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You finished your meal prep tonight, right anon?
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Whey flavours

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What's the best brand/flavour you've come across?

Myprotein have loads of flavours and I'm looking to order some more.

Any other brands you'd recommend?

I've just finished a packet of strawberry cream flavour that was like strawberry nesquick.
Wasn't bad mixed with water either.
I also have casein that has to be mixed with milk otherwise it tastes like vanilla piss.
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>heart break doms

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> tfw twisted wrist while biking, doggo's fault

Any ways to not loose gains? Or just let it heal properly and concentrate on ab workout?

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I am 27/m. Is it too late for me to start working out?
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What does testosterone feel like?
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Whats the point

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>tfw on 4 days of NOFAP and NOPORN

Going to blast through my workout later
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