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Skelly boy here. I can exercise all I want, but I cant make myself eat enough to see gains. What are some tricks for eating enough food?
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Who /lowtest/ here?

Just got back my blood results. It was one thing to suspect but another thing entirely to know. you realize that you're just a lame version of the person you could be.

I'll be the guy telling everyone it's okay to stall early and that not everyone gets noob gains. I should know.....
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CBT natty edition

Raisen nut roiders need not respond
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is connor natty?
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>Your height
>Your Bench max
>Your political leanings
>Number of years you've been lifting

>245lbs x 2 reps
>Right-wing/Conservative Libertarian
>2.5 years
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>be with first girl
>be curious and ask her about size
>she says it's average and that she had bigger
>lose all interest
>can't get it up for the rest of the night

did /fit/ lie to me about that whole 5 inch average dick size?
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Air Temperature

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Attention fat fucks: using A/C will keep you fat.

Many people mistakenly think that cold temperatures increase your metabolism. This is absolutely false. You will not "burn more" energy to stay warm. Have a look at the physiology of other mammals. The metabolism actually slows at colder temperatures to save energy. Many animals take this to the extreme and will hibernate if temps fall below a certain point.

If you're sitting in your "comfy" air conditioned house at 65 F, you're never going to make it. Hot temperatures will help you lose weight or help you cut for summer (duh: hot temp = cut. cold temp = bulk.) So if you use A/C when the air temp outside is below 85 degrees, please promptly kill yourself.
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bodyfat estimation thread

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I've lost fucking 18 pounds in three months and I don't remember what the good shit in life tastes like how much longer do I have to suffer before I reach the promised land of 10%-12% /b/ros

pic is after sitting around and eating all day depressed from no gainz probably never gonna look less shredded than rn so fuck my shit up