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Why do you need to drink lots of water when you're on CREATINE?

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Someone explain please

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My lifters with depression and anxiety, and the habits that stem from them, how do you manage it?

I've been lifting for a little more than a year but it's on and off. Exercise often helps with my day-to-day symptoms but when I'm in a really bad episode it can fuck with my routine and I end up stress eating or drinking very heavily and frequently, getting caught in a cycle. I actively work on the stress eating through sheer mental discipline and by having foods like pickles, celery, and chewing gum around in case I break, been taking steps to help with drinking problem, and have been seeing a counselor but it's slow and only helps so much.
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i got a multiple rotator cuff. what do i do now? i haven't been to a doctor yet, but i've been told that he will advise me to suspend exercising for 6 weeks.

6 weeks. i'm losing my mind.

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What are some essential accessory exercises?


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Does high testosterone gives you a chiseled face? How can I make my testosterone high? Natty?
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Push up thread

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How do you determine what is a healthy weight to be at? BMI seems to be bullshit
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Gyno? and losing chest fat

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Do I have gyno /fit/ and if if yes or no how can i build my chest muscles I have been working out for almost a year now and I feel as if all i have gained is just fat to stomach and chest. I train chest twice a week (hyper trophy) and make sure im sore after every workout but for some reason I feel as if no results. PS what body fat % do i look like i have from just the looks? the tests online i tried said 13% but i think BS.
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So, squatters shoulder. I only just learned this was a thing.

Looking it up, there's like a dozen fucking causes that could be to blame.

I WAS doing high bar squats for ages with no problem, the problem only started after I tried to switch to low bar squats because 1) I found that the actual squat felt more stable, 2) I could get lower 3) it felt like it was hitting my glutes more and 4) I could lift the weight more easily.

BUT, it fucking kills my right shoulder, and ruins my performance on upper body exercises.

In /fit/'s opinion, should I just go back to doing high bar? And if not, how do I narrow down and fix the problem with doing low bar?