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Khabib: 5'10" 155 lbs

>a real man weighs 200 lbs

This guy could fuck any one of your guy's shit up. He fought a fucking bear as a child.
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Q: How do I fast?
A: Don't eat
Q: How long should I fast?
A: Keep going
Q: Won't I be hungry?
A: Not after a few days
Q: Won't I go into starvation mode?
A: No. Only occurs at extremely low body fat
Q: Won't I lose muscle?
A: Not if you lift. Minimal even if you don't. Fasting boosts HGH
Q: How long will it take me to lose X lbs/kg?
A: http://www.losertown.org/eats/cal.php
*water weight not included
Q: Can I eat (something with calories)?
A: No. Even a 5cal piece of gum breaks your fast
Q: Can I drink black coffee or tea? Diet soda?
A: Coffee and tea are probably okay. Soda is probably bad. This is debatable
Q: So only drink water?
A: For longer fasts, supplement electrolytes. When you feel bad, mix around 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp potassium chloride/citrate in water and sip it. Adjust as needed. Headache=more salts. Watery shits=more water
Q: Where do I find potassium chloride/citrate?
A: Stores would have either one where they keep the salt. Names include NoSalt, LoSalt, etc.
Q: Do I need a multivitamin?
A: Not unless you're going for a month+
Q: How long does it take to get into ketosis?
A: Everyone's different. Just stop eating
Q: What are the benefits of fasting?
A: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3946160/

Autophagy: When your body eats useless cells (loose skin, scar tissue, etc). A benefit of fasting
Dry Fasting: Fasting with no water. Dangerous, but it may speed up autophagy
IF: Intermittent fasting. Shorter daily fasts of 16-22 hours
Insulin: Hormone that regulates fat retention. Spiked by eating, especially carbs. Probably spiked by artificial sweeteners
Keto: Very low or zero carb diet that limits insulin and triggers ketosis.
Ketosis: When your body has used all of its carbs and starts using fat for fuel
OMAD: One meal a day
Refeed: Ending a fast by eating something. Vegetables or bone broth is recommended.
Snake Juice: Salt water you drink for electrolytes. Drink when you get headaches. Only needed on longer fasts

Stop Eating.
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>be me
>be a 27 year old ugly beta loser nofriends autist with no friends or social experiences since school, no female attention ever, never been to pub, club, or party
>be me yesterday
>went to gym, then went to work at 3 pm then went straight home because I had nothing to do
>decided to not go in to work on Thursday
>spent the rest of the day agonising over my everythingstential crisis, eating, browsing the internet, and spending a short time learning more boring as fuck maths to feel like less of a pleb
>download Tim Ferriss's Tools of Titans book and had multiple epiphanies about life before deleting it after realising it's all bullshit
>didn't have coffee for the first day in a long time so I had 10 hours of sleep
>be me today
>woke up today at 10 am
>read a bit but am now becoming tired of history books
>went jogging and have left flat at 2 pm to walk around London, feel sad about life, and maybe have coffee
>it's hot and sunny as fuck, so it's Staceygeddon, which is demoralising as fuck

I have nothing to do in my flat that is fun or productive. I have zero motivation to do anything.

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>have a fuck ton of hair growing on my back, traps, ass crack, balls, and dick.
>barely any chest hair, barely any facial hair, and hairline receding
Only thing keeping me alive at this point is being 6"4 and having rich parents
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What made you serious about lifting

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What was the turning point in your life, the event that pushed you to finally stop being a bitch and work hard for what you want
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>haven't been feeling sexual for a year or two now
>weak erections and no desire for relationships
>even turned down some girls on a uni party last month
>pretty /fit/ otherwise
>decide to get my test levels checked
>700 ng/dL

What the fuck, my test isn't even that low. Has anyone had similar problems and fixed them? My cardiovascular health is great and I'm certainly not gay, please help me get my desire for girls back, bros.
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How many exercises should a natty do for each muscle?

Is it worth doing for example, dips/cable pulldowns/skullcushers all in one workout, or would it be better to do dips/skulls in one, then pulldowns/overhead extensions in another?

help me

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How did he achieve these gains with meme excercises /fit/?

I've been following stronglifts 5x5 for like a year and I look like shit compared to this.
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Anyone here remember YouTube fitness from 2012<

Look at how small Eric is

Look at Chris Jones and Matt Ogus actually posting on the video

Only has 41 comments...

Crazy how big the shit has become now...