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>You barbell liftin'

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What waist size pants do you wear /fit/? 32' here. I wanna see how I compare to the common man.
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Dealing with injuries

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How do you guys deal with the frustrations and set backs as a result of injuries?

I have been gymming and playing rugby on and off since University (i'm now 27). In the last six months I have started to take them more seriously, reading around both subjects as well as increasing my training intensity and frequency.

The problem I seem to have is injuries are starting to occur more frequently, in the last 6 months i have had a hamstring and calf strain which i had never experienced before and now i have just had a tear in my rotator cuff after a heavy tackle at the weekend.

After a tough weekend coming to terms with the set back and halt in my progress. I am slightly more positive thinking i will still be able to focus on cardio and some leg work until it heals, but there is still an underlying element frustration! When you've been working hard towards your goals and then feel powerless to continue for however the healing period is.

Any similar stories or tips/advice would be gladly accepted.

TL:DR how do you guys deal with the frustration of injuries?

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I have a fitness theory.

Okay so basically you are in a comma. And you have a friend work out for you, now you get the most gains when you are a sleep right? So while he works out you attach a tube in between the both of you. Now he works out and takes roids, and mixes his blood with yours while you are in the coma. You gain his test levels, thus building muscle in your "sleep". When you wake up you will be shredded.
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Post healthy fast food items I will start with the egg mcmuffin
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Discussing with coon about squats

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I am telling this black guy about squats and he says this is correct and then dismisses everything I say with a "sure bud" is this correct form?

>pic related
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/plg/ powerlifting general

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Why does /fit/ hate cardio?

Cardio helps your heart. Weight helps your muscles.

Why not do both?
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/fit/ Haikus

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/fit/ Haiku Thread.

>friend getting juicy
>suck his cock to show I'm proud
>protein, no homo
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/fit/ humor

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Post funny /fit/ shit
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