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Jawlets get in here

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>tfw jawlet

Feels bad man
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Were women a mistake ?
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Been on NoFap for 18 days

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No desire to fap at all, no wet dreams, no extra motivation, no fucking shit, everything remains the same.

Where my superpowers at?
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Cut or bulk?

I'm a 6ft, 160 Manlet
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Steroids general

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/fraud/ - im natty and im bigger than you edition

Read all of

Don't ask questions.

Don't take ai, it makes you gay.

Take 12 dbols in the morning and before bed.


Previously: >>44801938
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>not thot patrolling your local gym
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QTDDTOT - sunday edition

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What excercises best to replace assisted dips and assisted chins (fatty needs assistance and new gym hasn't yet machine)?
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Body transformation bread.

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Hi guys, 4 months in DYEL here, curious to see what kind of progress you guys made and over what time of time frames.

Started at 70kg been lifting ~4 months now at 79kg been bulking for 2 weeks and kinda getting tubby, is it better to be a little tubby or a little skinny when trying to build muscle? I want my body to have all the protein, carbs etc it needs to grow and not autistic enough to pay attention to macro.

Pic related: me before lifting
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>his mom fell for the formula meme
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>tfw cutting season is about to begin

I'm not ready bros
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