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How's your shitting posture?
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Post 4th picture in /fit/ folder

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>watching Bill Nye Saves the World
>season 1 episode 8
>trashes meme diets
>conflates all dieting with meme diets
>"expert" claims that starvation mode means you can't keep off the weight
>actual quote "you can choose death or you could choose regaining the weight"

Well guess I'm going to kill myself. It's been nice sippin with you.
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Is there actually guys here who don't do bicep isolation exercises?

Show me your tiny biceps.
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Here's the deal, as of 3 weeks I'm 18, I go to school and I live with my parents.
They're typical fat bastards and because of their interesting eating habits they made me fat too(I've seen lots of pictures of me when I was 3 and fat as shit).

I've been trying to change all of this since the beginning of this year and I can't because they buy all this bullshit junk food all the time.
How can I stop myself from eating all this shit they buy?

Wrote this while chewing down on popcorn BTW so it sucks.
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Negative aspects of becoming /fit/

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Hey folks, lets have an honest discussion about the bad things you've noticed since becoming more /fit/ and get things off our muscular chests.

>People assume I'm vain/arrogant
>Ever since becoming single everyone assumes I'm fucking numerous women
>People feel the need to give retarded advice on exercise and diet when I never asked
>Girls are far more shy around me
>People think it's okay to touch/grope me
>Recently found out many of so-called male 'friends' say all kinds of shit about me, making up that I cheated on my ex-gf etc. (I didn't) that I use women
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CBT: DMAA ain't shit edition

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6'0 165
School gym lighting anabolic as fuark. Also can someone tell me what the deal with DMAA is? I hardly feel anything when taking mesomorph
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How do you know you are making optimal progress? How do you judge your progress month by month to know you're improving in each aspect as much as possible?

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Yo /fit

What would you say my body type is?

6' 200 lbs
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Nofap thread
Day 6 here
Cant sleep