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>two years to make four months to break
How dies that make you feel /fit/? Is it all worth it?
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I am a friend of Rich. I live down the street from him, and attend his wife's parties every few weeks. I give him a lot of advice on his health since I'm a professional trainer.

The reason I'm posting this is because the anti-Rich Piana threads posted here are not harmless. You're not helping him. He browses 4chan a lot (mainly /a/ and /fit/) and has done so for many years, long before his youtube fame, and when he sees how /fit/ makes fun of him it puts him in a bad place.

He has mental health issues and even though most of you are just memeing and mean well, you cause a lot of emotional distress.

I am asking you, please, lay off Rich. This is the most important part of his life and if he fucks up post-injury he will never get another chance. His wife installed parental blocking software to prevent him visiting 4chan on his desktop, but I know for a fact he still lurks on his phone (he showed me a thread on /a/ about some faggot anime the other day).

So please, lay off, just for a while. I don't want to see my friend die because of a bunch of stupid memes.
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Injury Thread

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Who else is injured right now? How are you trying to fix it? Or are you lifting through the pain like an idiot?

Right now I'm nursing what I believe is tendonitis in either my left IT band or TFL. Massage, ice, ibuprofen and rest don't seem to help so much and it's keeping me from lifting or anything else. Driving me totally crazy. Any way I can diagnose it or fix it without seeing a doctor?

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Well, I'm pretty sure I have a hiatal hernia from (ab)using caffeine and having a genetic pre-disposition to it (supposedly anyways. my dad had one). Long story short, I need to quit, but it's the university semester and there's no way in hell I can suffer the withdrawal symptoms while managing a course-load. Also, I want to stop wasting my money on coffee.. but the health issue is obviously far more pressing.

Ironically, I've quit smoking cigarettes and hard drugs but I find junk food and caffeine much harder to kick. Anyone here have advice for quitting caffeine?

Also, to make it a bit more fitness related, has anyone here ever had a hiatal hernia? How did it affect your exercise routines? I jog probably 40-60km a week and have been getting back in to lifting the past few months.

pull up/ push ups/ (alternative workout)

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Hey /fit/ I've finally decided and made up my mind about starting to lift. I am into the process of looking for a gym, however before I get started I'd like to look into weather doing some push ups/ pull ups as a routine for a month or so before actually joining a gym is advisable.

This thread is basically for the discussion of how to exercise and gain some strength without paying or going to a gym/buying equipment, like doing push ups/pull ups and any other exercise you'd recommend for an overall muscle workout.

About me

-I'm rather skinny (def not skinnyfat)
-Already have good grasp on diet and keep a very clean diet
-no alcohol/drugs

(so no need to talk about those)

-rather determined to do something once I'm convinced so please your advice will be appreciated
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I went full vegan and only ate soy then pic related happened to me. what do /fit/?
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Why are a lot of female weightlifters at my gym so egoistical?

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seems like half or 3/4ths of them at my gym are always posting pics of themselves to instagram and snapchat lmao. unhealtily trying to maintain a social media presence

pic not related
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Lower Standards

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I need to lower my standards, i can't find attractive womans. Anywhere i go i can't find a 10/10 and i know it's because of me.

> gym's floor is uneven> set up barbell for deadlift/rows> it rolls away

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I'm tired of eating trash food and feeling bad. What is objectively the healthiest diet that I can just live on for years?
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