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How do you approach women?

I've heard you should approach at least 5 women a day if you're a sperg but I don't know where to even begin let alone how.
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No goal body thread?!

Goal/dream body thread, post em'
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How do I stop being embarrassed all the time?

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Been lifting 8 months now doing a shit load of volume and heavy singles/doubles. Stats at 180 lb:

Ohp: 145
Front squat: 270
Deadlift: 395

Thing is my body is starting to catch up with me. I have constant doms and muscle tightness/tenderness. Now I know I'm not an athlete, which is why I'm asking, but would it be beneficial to get a deep tissue/sports massage? Purely for performance/longevity purposes, not enjoyment. I feel like my body is breaking down, especially with finals weeks now

Anybody ever get one?

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Why is it that women are never in full health? Why do they always have an illness or ailment to complain of?
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How do I make my waist look smaller?

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It's not me on the picture, but my waist looks pretty similiar. What exercises should I do to look my waist look smaller?

Should I focus on working out my back or can I work out my waist and it'll look smaller?
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>delt day
>all the cable machines are occupied
>had to hit biceps for the third day in a row
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I don't have a scale can one of you guys estimate how many calories my lunch was

>Fish was grilled
>Oven chips no added oil from manufacture or myself

I am trying to stay between 1100 & 1300 cals

Morning Little bit of oats (1/3rd cup) 1 teaspoon sugar & 1 Boiled egg + half slice whole grain toast

Lunch is the pic

Dinner same as lunch but with a chicken breast, or lean mince grilled into a burger without oil

Oven chips is my only vice that satisfies my craving for fries/fast food/chips
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I found this pic on /biz/. Ignore the absolutely retarded shilling. I'd just like to know how long it would take to turn left into right and whether it's possible natty?
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Sexual health thread

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>Your age
>Number of women you've slept with
>How often do you have sex currently?
>How often do you use a condom with a new girl?
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