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/fit/ don't miss the newest episode of the gymcel chronicles.
Will they finally get laid? Find out here!
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Sleep Position power ranking

>maximum gains tier
On your stomach, easily because you make passive gains from lifting your body up and down while breathing, ottermode inc

>tfw no gf tier
Side, embryo position, beta as fuck, don't even try to sleep at this stage, will lower your test levels

>God tier level
On your back, just dont give a fuck, chad style, always ready for a girl to jump on you, sleep with rock hard boner ofc
Bonus:snore like a rhinoceros, even neighbours will mirin and their wife's will cream themselves just from the sound

Get a head

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Screw onions, I found the new hit meme friends.
I want to believe

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dear /fit/,

after years of being nice and thin, i've recently been put on a medication (minocycline) that has a noticeable side effect of weight gain.

I'm up nearly twenty pounds in ~two months of taking this thing, despite counting cals like a motherfucker. What do I do? I don't want to become a fatty again, and I'll probably be on this for several more months. :(
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Why aren't you beating your SO/Wife/Girlfriend/Partner for maximum arm gains, /fit/?

Question for /fit/

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Alright, Fit. Through lifting and eating well I finally got to my goal weight of 195 from 240, at a height of 6' 2.5". This finally means, for the first time since I can remember, I'm finally a normal BMI.

Although I got to this point through lifting, I'm definately at a fat-fit stage (I still look relatively fat in the mirror).

How do I, with only losing like 5 or 10 more pounds, get to shredded?

I know I need to bulk... that's not really my question.

Should I go down to say, 180 lbs, and from there start bulking pure muscle, or bulk pure muscle right now and hope that I lose fat along the way?

And if you guys want to come in here with some good bulking lifting regiments, I'm all ears.

Guide me, /fit/, you've guided me this far so well.

NoFap day 0

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So my journey starts again, how do I stop relapsing?
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Rate my hamburger recipe
>1 lb beef
>1 pack whole wheat buns
>1 tsp Worcester Sauce
>1 tsp Liquid Smoke
>10 raw onions
>1 tomato
>1 head of lettuce

Put the beef into a mixing bowl. Pour in the smoke and Worcester Sauce, knead gently until sauce is roughly evenly distributed.
Finely chop up the onion. Add the onion into the bowl, and again mix until evenly distributed.
Garnish with tomato, lettuce, and more onion.
Consume with mixing spoon. Use hamburger buns to wipe the remaining liquids off of the sides of the bowl, then consume.