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Does Jelqing actually work? Someone mentioned it in another thread and I'm curious if it's just a meme or not. Anyone here ever tried it?

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Guys who have to eat at least 3k cal to maintain your weight. What is your height/weight, lifting stats and day to day activity level? Bonus points for pictures of your body

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How old were you when you realized face=everything? Thanks god im a 10/10 face and have the angular features of a fucking david angel statue, i thank god every fucking day i wake up for being this handsome, i dont even need tinder, instagram, facebook or these weird social media people uses, i dont even need to post pics of myself on internet, because at everyplace i go, girls want me, they desire me, i love when i see a happy married couple and the girls goes nuts on me, and i love when i see those angry and at the same time sad men faces everytime i enter some new work place or a party.
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What are some things one can do to become more manly? Is it too late at 26 to do anything to increase my manliness, my confidence, my gains, etc? Please help.

Is it normal to be extremely tired from lifting?

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I've just started gymming and I'm doing the good stuff.
I'm doing deadlifts (which I have never attempted before in my life) and squatting and bench pressing.
I am also making sure to get at least 0.7g of protein per pound of body-weight per day.

My guess is that the sudden shock of this on my body has made me incredibly sleepy.
I'm eating way more than I use to and I am lifting much heavier weights than I use to.

I've been sleeping 5 hours every 10 hours or so for the last week.
I don't feel bad, in fact, I feel pretty good, but I hope this doesn't last forever.

Anyone else have experience with this?

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Is this correct?
Is powerlifting a humble sport?
Are these men more than fat?
Why does he look like a living teddybear?
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Warrior Skull or Gay Alien Skull?

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What do I have?

What do you have?
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Submission and testosterone

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Reminder: There are many common actions that can send your brain a feedback of submissive-avoidant behavior and kill testosterone.

Reading about test you realise one thing: although also dependent of physical and nutritional factors, a lot of it comes from social circumstances. *Anything* that signals submission or avoidance will raise cortisol and lower test. Small things like aversion to eye contact, not wanting to be part of a group presentation, losing or avoiding arguments, not reacting to provocations and so on have led to lower testosterone in studies, and when an "hierarchy" is formed, all engagements will lead to more testosterone for those on top, and more T-killer cortisol for those on the bottom. You're creating a loop.

This is BIOLOGY. It doesn't matter what you think of it. You can think you're too civilized, polite or shy for some of those confrontations, it won't change nature. You're sending your body a signal, and your body is reacting with that famous evolutionary strategy of pussying out so the dominant monkeys won't kill you.

The solution? Pay attention to small, day-to-day challenges, engagements, and anything that can signal social defeat to you brain. (

Random dude staring? Don't be the first to look away. Is a professor or boss reprimanding you in front of everybody? Have some reaction, don't take it quietly. Is one of your friends mocking you? React. Is someone in a group project telling you what to do despite not having the formal authority to? Deny and set authority yourself. Is someone in your group conversation loudly giving political opinions you disagree with? Confront them. For some of you with Social Anxiety, this can be hard at first, but as time goes by and you not only get used to it on a psychological level, but you adapt to it on a hormonal level with more test, and it will come naturally.
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I'll kick it off - 3 Pros, 1 Con

>Great facials
>Making great progress in my life

>Lost my gf because im a sex addict
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Have you ever met a celebrity in your life?
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