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Does this shit help?

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best/common foods that will give you your daily nutrients?

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I'm looking for a mostly weightless exercise routine structured to the running routine pictured. Benchmarks for how i should be progressing through days of a month/year.
The weights i do have access to are two ten pound barbells, one fifteen pound barbell, a pull up bar, and an old bench+bar that i could probably fill up to 175 pounds?
Help me /fit/ you're my only hope
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What's the point of benching 3pl8s or getting tight six pack abs as a manlet if this is what women think of us
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Thank you for listening. Now clean up my shitpost you pathetic do it for free seething faggot janny.
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Acne scars

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Did you guys manage to get rid of your acne scars ?

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Tired of looking like pic related

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Well I’m sure you can guess what my resolution was for New Years. I’m a 5’7 manlet, and I weight 155lbs. I got a membership at my local gym but honestly have no idea what the fuck I’m doing. How should I lose weight to start with? Then if I can get down to about 135lbs what should I do to put more muscle on? Which machines to use, which weights to lift, dietary things, shit like that. Any help is appreciated /fit/

High test thread

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