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Perfect form ATG squats vs Heavy barely below vertical squats?

Which one is better? My friends make fun of my cause I only squat 1.5 plates but I do it far far below parallel to where my heels hit my ass and they do 3 players like with super wide feet not even to parallel

If I’m training for explosiveless do I even need to worry about squatting heavy??

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Feels good brehs

Mire Thread: Don’t lose hope edition

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Basically you’ll hear fitizens say shit like:

>If you haven’t met (random dating app thot) within a week of matching its a no go

I used bumble and match with a goodlife PT, im also a PT with a different chain. I talked to this chick for like a month’n a half, one time we were supposed to meet up and she bailed last second. I subtly stopped showing her as much interest untill the weekend before Halloween, I asked her out for that Friday - she agrees.

>we met at a ice cream place, i wore my escaped prisoner costume + leather jacket
>she’s interested, clearly interested
>I don’t take a lot of pictures and can’t be bothered to whip out my phone during social events, or like take pics of me with other NPC’s
>long story short, i showed her a good time, made out with her that night and grinded my dick up her ass dancing
>one week later she invites me to her place (4th time hanging out) ive played with her pussy clothed up till now
>i smashed her 3 times that night
>next time i see her (week later) we go on a quick 2 hour date, i take her back to her place, smash her twice consecutivly and am home again by 11pm lmao

The hardest part is getting these women to meet you. Once they bask in your glory and you’ve fucked em. Its eazy peezy. Be good in bed tho, learn to play with a pussy. Just something to do alter you’ve shot your load. Pic related, eating outta my hands, didn’t give me the time of day before ;)
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When I was 16, the doctor said I'd grow to be 5'11"

>21 years old
>still 5'8"
Is there any hope for me anons?
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post goal bodies
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Friendly reminder to rub aloe vera on your skin at least twice a week for massive anti-aging, moisturizing and anti-acne gains.

Seriously this board is obsessed with face gains, mewing and sunscreen but I never see anyone talking about the benefits of the chaddest plant on earth. Don't you have Aloe Vera on muttland or what?
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>tfw noticed girls have started stuttering and avoiding eye contact when talking instead of the opposite
Is this what it feels like to finally make it?
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/cbt/ - why aren't you on a cut edition

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>ctrl+f cbt 0 results

Before/after cut:
>170/171 cm
>81/69 kg
>18 yo

Why aren't you on a cut? Honestly when you're lean your life is 10x times better than when fat. Give feedback, is my physique balanced/where am I lacking (+ any estimates how much my bodyfat is?). I'll give feedback to you guys when the thread gets replies.
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is 0.7/1.1/2.7/2.7 good or bad progress for six months of lifting?

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pls no laugh at bench :DD also why the fuck can i squat as much as i pull
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FPH thread obese degenerate soi thing edition

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>mfw crtl + f
>no fph
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