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No QTDDTOT is going on. I'll start.

6'1 180lbs
All my muscles are thriving except 'ceps and shoulders. Which isolation exercises should i do? Also do you train forearms?
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Anyone else doing these?
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>be black
>everyone expects me to be a natural athelete and /fit/ from birth
>always got picked up first for pick-up games
>everyone soon realises I'm just scrawny uncoordinated and skinny fat
>never invited to play again

How have stereotypes ruined your journey?
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Find your gym bro

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ITT: post your area/your gym, find a gym bro

Pic related, I'm thinking of joining Bethnal Green Weight Lifting Club as a noob, and would like to meet and talk to someone who goes there so I don't make a fucking joke of myself when I show up on day 1

Who else needs a friend?
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Share your current diets, advice, and progress.

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Push-up thread
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>tfw getting swole only intensifies gyno
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Le Ideal /fit/

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Did your taste in women change as you became fit?

Also, is strenght or size more important to you? Do you lift for a specific goal?
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/plg/ - powerlifting general

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what habben edition
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Do nips like muscle men?