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What is the "best" cardio for guys mostly working out for strength? I can't do swimming (no access to a pool) but I can do most others. I'm thinking it's some sort of toss-up between rucking, farmer carry, and rows (using a rowing machine). Am I mostly on track or am I retarded? Pic mostly unrelated.

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What's the current manlet cutoff?
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Jokes aside, how do you grow taller?
Is it really genetics only?
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All those muscles won't help you in a fight
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Is smoking really that bad?

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I’ve been smoking ever since I was 11 years old, I’ve obviously heard the negatives like cancer and all that BS, but I’ve also heard that it helps to increase T levels. I ask to you /fit/ should I stop smoking if want to keep a high T level?
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>tell me how you got fucked over by "genes"

I'll start

>really great muscle insertions all over
>extremely hard to put on fat, whenever I gain weight it seems to increase my frame without making me look fat
>natural looking v shape even before training

Now for the lovely part

>really bad pectus excavatum and arrhythmia - makes me lose breath extremely fast and may faint even with low intensity cardio exercise
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do women find a manbun sexy?
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What does /fit/ think about occasional joints?
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Sweating ammonia

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It was 61 degree yesterday in the D.C. region and Golds decided not to turn the heat off... its about 80 in the gym and they have zero air circulation. I did an hour on the bike and now I'm three miles/30mins into a run and sweating bullets. Sweat rolls down my face and drips into my mustache... completely overwhelmed by the smell of ammonia.... my initial thought was that my kidneys had shut down and that I was official dying.
A little research online showed me that my body had gone through all of the free carbs and was now consuming proteins/BCAAs in their absence.
Should I stop my cardio when this happens? Am I eating into my gains or can I have a little more lean protein and not have muscle loss? Is this a GOOD time to push harder because more fat is likely to be burned? What do /fit/? I already hit 2/3/4/5 and I'm trying to go for aesthetics.
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Why is he so gorgeous?
Literally /ourguy/
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