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boogie surgery / death

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missed the date ... when was it again?
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Fit, I'm a girl who is going to be fighting a guy about 100 pounds heavier and six inches taller. How do I win this? Please don't say run or use a gun/knife
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>just found out I have cancer

welp, there goes my gains
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What's better, to be a sexual object and fuck with everyone or to practice abstinence until finding a good partner?

>hard mode
>no religion, no philosophy, just scientific evidence
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Push up thread?

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QTDDTOT thread

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Where the fuck is it?

I've been feeling hungrier lately, don't know why, my activity level is the same. Should I eat more or not?
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>thicc guy hogging the squat rack again
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>anon, why are you going to the gym?
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Only one calf "feels the burn?"

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Just started a group running program today at my local YMCA where we go from lazy fucker to 5k runner in about a month and a half.

During this first session, I noticed that my right calf was "feeling the burn" a lot while we were running, but my left one wasn't. Right felt like it wanted to die, Left felt like it could go for another three hours of jogging. Stopped for a lap to rest, because I felt bad about not moving, I hopped on an elliptical for a bit to make up for it and that saw my right calf relax greatly before going back and it seizing up again.

Any thoughts /fit/bros? I'm pretty sure it wasn't a Charlie Horse, and I'm also not sure if this is something I'm supposed to work through or if I should get it addressed by a physician immediately before continuing. Because this is a problem I've noticed even if I just walk a great distance, one calf starts hurting like hell
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