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You're at the gym and this absolute based as fuck nice guy comes up to you and tells you your squats look a bit wrong. He offers to assists. What do you do?

Keep in mind he's a two time Olympic champion and world record holder in the clean and jerk.
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Does anyone drink this? What do you guys think in terms of its nutritional values?
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> onions boy meme showing skele libral in skinny jeans
> have opposite ideals but looks similar
can you truly be redpilled if you have low bmi? Why can't I gain any weight goddamit
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what's your excuse for not running a 5k today?

you lift all those weights to grow your ceps but choose to completely ignore the muscle that is the reason you are alive, i.e. your heart. Explain this logic to me please.
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suicide watch general/

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"12 weeks with large-muscle mass exercises (squat, deadlift, push press, bent row"

"oes not provide a sufficient stimulus to evoke neck muscle hypertrophy unless specific neck exercises are performed"

nattys and powerlifting dyels on official suicide watch

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Has anybody here noticed their mom tearing them differently after they started getting /fit/? Mine keeps saying I should wear smaller underwear...
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I used to lift,
Got a desk job
Had kids
And lots of other excuses.

Long story short skinny fat as hell

Rate my routine/ advice is appreciated.

I’m only 3 weeks back Into the gym and I feel much better

Tried to base it off of coolcicada
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I ate a big meal 30m ago, is it safe to go to the gym?

It's all in the face

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Fitizens I need your advice being the 21yo vrigin sperg that I am. I feel like a total retard asking you for advice, but my lack of social skills brought me to this.
There's this girl I met like 10 days ago in uni, she's from Eastern Europe so she's here with the Erasmus program and she'll be back to her country in June. 8/10 body, 7/10 face, (less or more I think I'm the same) very firendly and open personality, she seems to have interest in pretty much everyone she talks with. Now comes the matter, every time I saw and talked her in class there was also this friend of a friend of mine, a manlet at best 5'8 tall, fiscally fit but less than me (he plays rugby) but he has an 8,5/10 face. I feel like the qt was talking to us to get closer to him, she asked for our Facebook and instagram. Being the autist that I am I have no instagram cause I think that's ultra cringe flexing pics of my body and everything I do just to get some attention from thots, also my Facebook is just a concentrate of autism with a bunch of memes and stupid pics. From my perspective it's clear that she is more interested in him than me, but if I play it well I might still have a chance, I have nothing against the manlet guy, but he isn't even a friend of mine, and I don't like to cuck out and let him the get the qt so easily.
I have her Facebook, I guess I shall message her to make some chat, but I don't know how shall I start it, and beside that I think I shall invite her doing something but I can't figure out pretty much anything. I'd have to go buy a shirt or two at the Under Armour store with my brother, I could invite her with some friends, but I guess that inviting a girl shopping isn't the best option I've got, especially at UA. The plan is to invite her somewhere easy just to make her get some confidence and then try to set up a party at the river and invite her. How do you see it, what shall I do?
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