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>tfw getting swole only intensifies gyno
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Le Ideal /fit/

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Did your taste in women change as you became fit?

Also, is strenght or size more important to you? Do you lift for a specific goal?
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/plg/ - powerlifting general

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what habben edition
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Do nips like muscle men?

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How many push ups for 5 sets before switching to dips?

Likewise, how many inverted rows for 5 sets before switching to chin ups?

Curious about the conversion rate.

They say that a push up is roughly 65% of body weight. Also push ups to dips are comparable to flat bench and decline, right?

Anyone know the math?
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Can we get a mirin thread going, need some motivation so post your stories.

>tfw girl smiled at me at gym
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>join BJJ 2 years ago
>socially awkward
>lack confidence
>but people are still friendly
>I bite my tongue and keep going
>months later, I'm still not developing socially around these people
>remain a quiet little mouse
>it's not long before people start avoiding me
>I get to class, no one says hi, and when class begins and we have to partner up, I'm always the last one to get a partner, and it's usually with a beginner newbie
>when it's time to switch partners, again, I'm always the last one to get a partner
>I see people making friends and chatting
>people who started around the same time I did start going to tournaments and win them
>People keep asking me if I'm going to do a tournament, I keep saying "Yea I'd like to"
>Never do it
>People who started around the same time I did have gotten their blue belt now
>I'm still a white belt 3 stripes
>Sometimes we wrestle in front of the class, and the winner stays on the matt and the next person in line tries to win, repeat for 30 minutes
>while I'm in line waiting for my turn I'm dreading it, anxiety and shit. Having to roll while the whole class watches
>I feel like everyone can tell by my eyes I'm nervous and have anxiety
>Eventually, I start dread going to class
>I dread being picked last for a partner
>I dread having to roll in front of the class
>I dread having to engage in awkward conversations
>I dread people asking me when I'm doing a tournament, and me saying "I don't know"
>I dread it
>I eventually start going only 1 night a week
>Then one night every other week
>Then it got to a point where I wouldn't go for a month, and then I'd show up for 2-3 classes a week thinking to myself "this is where I will make my grand return" but then all those negative thoughts and feelings filled my head again and I left again
>I eventually just stopped going
>And now I haven't trained since last September
>Still think about it everyday
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Some petite qt at the gym did chin-ups literally RIGHT after me on the same chin-up bars that I was JUST using before her.

Have I made it?

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>just be yourself
>all you need is confidence
>don't forget to smile

why do people say this
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