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>First time doing squats
>Only do 40kg squat
>5 sets 8 reps each
>Legs get so destroyed that I can barely finish the rest of the leg exercises
Tell me it will get easier from here on out /fit/
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How many eggs do you eat a week?

Also what is this that I'm hearing from MDs that the recommended number of eggs to eat a week is 2, and that eggs might hurt the liver.

How the fuck can you eat only 2 eggs a week, seriously?
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Bout a week old. Probably gonna have to miss out on hitting my bottom half for a few.
Should I just devote a month to pull ups or what? I wanna make the best of this
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Does your sister work out?
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I hate pendey row/barbell row REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

/run/ - Running general

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>Training Plans


>Sharing on Strava with the /fitizens/

>Pace Calculator


>running injuries and how to treat them

>How to Buy the Right Running Shoes

>running form
[YouTube] How to Have Proper Running Form | Running (embed)

>Sprint Training Advice
>A number of current and former professionals and coaches have posted in this thread. Read it thoroughly.

How far have you run this week?
What are you working on?
How was your last run?
Any new gear that you've been enjoying?
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What is the opinion of /fit/ on the vertical traction machine and does it hold a candle to the latest pull down machine?

I already to pull ups. But I like to finish my pull ups with one of these
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how to fix your fucking abs

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posting till i see some sexy abs

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Alright !
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why most roman emperors were so fucked up beta low test males?
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