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Fictional goal bodies.
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Alright /fit/, how do I make good coffee?

Hard mode: no sugar.
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Lads there is this girl who noticeable wants to spend time with me... Everytime we hang out I sperg out and don't know how to make a move....

What do?
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The D

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If it weren't for the fact that I'm at uni I'd be a /r9k/-tier NEET. I've got sick of my lips making me look like I'm some sort of burns victim and the only fix that I've yet to try is getting my daily dose of vitamin D.

Is there anything I should know before taking these? What effects should I expect? I honestly don't think that I've ever got my daily recommended dose of the stuff. About £0.02 a 10 microgramme pill is a good deal, right?
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How do I enter Joe Rogan mode
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Are you friends with the gym receptionist?
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How to get non twink hands

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I've been lifting for atleast a year but I still have bitch hands. They actually disgust me. Squeezing exercises helped with my forearms but did nothing for my hands. I was thinking about doing fingertip pushups but I just don't know mayne. Halp
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My blood pressure is 128/68 is that too high to drink coffee?
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Nimai Delgado Vegetarian since birth, vegan for years, body unpolluted by meattrash

Vegan starter kit -

Vegan youtubers -

- Vegan diet healthy for all stages of life

- Vegan B12 in traditional fermented foods & seaweed e.g. tempeh, kimchi etc. - Tempeh - Traditional Korean fermented foods provide adequate B12

- Loads vegan products fortified with B12 (produced without the use of animals) - Cashew Milk - Corn Flakes

- USDA 40% of US population flirting with B12 deficiency due to modern farming

- Processed meattrash lowers sperm count

- Estrogen in milk lowers test and stops you developing into a real man

- Casomorphine in milk is addictive

- Milk gives you prostate cancer

- Milk gives you acne

- Heme iron in red meat gives you esophageal and stomach cancer

- Meat gives you colorectal cancer

- Eggs increase cancer risk even when adjusted for intakes of macronutrients or for other food groups
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