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remember to eat
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How much dementia and strokes are we all gonna get from sips? I think it's high time we all switch over to water or Gatorade G2
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Has anyone read this book?

Putting aside all the myths and fighter/actor memes, this book is actually pretty amazing.

He really pioneered the modern day hodgepodge of training. There's sections for nutrition that he stole from some bodybuilders and his Chinese heritage, sections on conditioning that he stole from boxers, isometric training, some powerlifting stuff he stole from lifters, some DIY gear and ideas he came up with or stole from boxers etc

It's pretty damn good read, albeit a bit dated. 8/10 would recommend

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>want to get /fit/
>you guys told me to eat more food
>eat more chicken breast, lean meat, peanuts, tuna and drink shakes to reach my 150 grams per day
>just end up getting fat

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>TFW you realise there's no point of lifting to look good if you don't eventually roid

Seriously. You'll never look good. You'll never be strong. Worst part is that people who run one or two cycles benefit from permanent gains so you'll literally never compete even with them. Being natty is honestly futile.
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Going to the gym 6/7 times a week, 1 h workout, eating like a pig.
This is not even a full day so the real number is bigger (+ 1 full meal).
So the question is why isn't my weight changing?
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If I want to pair foods that have protien with low bio-availability so I get all the required amino acids what ratio do they need to be?

if I'm eating 200g of peanuts will a glass of milk suffice or will I need a near 50/50 ratio?

sorry it's not a funny thread I just want to know

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1/2/3/4 is a terrible metric
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sexual health thread

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Am I the only one here who finds masturbating to porn more enjoyable than sex?
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