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Do you ruck or are you a cuck?
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Who's your favourite fitness youtuber?

>asking because I need content
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/StressRelief/ General

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>ITT we let it all out

I'll start:

Why the fuck should I even bother when I'm going to end up with loose skin? Why isn't loose skin covered on healthcare services but changing your gender is? people who are mentally broken beyond fucking repair have their right to change gender for free but I can't get a little fucking tummy tuck so I can actually feel confident taking my shirt off?

Anybody who says starting from fat is easier than skinny can go neck yourself. starting skinny you literally have a blank canvas which you can only move fucking forward on, there's no issues you have to deal with down the line like loose skin. literally eat more you weak willed limp dicked fucking skeletons. fitness has my full fucking dedication now, I wasn't even obese before just a bit chubby and my stomach is already getting loose skin. so fuck you and everything you stand for. you have the potential to have it all but you are too pathetic to eat food.
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Chest gap

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Noob here. Will my chest gap improve? Or am i doomed?
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Is this guy full of shit?

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I went to a personal trainer today because my gym gave me 1 free session for signing up.
I told him I wanted him to show me how to deadlift and squat because I need someone to critique my form. I only learned to do these with youtube videos (ayylmao)

He right away tells me that we are going to burn fat and build muscle. I told him what I learned from online and the sticky here and he told me that it is a lie. >strike 1
Then he tells me that we are going to do a 3 month program with 36 sessions at 60$ USD a session. He tells me that we will spend 2 weeks learning form and then 4 weeks of core and then 2-4 weeks of muscle mass training. I told him that I have been doing a push pull legs rest for about a month and have been seeing great results in strength and muscle mass. (coolcicada's PPL) He laughs at me for using a routine I found on the internet but then refuses to talk about this routine with me and back to his 3 month program. When we talked about cutting I said I was stregnth training for a few months then I will adjust my diet to lower my calories below my TDEE in order to lose weight and he tells me I don't need to do this and that I just need to get in the gym with him because "we" are going to burn that fat right off.

How much of a fucking liar is this guy? I just wanted a few sessions with him to critique my form for lifting.
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Should women over 5'10 just grow beards and start lifting?
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my body looks like shit

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How do I make my body not look like shit? What exercises should I focus on to make me look more proportional?

Should I just give up? Am I doomed to always look unaesthetic?
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>that guy who "cant" lose weight
>that guy who "cant" gain weight
>that guy who "cant" progress beyond 1234
>that guy who "cant" because various injuries involving "Threw something out"
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CBT- no pump editon

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Last one got derailed so here we go again
183cm, 71 kg (6', 156.528 in retarded)
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