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help me pls

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Hey /fit/, ever since I read about anterior pelvic tilt, it bothered me if I have one myself.
I started to work out 3 month ago and don't have problems with any of the basic exercices (bp, dl, squats). Is the bulge in my lower back normal, do I need to take care of it or did I just fall for a meme?

Gods power!

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Can we Play god, what will happen if i give my pregnant wife test.
Will the Baby build huge primal sexual organs and would his genes adapt to high Testosteron, so that he would have good secondary sexual organs?
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I work out at a church gym
>be me going to gym as usual
>buncha old dude on walkers/canes using machines
>7/10 qt at front desk chat her up
>oldfag checks in at desk butts into our conversation
>they begin talking about work
>he's a fucking therapist makes good money
>qt at desk looks interested
>old dude ends up getting her number say he'll call later
>I stand there stunned
How could this happen /fit/ he's like twice her age

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/ourguy/ Alex is finally making it big. So happy for him, he's been grinding his content for so long.

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Reminder it's all about face and overly big muscles are not aesthetic. Ottermode should be the limit if you have a nice face and you're not a copecel.

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Would fucking my gf in the pooper make my gains go away?

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I'm trying to tan.

managed to get really sunburned on my knees, arms, nose and neck riding a motorbike today, so i decided to try and get a full body tan by my apartment's pool.

might get some more relaxed swim briefs as well, these are very tight.

so how does one correctly tan? today i tried 5 minutes front then 5 minutes back. tomorrow i'll increase it to 7 minutes a side and keep increasing it.

my goal is to be nice and brown with a sexy tan line, instead of the pasty bleh i am now

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Brow ridge thread. Post your brow ridges and get judged on how much T is in your body you fucking faggots.
>inb4 jew beak
its just the angle you cucks.
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