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Vegan General

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Thread for all vegans and everybody interested in the vegan lifestyle. Meat eaters and vegetarians allowed as long as they won't push their diets.
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How do I pick up girls from the gym? What is a universal method (that's context sensitive) to get their phone number, efficiently and smoothly? No obvious posts about confidence already know that part, looking for specific tactics and strategy.

Thanks /fit/
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guys should I work out today if i'm still sore from a workout 2 days ago? Or wait till I feel better?

WSM 2017

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>Brian Shaw
>Hafthor Björnsson
>Eddie Hall
>Zydrunas Savickas
>Konstantine Janashia
>Martins Licis
>Jean Francois Caron
>Nick Best
>Mateusz Kieliszkowski
>Laurence Shahlaei

Place your bets, /fit/.
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>decide to get into shape
>change diet
>person at work tells me sweeteners in tea will give me cancer
>housemate tells me it isn't worth dropping my calory intake so much and I shouldn't bother changing diet because only calories matter
>housemate tells me running will fuck my joints up
>wont let me use his kitchen scales
>he probably posts here

I'm just trying to do the right thing why is everyone trying to crush me.
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Estimate my BF%. I'm guessing ~25%?

Also, laugh at my meme stats.
>320 bench
>375 dl (raw, double overhand)
>335 squat
>5'9" 203lbs

Trying to get under 20%bf for the first time in a decade.
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Weak thread

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Post here if you're weak


Squat: 60kg
Bench: 50kg
Deadlift: 80kg
OHP: 0kg (just the bar)
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/owg/ - Olympic Weightlifting General

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Olympic Weightlifting General: Waifu edition

A thread for the discussion of the sport of weightlifting and all things related. Keep the insults and shitposting to a minimum.

>If you are new to weightlifting please read these first and check the other sources they link to before asking questions:

>The information that you are looking for is probably in the above links.
That includes routines, shoes, information on the lifts, etc. Check out the pastebins for literature or the reddit faq for general information.

Included in this youtube playlist are videos related to weightlifting which you may find useful or insightful:
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>tfw no gf
>water fasting
>carbs are le boogeyman
>tfw no gf
>500 cal + defecits/bulk
>is this achievable natty
>SS is a meme
>why are powerlifters fat and ugly
>tfw no gf

what the FUCK is /fit/'s problem?
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Help, i'm doing some a standard 3x6 program. ! upper body day, one lower and one day of heavy cycling/football/treking/etc...
I'm quite fit but started taking it VERY easy in the beginning ( 6 months ago ) due to a shoulder injury, and now im doing pretty good, but altough i'm still gaining serious mass/volume, i hit a plateau strength wise.
So my question is... how can i still be gaining muscle but no strength?
Bodyweight: 75kg , Squat 75k/6r , Press 65k/6r