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>I can't look away, anon.
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have you ever been mired in the gym ?


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steroids sometimes, blogging most of the time


read ALL of before asking your retarded ass questions

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Improvement thread

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Post your body, others tell you what you should work on the most and point out something you might not be able to see yourself.
Ive been looking at myself in the mirror so much lately that im no longer objective and i need a fresh perspective. Been at it for 5 months, ill post a picture of what i looked like 5 months ago if needed.
Im 6'3 194lbs currently, aiming for 200+
I know my arms need work but my arm span is 6'7 and they look thin from the front and its pissing me off. Its 15'5" when i flex it.
And i covered my dick because im a grower not a shower :^)
Also, which excersize can i incorporate in my daily workout which will help me get a thicc juicy ass.
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How the fuck can one man slay so many fitness memes?

>training calves
>controlled reps
>mind muscle connection
>body part splits

How has watching Alphadestiny dropping redpills affected your training?
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After I eat some sugary fruit I get extremely tired

I know this isn't in my head
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Gotta gain
One kilo of solid mass
One squat to the grass
I only go gym when I can afford

One rep more than the big man
Less weight, so I don't snap
Low test I only just started no fap

Push this! Pull that! Curl bro! Squat rack!

Just a little set, guys
Lifting heavy, watch my back, guys
I can't take the weight, gotta face the facts
Pushing so hard I'll poo
In the loo?

Oh it's that anon, with the bottom
He's become a big guy he's so fine
I'd blame his friends except he hasn't got 'em
Gotta eat and lift, gotta go sleep
T-tell you about it when I got the time!
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Mythological Lifting and Prophecies of Gains

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What are the sacred artifacts of /fit/

>Barbell of Zyzz


>The grave is no bar to my call

>Let whosoever lifts me think not of glory, but only of salvation
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Is close grip bench safer for your shoulders than wide grip bench?
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looking for some ideas for new clothing styles/fits

anyone have some IGs for guys who lift with good fashion sense?
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