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Getting /fit/ for the Military

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Haven't seen one of these threads, in awhile.
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holy shit

why the fuck does anyone high bar squat when this is obviously 100x better?


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Didn't see one in the catalog

>there's a mess over there, I think somebody should clean it up
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Running Thread

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Anything running
>2k, 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon and ultras
>trail or asphalt
>shoes idk
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Who's the tallest person in /fit/?
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>day 46 of nofap
>dream of eating pussy literally every night
is nofap the cure to /fit/-induced homosexuality?
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Other is gonna be archived in a bit.

>tfw you've overthought fat loss so much you forgot everything about it

1. Does your body use fat as fuel after carbs are depleted or what?

2. Is low fat/high protein the best way to bulk for lean muscle gain? Should carbs be high/moderate/low?
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How would /fit/ fare in this situation?
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What do you reckon my bf% is?
How much more do I need to lose to be ready for a men's physique show?
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>this is a girl I know
>shes been working out for about 5 years
>perfect diet
>goes to the gym every day, sometimes even twice a day
>looks like this

why would anybody work that hard to get THESE results?
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