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it's over
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Sup /fit/ I tried using a prowler for the first time today and it was awesome, also I went on the scales today and ive lost 6lbs so far, I'm feeling very positive atm, thanks for all the advice and constant motivation. I'm gonna keep going and keep progressing, we're all gonna make it.
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Does /fit/ fap to femdom?

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>doing weightlifting instead of gymnastics

What mode is this

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Rate my keto-esque food for tomorrow

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This is what I plan to eat tomorrow. Low carb, high fat, low calories. Easy way to cut for me. Please giving advice/comments. THank you very much


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>know that nofap is generally a good thing to do
>be all about it
>decide to sit down and watch vidya on youtube
>Decide to casually check favorite porn site to see what's new, but won't touch myself
>see super hot new girl, decide to touch myself but not jerk it
>decide to jerk it a bit but not finish
>perfect tittied blonde thottie
>blow load
>repeat every morning
how is nofap going for you /fit/?


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Post your goal physique while others tell you how to accomplish it.
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protein bars

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I need a snack I can eat at work and protein seem to be the obvious answer. Right now I buy these Quest bars which I like but is there anything else worth buying that's cheaper? The Quest bars have 20-22g of protein, 200 cal and taste pretty good IMO. I want something with similar macros and I can take worst taste.

Bonus points if it's on Amazon.
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Should you just stay inside and not eat or drink?