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Post your worst enemy
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I've came to the relization that face is far more important than physique in terms of aesthetics, however I got a lacking face how do I maximise it?

I'certainly started mewing but my face skin is so bad, really red and irrated looking any tips?

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>Stronger than Fred "the man" Jones
See ya virgin

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Why some people ruin themselves like this?
She went from a natural qt to ugly plastic doll.
This is proof that artificial isn't always beautiful.
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I've just had my test checked and it is 340 ng/dl at 22 years old even though I exercise regularly, eat healthily and get sunlight. What the fuck is going on? My doctor said it's fine but it's literally lower than the average for a 85-100 year old man.
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Switching to 6 day PPL from Stronglifts (3 days)

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I'm a 27yo skinnyfat male. 184cm (6'0), 93kg (205lbs), 21.5% bodyfat (dexa scan measured).

I've been on and off gym the past few years, but have recently started up again and decided to go with stronglifts 5x5 for the past 6 weeks.

My most recent lifts this week were:

OHP 40kg (90 lbs). Struggled to complete the last set. Will probably have to deload soon.

Bench 60kg (135 lbs). Slightly difficult towards the end.

Squat 70kg (155 lbs). Still easy.

Rows 45kg (100 lbs). Still easy.

Deadlift 85kg (185 lbs). Still easy.

Due to various circumstances I have a lot of free time at the moment, meaning I'd be able to train 6 days a week no problem for probably the rest of the year. I've heard good things about running 6 day PPL (P/P/L/P/P/L/Rest) so I was thinking to switch to it.

My goal is to lose fat % while gaining (or at least maintaining) strength.

My questions:

How should I be eating? Currently I've been trying to eat at maintenance on lifting days, while eating at a -500 deficit on non lifting days. This is slowly working but as I said I have a lot of free time for the rest of this year and want to speed things up, so may as well go to the gym more often. I would guess to just eat at maintenance every day? If I eat at a surplus then I'll just stay fat, if I eat at a deficit then I'll have no energy. Or am I being retarded?

Do people do cardio on this routine? There doesn't seem to be much time but maybe 10-15mins as a warm up each day?

Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself and I should continue with stronglifts 5x5 for a while longer until I stall?

Any other advice appreciated.

>pic related: not me but close enough
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>He doesen't have at least 16 inch calves
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> 1 day without fap

Already having dirty thoughts
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>mfw I go past that obese guy who is "training strength" and "just bulking" in the gym
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