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Graduating next month

Dubs decide /fit/ related graduation cap design
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Do you bang sloots that ask for it or save yourself for a future long-term partner?

I've turned down meaningless sex before but this latest chick has such a nice ass
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How to get rid of acne after shaving?
I get really bad acne after I shave, even with washing my face, using aftershave, and using alcohol to clean up.
It mostly happens under my chin
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local thinfag

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trying to gain up on a hypertrophy routine. people say that beginners should cut instead of bulking, but im not so sure. can someone give me definite advice?
height: 5'8"
weight: 136lbs
>inb4 manlet


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90% blogging 10% steroids general

read all of before asking your absolutely retarded questions. no exceptions.


previously on stomach swirls general: >>41244055
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/fit/ vindication

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>Used to be fat and got rejected by a girl I liked and really got along with
>a year later and I am /fit/ and happy with myself despite being still single
>girl gets viciously dumped by the chad she chose over me and now she wants to get with me
>Tell her via text "I think you were right when you said let's just be friends." and ignore her from there despite all her roastie friends calling me an asshole

Who else knows this feel?
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be careful

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About to start keto...

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What can I expect?
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How do I make my face /fit/? What exercises should I do and what lotions/moisturizers/products should I use?