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A woman said my face is shaped like a button

>da fuck does that mean?

/plg/ - powerlifting general

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Bodorio said he'd come back if you all post good music that I will like

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Any other zoomers here? How does it feel like being ahead of your generation?
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I get a bruise-like pain right here in one of my legs when i squat
What do?

Symmetric Strength Thread

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Post em

>tfw Chang was hogging the squat rack again
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Post that song that hype you enough to make you feel like you can rip another 10 reps
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remember me /fit/?
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Have you taken the neckpill yet /fit/?
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//FRAUD//: inside the mind of the delusional coping dyel edition

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Before asking your stupid beginner questions, make sure to read:

Yes it's reddit, find a better compilation of information about steroids on the internet if you don't like it.

Also, include:
>time spent lifting

Oral only cycles are retarded and you're a retard for considering them.

We can't help you dose your AI, it's different for everybody and there's a lot of factors at play. Figure it out yourself.

And most importantly,

NO SOURCE TALK (This isn't up for debate, you will be banned). Figure out where to get steroids on your own.
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