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Whats the story on eggs? I see some people say to not eat more than four a week because of muh cholesterol but know some body builders eat a dozen a day. If i eat a shit ton of eggs will there be any consequences?
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Can some amerifats explain this shit?

Who is this meant for? /fit/ neckbeards?I always thought this was fantasy stuff for children, but then people mention how 'the undertaker' had a winning streak of 21 and they go in on win% of fighters and such. I don't understand. Only autists and children don't know that it's scripted, so what weight does any of that even carry?

I saw a youtube vid, and it even -looks- fake as shit. Why do adults like it?? I don't understand
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manlet handling

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one of the manlets i was growing (i have a home garden and i added a manlet pen last spring) escaped and is now wreaking havoc on my yard

he keeps whispering "grow. grow. grow." to the weeds and the situation is going bananas

is there a cheap manlet control company in LA anyone knows? ive had bad experiences with the municipal manlet control

pic related, i used seeds i ordered from india and the escaped manlet is 13 months

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What's your excuse for not having 3% body fat all year round?

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>tfw finally strong enough to rape a girl

Now my arms are big enough to hold them down without much effort and to scare them from even trying to fight back. Anyone got some rape tricks? There is this cute petite hostess, probably 17-19, at this place I walk past on my way to work. Never been inside so she probably doesnt know I exist, I think she is gonna be the one I finally lose my virginity to


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Let's say I have a routine with three days of strength training and two other days of cardio. If I eat above TDEE on the strength days and below TDEE on the cardio days for an average of at-TDEE for the whole week, will that have any different results than eating at TDEE every day?
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>/fit/ food

I just tried one of the "real good pizzas" and shit was amazing

>540 calories
>32g fat
>50g protein
>8g carb

What does /fit/ eat to help ward off the urges for shit food.
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I'm going on a date tonight, should Iift during my lunch break like normal or risk showing up late (but get pump) by lifting right before?
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No wonder this cow is laughing

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22.5 calories per one of these and 2 grams of protein.

It's cream cheese

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>can only eat liquified food that cant be much thicker than milk because of surgery

What are some food that i can eat, im starving. I dont want to eat protein powder and call it a day for another week
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