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Should I take this with just water anymore? It tastes like cum. I’m not a faggote.

Baldness finally cured

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Researchers at Japan’s RIKEN (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riken) Center for Developmental Biology (annual budget $760 million), where Dr. Takashi Tsujiruns one of the most advanced stem cell labs in the world, have developed a method to autonomously regenerate fully functional hair follicles and teeth from autologous tissue samples, and the method has been fully demonstrated in an animal model.

See HERE for details: http://www.cdb.riken.jp/org/en/research/organ/hair.html

A company (Organ Technologies) has been formed to commercialise the technology in partnership with Japanese precision manufacturing giant Kyocera Corporation.

In the joint venture Kyocera will be developing the cell processing devices and RIKEN and Organ Technologies will be responsible for the stem cell culturing and manipulation, the production process, and implementation of the preclinical trials.

The treatment involves extracting a small number of hair follicles from a person’s donor scalp area and then isolating two specific types of cells from the follicle – papilla cells and epidermal cells from the bulge region.

These cells are then cultured, expanded, and combined to create a hair follicle “germ” or “follicular primordium.” Once the hair follicle germs are ready they are transported to a facility where they can be implanted back into a person’s scalp to grow hair permanently.

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>tfw too ugly to get laid for free
>Use hookers
>Government shuts down backpage and other escort sites are taken down
>Havent gotten laid in a while

How are you escort bros getting laid at this time?
I used to go to hookers so they could mire me(even though probably fake) but now even lifting feels so pointless
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/fast/ #180 - joeysworldtour edition

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>How do I fast?
Don't eat
>How long should I fast?
Keep going
>Won't I be hungry?
Not after a few days
>Why not just limit calories?
>Won't I go into starvation mode?
No. Only occurs at extremely low body fat
>Won't I lose muscle?
Not if you lift. Minimal even if you don't. Fasting boosts HGH
>How long will it take me to lose X lbs/kg?
*water weight not included
>Can I eat (something with calories)?
A: No
>Can I drink coffee or tea? Diet soda?
Coffee and tea are probably okay. Sweeteners are probably bad. This is debatable
>So only drink water?
For longer fasts, supplement electrolytes. When you feel bad, mix around 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp potassium chloride/citrate in water and sip it throughout the day. Adjust as needed. Headache=more salts. Watery shits=more water
>Where do I find potassium chloride/citrate?
Stores would have them where they keep the salt. Names include NoSalt, LoSalt, etc.
>Do I need a multivitamin?
Not unless you're going for a month+
>How long does it take to get into ketosis?
Everyone's different. Just stop eating

Autophagy: When your body eats useless cells (loose skin, scar tissue, etc). A benefit of fasting
Dry Fasting: Fasting with no water. Dangerous, but it may speed up autophagy
Insulin: Hormone that regulates fat retention. Spiked by eating, especially carbs. Probably spiked by artificial sweeteners
Keto: Very low or zero carb diet that limits insulin and triggers ketosis.
Ketosis: When your body has used all of its carbs and starts using fat for fuel

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>tfw sick
>tfw 39c body temperature
>tfw havent been sick for like 4 years
fuck lads

/neet general/

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my life the last 5 years:

sleep 12 hours
workout 2 hours
4chan, youtube, netflix 10 hours

i got aesthetics but my brain is literally fried. zero concentration, insane adhd and impatience, lazyness and my social skills went to shit aswell because i barely talk to anyone anymore. also got to supplement vit d3 because i wake up at 6pm and workout at 2am

im 22 and still feel like im fucking 16 years old. my personality didnt evolve and the time passed by in lightning speed as a neet.

still better than wagecuking for kikes though. you have to kill me before another grownup human being (parents excluded) commands me what i have to do.

what should i do brahs. any advice? should i start doing cardio to fill in another 2 hours daily? should i start boxing? i wish i had the concentration to read a book but its literally impossible.
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Donald Trump Jr squat

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>You need to get a job and find a girl. All you do is sit in your room on the computer all day and then spend hours in the gym
>for what? You don't even do anything? You haven't even masturbated in weeks! I know you haven't I know when you do, I'm not stupid!
>And why is there always ziplock bags on the floor and everywhere of all sizes. Do you know how many of these I throw out every time I clean? and they're always dirty and yellow?
>what the hell are you doing with your life?
>what is the point of being in shape if you don't do anything?

im 26 :(

what do I do? I don't want to wagecuck.
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there's an amateur 10k coming up in my area in 3 months' time and i want to win

i've lifted regularly for 2 years but am more or less untrained in the cardio department other than the occasional HIIT session

how should i go about this?

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ITT: The reason you lift, even if its imposible
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