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Rhomboid pain

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Hey /fit/.

I've had shoulder/rhomboid pain for almost 2 years now.

I was doing shoulder press incorrectly with one dumbell and no back support and I've been suffering ever since. I've seen and spent hundreds on chiros, osteopaths, and physiotherapists and Ive had very little success. I cant lift at all without my rhomboids feeling super sore, tight, and painful the next few days and I'm very depressed over losing my hobby.
I've lost 30 lbs in the last year and now I'm back to skeletal square one.

So I beg you, /fit/. If you have any suggestions or experience with this or a similar issue please help me with it.
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The more I lift, the more I realize that faith is important. What's is the point of muscle without a proper spiritual grounding?
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Why don't you smoke /fit/?

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Is it because you're a gay cuckboy?

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Any advice for a ex lifter who nearly made it and is thinking of making a come back .also ama.

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Slowly losing bodyfat with a small deficit VS cutting fast with a big deficit. Which one is better?
My guess is you can probably gain strength and even a little bit of size on a really small deficit, but the progress (both strength- and fat-loss -wise) will be slow. And with a fast cut you might lose some muscle but at least it will be over quickly and you can build back up.
What's your take on this age old question, /fit/?
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Zyzz's death

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So I assume that Zyzz died because he cooked himself from inside taking DMT and going into the sauna.How to abuse steroids,yet not die like zyzz?
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Can someone explain christians lifting for god?
Wouldn't that be a sin, you have to eat so much food that you could be giving to other people, as well as the fact you are prideful.
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Going to yoga tomorrow for my first time. What should I wear? I feel like a tank top would be a bit douchy but don't to look small
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/nufit/ - Nutrition & Fitness General

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We all know that protein and some calories is all we need to get there, but what about the other nutrients? It's time for anons to share their insights on nutrition, not only on proteins.

For me? I've just started eating tons of pumpkin seeds. They are rich in zinc and magnesium, two of the most important minerals for men.

Also: onions not allowed.
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>shoving things up your ass
>staring at yourself in the mirror
>thinking about yourself 24/7
>obsessing over other men to the point of stalking
>idolizing other men
>following other men
>exclusively going out and talking to other men
>staring at men's bodies all day
>admiring other men's bodies all day
>idolizing other men's bodies all day
>talk about eachother's bodies with other men
>admiring eachother's partially naked bodies with other men
>touching eachother's partially naked bodies with other men
>showing off eachother's partially naked bodies with other men
>holding and hovering above other men to aid in performing physical acts in groups and pairs
>frequenting the same place over and over again with another man who is your companion
>liking and commenting on shared and circulated pictures of other men's partially naked bodies
being immersed in contemporary /fit/ culture is LITERALLY exhibiting the textbook characteristics of a fucking homosexual

tl;dr you're all gay and should kys
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