Planned outage this weekend.

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How does one increase their loads?

I know one of you has that copypasta saved with all the ingredients to get pornstar loads.

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Thoughts on Zoloft?

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>MFW i find out how good AMSR is.

Honestly can't wait to fall asleep tonight to the sound of careless whispers.

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is this achievable natty?
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Anons who achieved 2/3/4/5 - ???

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How do I go about training for strength and hypertrophy once im in late intermediate stage? I was thinking about doing 5/3/1 for squat and deadlift but dont know what to do for bench? How to get strong and aesthetic at the same time???

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Redpill me on fruit. Is it actually terrible when trying to be fit?
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Will this ever end

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Will this ever end
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/fraud/ - sloots edition

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Read all of before asking your absolutely retarded questions. No exceptions. Create a reddit account and go bother them, we have important personal problems to discuss here and don't have time for your oral only cycle bullshit.

If you must ask your absolutely retarded questions go to reddit, we most likely ignore you since you were to lazy to read the wiki and you are most likely going to ask about oral only cycle.

No, we cannot tell you how to dose your AI on your oral only cycle.

Oral only cycles are retarded and you're a retard for considering them.


Previously on manlets, virgins and dyels general: >>43613142
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Which is more acceptable to /fit/ - roiding or wearing a wig?
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What do I say to make this qt hop on my penile contraption