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/paleo/ thread

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Anyone else here paleo? If so, why'd you choose to go that route? Have you had success?

This is what girls want

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Ideals Thread

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Post em
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Rude People at the Gym

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>finish workout
>head out to the front reception area
>guy is walking by me also leaving
>female receptionist says bye and to have a good day as we reach the counter area
>guy just walks out without tipping
>receptionist has a wtf look on her face
>tip her a bit extra this time
>yeah idk whats wrong with that guy
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>zyzz birthday
>no zyzz appreciation/remembrance thread

Wtf this isnt the /fit/ I know
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Just done my first enema. Holy shit so much shit came out and it stinks foul. Much worse than usual shit.

Anyone else in doing enemas? Felt good to clense myself.
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Whats your dip to bench ratio ?

Strongest dude at dips on /fit ?
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ITT: Why we lift

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For me it's shoegaze qts
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I can't enjoy things i used to enjoy. Nothing seems interesting to me and i do nothing all day. Only lifting and eating food give me a bit of enjoyment. Maybe i should hop on gear? I will be able to lift and eat more often while making gains. Is this a good idea?

Inb4 "you will kill yourself after coming off" i know, this might be a problem