be depressed and get mad easily.
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/bwg/ - BodyWeight General

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>Overcoming your BodyWeight

>2016 Olympics highlights

>What is gravity lul

>Skinny grills with asses


>Youtube Channels

>Safest Static Hold Progression

>Common Prereqs

>Wrists mobility

Foundation Handstand One

>Bicep Tendon Prep

>Scooby teaches you how to do a pull Up

>How to make parallettes out of PVC

>Foundation series (4 books + 2 Handstand + Rings)

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:39d3d785f7c6df583af2fa846646a74b3d256cac&dn=Coach Christopher Sommer Mastering Gymnastic Strength Training 2014&tr=udp://

>Overcoming gravity (v1)

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So I want to start tanning a bit. Mainly to even out some tan lines I got from working in my garden the other day when it was unexpectedly hot, and because I suspect it will make me look a little more defined. So, I normally use an SPF 50 sunscreen, I'll still tan if I use that, right? I don't need it to be super quick btw, I have about a month to get it all evened out.
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Post everything you ate today.

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No cheating.
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what do you do after binging on diet? eat less tomorrow or keep going like nothing happened?

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Do you think your parents are less ashamed of you for being NEET if you workout?
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Dani is only 27, yet looks 47. Who here still claims that /fraud/ doesnt age you?