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Do bitches actually care about waist-to-shoulder ratio??
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Why do I always shake after my workouts?

/fph/ - Punchable faces edition

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Just lather me in butter and explore the folds
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New CBT: Fat Edition

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As someone in the other thread said, "Rate others you mongs"
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Does the gym you attend has weird or odd rules?
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Recognized in public by gymfags

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>keep 'coincidentally' running into this guy from my gym in public
>whatever, seems a bit overly enthusiastic but nice enough
>last night he sees me through a coffee shop window, comes inside
>starts going off about "oh here watching shit on your computer again?"
>starts asking me what I majored in, what I do for work
>starts getting weirdly critical, "oh do you see a career in that field?"
>brings up his dead mom out of nowhere, tries to recruit me to his weird mentoring startup company
>starts texting me
What the shit, has this happened to anyone else?
Pic related, leave me alone nathan
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Advice for getting and maintaining being as lean as possible for mma/boxing competition

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>gym usually plays shitty pop music
>go this morning, metal and rock blasting from speakers
>stuff like Metallica, ACDC and SOAD
>start lifting weights like a motherfucker

I don't even listen to metal but this music is just perfect for working out
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