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/fit/ humor thread

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>ctrl + f
>humor : 0 results
time for a /fit/ humor thread
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We are all going to make it
Dont give up on your dreams, you are special

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From lurking in here and in other fitness forums and being a creep that observes people I've notices /fit/type dudes tend to go after teenage jailbait girls instead of girls their own age or older


[spoiler:lit]And how do I get one for myself?[/spoiler:lit]
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How much do I need to lift in order to get a cute girl like this?
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Oat Milk General

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Why the fuck are you still sucking down shitty milk macros when you could become a healthy, musclebound freakbeast?
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ZMA Supplements

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I'm debating using ZMA supplements, for any of you that use them, what's your verdict on them? What effects have you seen since you started using them?

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Join this discord server unless you're a fucking moron, we welcome traps, thots, e-girls and hopefully some actual lifters -> https://discord.me/chad_central

/thicc/ general

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Post your thicc daddy goal bodies and inspirations. No twinks allowed.
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any tips for breaking sugar adiction?

I can manage to have my diet and times for eating in check for all my meals but god damn every few days I have this intense uncotrolable urges to stuff my face with as much junk food as I can
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