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State of Youtube Fitness

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Can we agree that the YouTube fitness community is shit? Honestly I know its always been a shit show but I don't think its ever been this bad. Before its always been cringy between the manlets and tattooed freaks shilling supplements and programs but now its just BORING. The current lineup isn't entertaining and unless there is a major beef going on there is no reason to watch any of them. None of the current personalities are likeable or make entertaining or useful videos. I use to get exited to laugh or get good fitness advice now I just don't care. Does anyone else feel this way?
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You Need People. Be Attractive.

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I redpill you the most important mindset 'making it':

"We're all gonna make it bro." What does it mean?
Making it means you can successfully navigate the social hierarchy to enhance your life. Don't forget Benjamin Franklin's wisdom; humans are social creatures. The happiest and most successful people in this world are attractive to other humans, and they receive the most rewards.

You need to focus clearly on making yourself more attractive every day. Humans are creatures of status, and only want to associate with high status people.

>b-b-but I lift for myself. Muh stoicism. Muh greek philosophy! Happiness is internal!
Stoicism is a staple of self improvement because it teaches attractive masculine behavior. A man who has his shit together is more attractive than an emotional bitch.
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>watch the watery asian kid lat-raise 25lbs dumbells with ass form

>do it with 5 lbs dumbells but perfect form and watch my pump dwarf his shitty creatine bloat

Reminder to put your ego down and use good form with low weights before moving up

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If you're reading this - I hope something fantastic happens to you today!!!!!!!!

Keep going Anon, because I truly believe in you!!!

Have a good day at the gym!!
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sup /fit/, are there any apps for ios where i can write down my workouts during free time so that it also looks organized? Do any of you ever do that?

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what mode is this and how to achieve it?

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Just a warning to our melanin-deficient friends here on /fit/, remember to keep things in moderation.
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Are you done with being /fit/? are you tired of starving yourself to death??
Then join the new lazy EAT discord server /n6ynFWq
Life is too shit to do boring exercises and eat shitty meals
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ITT: We post our Kryptonite

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I can demolish these bags so fucking easily.

Post the absolute banes of your diet.

Chad thread

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