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Push-up thread

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Never slack off bros, you know the rules
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>chimps are known to be from twice to thrice times stronger the average male

>orangutans tend to be from 4 to 5 times stronger the average male

>gorilas go from 8 to 10 times stronger than the average male

Humans werent mean to envolve, we are SAVAGE, being part of the system, going to college, being civilized, having a job, dressing, having CULTURE, makes you literally a total KEK [email protected] at your life, you will never be alpha status, if you didnt take the ape pill you will never get to your full potential

>How do i go apemode ?

>not showers
>not clothing
>not home
>eat nothing but fruits and vegetables, maybe small insects
>naked 24/7 SKERE
>living on the trees, always hitting those pull ups and muscle ups for MAXIMAL ancestral strenght gains
>sprint and jump over people for domimance gains
>masturbate as much as you can, impregnate as many women as you can
>no money

the only way you can get beastly strong and full alpha is taking the apepill, otherwise enjoy being that 30 year old guy at the gym doing lat pulldowns and dying on the geriatric with your pants shit
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Are children the ultimate gains goblins?
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Was this the greatest transformation of all time?
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What should i eat while having irratable bowel symdrome. Everyday i feel clogged in my fucking ass and it just feels like shit, literally. I fast everyday till 10 am and drink water. What should I do to change my diet?
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Sex help? Not sure it’s /fit/ enough but the sexual frustration is kind of killing my mood to go to gym.

>be me, somehow get gf despite raging autism
>cool and good
>starts off slow cuz we were both kissless virgins
>settle into her, we start to have sex relatively frequently
>she’s always down to try new positions, different stuff, etc
>only complaint is that somehow my very average penis stretches her out too much
>goes on for a solid year
>one day like a year later it’s like a switch flipped
>rarely ever in the mood for sex anymore, and when we do it’s in only one position, missionary
>still has to stop constantly because of pain, sometimes entirely for the whole night
>seems to get mad all the time about small stupid shit, always killing her mood and ruining chances of fuckin
>never ever ever initiates anything, from sex to conversation, and seems to have grown more indecisive from the day I met her
>I’m in a constant state of sexual frustration nowadays, and somehow it’s killing my mood to go work out (probably because now I don’t really have anyone to work on aesthetics for except myself)

What do? I really do love her and I’m worried that something’s up but she won’t tell me shit. Nowadays I almost prefer to whack my gack instead of actually trying to get laid because I know it won’t go well.
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How much roids for this body?

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I’ll do anything to get this body

What do I need to do? I’ll do whatever it takes.

Please, I just want to know the secret
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Am I Balding

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Shit nigga never thought it would happen to me

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What's the point of lifting if you can't grow a beard?
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Does anyone know the name of this deformity? Big thighs, but small calves. Do you think she runs slow?
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