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So if I keep dreaming about food/eating almost everyday does it mean that I have miscalculated my TDEE and probably eating under TDEE for a while?

Seriously, I'm trying to eat healthy and clean but these gay dreams don't go away.

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How many scoops /fit/ ?

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Does this shit work /fit/? Ive recently went through a lateral meniscus meniscectomy (partial) and im wondering if this can help in avoiding damaging my knee further down the road, dont wanna get arthritis in like 10 years and say farewell to my knee.

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Is this the new posterchild for big hips?

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>want to get slim
>it's not actually fat on me, it's scar tissue from life saving surgeries I've had

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21 y/o virgin here with a virgin gf

She finally wants to fuck this weekend but I'm not sure I'll be ready for it as I think I've completely ruined myself with various degenerate fetishes, porn, and a once a day masturbation routine and as a result can't get aroused normally. I've been told that jerking it to explicitly imagination while simulating a vagina or mouth as close as possible (i.e. no choking or death griping) will help, but its a real fucking workout trying to get hard then stroke to climax purely using imagination. Only tried it once and went right back to porn the next day just because I didn't feel like I could keep up the routine.

Maybe I'm weak willed or doing something wrong but I've got a feeling that this problem wont fix itself on its own. What should I do? I'll probably be sleeping with her this Saturday night so that leaves me roughly 3 days to do whatever to try and fix myself.
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My nephew is turning 14 today, /fit/

What advice can I give him to help make sure he doesn't turn out like me?
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Same age and height as Conor lately all I want in life is his body.
How do i achieve it in ahortest time possible.
Im skinny fat same weight as conor 73 kg

Been runing once in 5 days also hit gym and heavy bag once in 5 days
I see some resaults but his arms are huge mine aren't.
Can i fucking grow arms that big????


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Questions that don't deserve their own thread - We're all equally stupid edition

>How many of you train your neck? What would you recommend to get a thick neck?
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