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>Skinny girl in bikini - hehe just having fun
>Fat girl in bikini - I'm beautiful just the way I am
>Me shirtless - douchebag

Why the double standard in online dating?
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whos buying wl shoes for that extra inches?

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6'3 without wl shoes on
6'5 with wl shoes on

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I caved in, bought a hooker and now I feel like a miserable piece of shit

Should I kill myself or go full misoginy?

Also is it possible to completely remove your sex-drive?
It's causing me more pain than joy
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How do I achieve WW2 Epic Soviet soldier, Defender of Stalingrad mode?
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Fighters physique/conditioning

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Any advice for getting to a stage similiar to Scott Adkins in pic or Southpaw Jake Gylenhaal? I'm looking to these for inspiration as a good basis for starting to preparing for MMA in the future.

Planning my routine to be hitting the bag 6 days a week, around an hour every morning with cardio afterwards. I'm planning to get my lifting done at the gym in my work before my shifts and yoga/stretching upon waking and before bed.
Days 1/3/5 will be focused on punching and power. 2/4/6 will be focusing on speed, conditioning and kicking.
Additional cardio will be 20 mins of weighted hill sprints on 1/3/5 and HIIT swimming on 2/4/6. Probably just do a light jog for recovery on rest days.

I could use advice on creating rounds for the bag and any general tips anyone thinks I should know in regards to fighting conditioning.

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Anyone here ever had a tapeworm? How did you find out?

I seriously believe I have one that is stealing my gains

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What do you lift for, /fit/? For me it's the USS Iowa.
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What's the best exercise to increase my vertical jump, /fit/?