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>have whey protein for lunch
>go to jiu jitsu after work
>time to roll
>trying to escape a choke
>everything is going dark
>tap out
>still black out for a second
>realize I farted
>realize I sharted

Fucking whey protein man.


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Doing rack pulls and sent myself to snap city. Middle lumbar reaaaaaal tight. What immediate rehab should I do in the hours following the injury? Heat or cold? Stretch? Massage? Leave it?
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/fit/ Confessions

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>I skipped deadlifts last pull day

Just kill me
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Fitness waifu R8 thead
Tayler Rose is mine
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/plg/ - Powerlifting General
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The only good fitlit server

Mod please don't delete
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help me /fit/, youre my only hope

Lately when I do squats (and sometimes deadlifts) I'll get a pain in my right SI joint. I'll only get it on the positive movement though, so when i put pressure on it. Has anyone experienced this before? How did you fix it?

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Fit, do you lift to separate yourself from the masses? If you answered yes then wouldnt it be safe to assume you want as many people to fail in terms of lifting or other aspects of life that you personally value just because it leaves you more of a unique person compared if they made it? What im getting at is this seems to be the general mentality of fit. When someone comes asking for genuine help they are greeted with shitty maymays such as manlet, never gonna make it, ss+gomad, and a plethora of other nonsensical, useless replies. All the people here that find themselves discouraged from this place i suggest you leave and never look back. I know this is supposed to be considered a safe haven for the autistic lifters of the world, but i believe thats only the case because thats what you make it in your mind, so you emulate the actual autismos that want to keep you here just continuing the cycle. Eventually the original autists realize this place is detrimental to their life socially, physically, and mentally, so they leave. But not before theyve infected more people with the same mindset leaving them to suffer the same fate until their either wise up and leave or stay here perpetually never to change their ways and better themselves. Its like a bad case of Stockholm syndrome. Just leave this place my brothers and see what life has to offer outside of a pessimistic lens.
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Heya /fit/. How to build muscle while losing fat/weight?
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CTRL F - No Humour threads.

A new one shall be born!
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