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What are machoke's lifts
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/fit/ humor thread - next summer, r-right babe? edition

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type in 'humor'
no results

looks like we need a /fit/ humor thread

post em boyos, god knows we all need a good kek
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what is a good 4 day U/L split?
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>see Chad in gym every week or so
>Razor jawline and cheekbones, clear skin, golden hair, tall, lean, perfect inserts and proportions, wide shoulders, defined muscles.
>ask to borrow his weight attachment belt
>he stammers and smiles and gives it to me
>when I give it back he says 'you sure?'

Who knew Chads were such lovely guys?
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Low bodyfat%>>>Size for female attraction

If you're not 12% or under you are 2-3 points lower on the scale than you should be. Male models aren't huge, they're just low bodyfat so their cheeks, brow ridge, chin, and jawline have a sharp contrast in most lighting.

I was almost invisible to girls at 30%, for every 5% I dropped the attention I received doubled. Once I got under 20% I started getting approached once or twice per night. I'm not around 16% and girls drop spaghetti sometimes around me, I have to make them confortable

I can't imagine what under 12% will be like. Low bodyfat % also increases your testosterone (stomach fat turns it to estrogen), and being at a caloric deficit increases HGH.

I'm 6'2 170 lbs for reference

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>had gf
>realized I could function in a relationship, just didn't want one
>broke up with gf
>free to make gains or shitpost as I please, but now know that feel when gf

Lads who here /post gf/? After being foreveralone for ages, having a relationshit just made me realize how little they were. Fuggin as well. Probably going monkmode until the feels catch up with me.

Feels good, man
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/run/ - Running General

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It's summer. Time to get the running generals rolling again.


>tfw raced half last weekend and had enough strength for a decent kick the last km
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/Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition

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Previous Thread

Welcome to /fat/ general!
>/fat/ generals are for fat members of /fit/ who want to:
>Lose weight
>Get a more /fit/ body by lifting weights and doing cardio
>ask other fat anons for advice and give moral support
If you're new:
>Read the Sticky

>pretend to ignore all the "read the sticky" fags
>Calculate your Body Fat Percentage (you will need waist/neck measurements)
>Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure)
>Plan your weight loss week by week
Track your calories and macros with MyFitnessPal, works best on smartphones
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Ground meat burgers

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How to make good tasting ones?
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Is snapchatting a girl while I'm at the gym working out autistic?
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