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Cbt Narcissism Central

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Les do this
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HGH question...

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I know if you take steroids or test, you're natural test can plummet.

What about hgh. Will my natural hgh lower?
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Anybody dealt with tendonitis?

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Specifically forearm tendonitis from heavy preachers with bad form. Taken a month off the gym so far. Cant even squat since i cant /shouldnt grip.

I think its my flexors (ulnar side).

anybody know some good tips to recover? Taking fishoil/muli vits, soon to be taking collagen powder + cissus quadrangularis.

losing so many gains from solid months of PPL without missing a work out - no deload weeks (im retarded)

not juicy, how to not kill myself? any tips for situation thanks

Onion Redpill

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>Leave /fit for months
>Come back like always
>Wonder what my fit bros are up to

What's with the new meme guys?
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Electrical Muscle Stimulation

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Why exactly doesn't EMS work?
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What is the ultimate fitness redpill?
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VEGAN GENERAL - soy is good for you edition

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A place for discussing all things vegan ethics, politics & health

Meat consumption is ruining the environment.
- Pollutes rivers
- Forests cleared for livestock
- Causes soil degradation
- Massive inefficiency
- Major contributor to global warming.

Vegan Health

Animals ethics crash course -

The most common and well known argument is the argument from marginal cases. Loosely speaking, the argument contends that animals as sentient as retards should have the same moral status

formal argument -

(Meatcucks please read the following before leaving a stupid comment)

Ad Hominem - e.g. vegans are faggots

Strawman - e.g. vegans want white genocide

Appeal to nature - e.g. meat is natural and therefore ethical

Tu Quoque - e.g. vegans buy computers

Morality is relative? - Science, logic, mathematics are all based on axioms that are not proven, what is different about morality and moral axioms? Think this argument through before arguing for it, it is not as simple as you think. (most philosophers are moral realists and believe moral propositions can in fact be true)

Meatcucks please realise the difference between normative ethics (what we ought to do) and descriptive ethics (what beliefs do people have). Normative ethics is what is being discussed with regards to veganism and morality.

- people should not eat animals for x reason (relevant normative claim)
- people eat animals for y reason (irrelevant descriptive claim)

Honest Advertising for Omnivores


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Y'know I didn't believe the meme at first, but then I saw her face, now I'm a believer.
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women of /fit/, do you wish you were taller? are you a womanlet? how did it affect your life?
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Why haven’t you taken the garlic pill yet?
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