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>not training twice a day
never gonna make it. 1 hour of intense lifting 3 times a week is pussy as fuck.

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Eyesight gains

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Even if I get /fit/, can I make it with glasses? I'm blind as a fucking bat. I've never seen anyone look /fit/ and good with glasses.
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>be me
>set stuff down on a bench in locker room
>nobody else in locker room
>old man walks out from shower
>places his stuff right next to me
>drop his towel to floor
>lets his old mozzarella testicles loose
>all of this is happening right next to me in a big ass empty locker room

How have old men not become banned from the locker room yet?
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Day 17 of NoFap

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Its day 17, and it's getting harder. I feel a lot more socially smarter and understand girls actions more, but I've been edging for 30 minutes the past 2 days. As long as don't cum or watch porn is it still effective? I have an extremely high sex drive for a kissless handholdless virgin who's only ever had his dick licked by a fatty. High test females are the only thing that makes me a borderline predator with how much i want to fuck them.

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>thinking SS/SL is a meme
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Nutritional info in restaurants

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Do you trust nutritional information that McDonald's or other franchises put for their products?

In my country they claim the biggest burger has 62 grams of protein in it, and I'm not sure if I trust that.

Also some other place claims that there's 70g protein in a chicken breast sandwich, and the sandwich isn't that big.
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How do you get 220g of protein?
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>'Anon, are you looking at my thighs?'
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