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If you could add 4" to your current height but you would lose all your gains and start from the beginning, would you do it?
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test boost bread

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post em

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Squats aren’t helping
Wtf do i do
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trying to get as zyzz like physique as i possibly can until EDC 2019.

what cycle should i run and which body parts should i focus on?

i can provide back pics and my legs are well developed atm.
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my balls are feeling pretty tense and big today

the fuck do I do? I am not on /nofap/
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Why do volleyball girls have big butts with no cellulite?
How can I get a big butt and get rid of cellulite?
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>Be me
>Walking to gym
>Girl out front tells me there is a deadlift challenge for a prize
>Tell her I only care about the challenge not the prize
>Challenge is only 135 for ten reps wtf easy and I don't even deadlift
>Knock it out no problem
>Receive my prize not that I care
>Say "baby weight" and walk in to the gym to squat.
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To deadlift or not to deadlift, that is the question
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