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how can chads have this physique if he only eats pizza?

wtf guys
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The fittest man alive: speed, strength, stamina

>mfw crosshit "athletes" call themselves the fittest on the planet

>mfw idiots who spend all day in the gym conflate mum aesthetics with true fitness
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Historical /fit/ness appreciation thread

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Can you do this /fit/?

PPL routine

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Good PPL routine for muscle growth?
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People who've gotten fit while being with the same girl, how has her attitude changed? Any changes to sex life? Any changes to her behaviour in general?
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What to do to get on this level of skinny? Current weight is average/normal.
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you have 15 seconds to explain why Roy Nelson so good at fighting and aesthetic, yet so fat?
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Question about PPL

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Hey /fit/ using this routine I found off reddit only question I have is can I move my rest day from sunday to friday? without it affecting my program?

Since you started lifting have you given up on these?

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>Energy Drinks
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>have barrel chest
>people always ask about bench
>lie and say 150 kg
>tfw can hardly bench 85
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