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welds general

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My favorite thing to do between sets is look at the unbelievably shitty welds on the equipment
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What is your favorite protein shake?
I've been using NitroTech Whey gold for the past 6 months and was thinking about changing things up and trying something different.
What are the pros and cons of other protein powders? Give me some suggestions.

/SIG/ - Self Improvement General

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We've Only Just Begun Edition

Old Thread: >>43902923

>>Thread Theme<<

What are your goals for this week? Are they daily goals or are you working on some longer term projects?

/fph/ Triple Thicc Thighs Edition

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>check for fph
>no thread
Well time to get one of these started!
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This the minimum that you need to be, if you want a average 7/10 thot to look in your direction? Why are the standards so fucked?
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/NoPillow - Experiences?

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I'm a tall guy and have a long back, so i decided to try nopillow yesterday after hearing about it. Apparantly it's not natural for babies to sleep with pillows and unormal to make your spine used to it. At first i removed the pillows, but eventually i put one next to my face instead of under so i could lean on it, this was better in my opinion. It was kind of unnatural at first, but eventually i fell asleep. When i woke up i had subconsciously moved the pillow under my head. I slept on my back on not the side, is this correct? Anyways while lying there without a pillowed i felt it was easier to breath, and that my spine was actually resting more without the pillow. When i woke up i automatically had a straighter posture and appeared taller, my head did not bend forward but stood more straight.

Has anyone else tried this, then what's your experience with it?
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Motivation thread
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Mewing and overbite/pushed back jaw/weak chin

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There was recently a thread discussing health benefits and effects of chewing hard gum and mewing. Is it possible, through these methods, to reduce the pushed back jaw as an young adult without the surgical treatment ?
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Onions General /OG/

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>why should I eat onions?
Based on a study conducted by Iranian scientists, they've found that the equivalent of 1 onion a day in humans increased serum testosterone in rats by nearly 300%.
It has also been shown by small groups of communities to stop balding, as well as grow hair back when applied on the balding areas, however, no major studies have been conducted on this, but you can probably guess (((why))).

>do is have to be raw?
Yes. The study was conducted with raw onions. Cooked onions could possibly work but most onion men find it unlikely.

>how much should I eat?
Roughly 1g per KG of bodyweight. A normal sized onion should suffice.

>How do I eat it?
Some anons have suggested dicing it and mixing with foods. Others have suggested blending it in a smoothie with other vegetables and fruits, bananas in particular. Some have suggested submerging it in lime juice to neutralize the sharp taste. If you have really big balls you can just eat it raw, some anons who have done this reported that it begins to taste good once you get used to it.

>How do I get rid of onion breath?
Cinnamon, lime juice, and nutmeg have all been recommended to neutralize the taste and smell.

>what are some common effects?
Different onion lads have reported random aggression, higher lifts, quicker recovery, and less insomnia, please contribute by posting your effects to perhaps convince onionlets to join us.
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I need a bro movie

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I need a good movie like pic related.

Needs to :

>Heavy doses of healthy masculinity
>In group fraternisation
>Modern war is a +

Please don't post 300 already seen it many times, I'm watching this with my little brother.
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