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help me

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How did he achieve these gains with meme excercises /fit/?

I've been following stronglifts 5x5 for like a year and I look like shit compared to this.
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don't be a dick edition

When I weigh my bananas do I peel them first or plop it on the scale like pic related
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>this guy slaps your ass in the gym locker room

What do you do /fit/?
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Anyone else playing life on "no father" hard mode?

Holy fuck I have no idea how to be an adult male, my mother was great but she is emotional just like my sisters.

I don't know how to be a strong man. It feels like shit.
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what do you fags think about liver and sardines?
I want to try more protein other than chicken and ground beef all the fucking time.
If anyone has any vegetable/carb suggestions that would be more than welcomed too.
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>wake up after after 5 REM sleep cycles
>drink a mixture of lemon juice, water and himalayan salt for hormonal regulation, whey protein to stop muscle loss after a full night of sleep, apple cider vinegar to increase stomach acids so I can properly break down proteins for muscle and brain gains
>prepare breakfast
>read the news from a variety of carefully selected, politically diverging sources as I eat it
>do Anki flashcards for memory improvement and language learning, having used a frequency dictionary to form Decks in german, french, russian and spanish
>brush teeth with organic toothpaste, as regular toothpaste contains xenoestrogens that disrupts testosterone production
>go to the gym
>about to do my carefully calculated hypertrophy day on my DUP system
>listen to a lecture on German Idealism as I do it
>use Smart Audiobook Player so I can bookmark important parts and make notes later
>finish workout
>drink black tea with ginger as I get my herb supplements for energy, recovery and testosterone production
>time to go to work
>select my daily podcasts on a variety of subjects: sports, politics, economics, history, philosophy, all of which contribute to making me a well-rounded person as I wageslave
>get to work
>practice muscle contraction as suggested by Eugen Sandow while I work
>eat a meal prep that perfectly fits my macros on my break
>end of shift, go home
>meditate as studies have proven it decreases cortisol
>divide my the rest of my time into structured Pomodoro study sections
>read about several subjects, practice any skill I'm currently learning
>take a cold shower when I'm done
>use only organic productions, again minding xenoestrogens
>start my korean school girl-tier skin routine with a variety of oils and creams
>use volufiline for facial gains and minoxidil for beard gains
>go to bed with a book, read until tired
>turn off lights
>realise i'm now tangibly better person than I was when I woke up
>set alarm for after 5 sleep cycles
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Anon, I'm putting together a team
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I just need to talk about this so I'm gonna wrote a gt

>couple of hours ago, at the gym
>see a child, no older than 4, all by herself
>potentially dangerous
>go to dude who's supervising the gym while the owner is away
>"Hey, there's a kid over there alone."
>he shrugs
>I should do something
>but I'm afraid I'll seem like a creep approaching lonely children
>fuck it, then
>I go upstairs to the treadmill
>loud noise downstairs
>oh no
>I run downstairs
>little girl is unconscious
>weights somehow fell on her
>rushed to the hospital

Turns out the mother was taking a dump in the gym's restroom and let the kid wander around. She's in critical condition and probably won't make it. Might die as I'm typing this.

>mfw I could have prevented it
>mfw a child will die because of me

I hate that mom so goddamn much.

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I found the cheat code for getting over porn addiction.


Good luck, friends.

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>Rest Day Edition
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