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What is your a/s/l, /fit/?

26/male/DC here
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Yo /fit/
Long story short, few months ago i was a fat piece of a lazy shit. Then i met this girl, and to get to her, i've motivated myself... diets and stuff. Lost around 30 kgs. Now i weight 63kg.

But i really don't know what food should i eat, like now im not fat at all but i want to be healthier, i stopped drinking soda, eating fast foods and shit. But like what shall i buy from a supermarket to eat for example?

Also my spit smells like shit, think its from my stomach since i wash my teeth 2-3 times a day. Any advices what shall i eat from now on?

Would be appreciated <3

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What would you do if you won the powerball? For me it would be build my own gym and buy a qt gf (Not literally buy one but shower with gifts until she likes me)
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Did lifting weights actually improve your life?
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>Austrian immigrant
>become best bodybuilder in the world
>transition to become an action star and beloved cultural icon
>good looking
>become politician
>conservative with strong morals, but also environmental concerns
>become a puppet to the corporate left and pander to SJWs and anti-white propaganda

such a shame
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what's the point of lifting weights if you are going to die anyways?

why expose yourself to such suffering when you can calmly wait for yoru dead?

you don't need to humillate yourself at the gym.
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Push/Pull split for a noob

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ok /fit/ I'm pretty new to this board (general browse /pol/) and I've come to seek your advice. Some background info: I am a noob lifter, having done a couple of months, injured my neck by sleeping crooked, took a couple months off, started again a few weeks ago. 66kg (up from 62.5) at 178cm so skinny as fuck manlet by most standards. I have some dumbells, 8X2.5kg 4X5kg weight plates with a bar weight of 2.5kg, can only stack 27.5kg on the DB at any one time for unilateral, only 22.5 if I use them simultaneously. My main focus has been 'mirror muscles' initially, mainly chest. I started with body weight dips, shitloads, up to 75 reps. I was doing them everyday, and this was banging up my shoulder a bit. I now do weighted dips with 27.5kg for ~8 reps and dumbell flies with 12.5kg for ~15 or so reps. I include skullcrushers too. For back, I've been quite limited, and it shows. I do one arm rows with the 27.5kg, but I can rep this >15 times so I need more weight. I've been lazy for legs also, but every couple weeks I'll do split squats (one leg) with 22.5kg in each hand for ~18 reps for a few sets. There is so much info regarding volume, intensity, frequency, sets, reps, nutrition ect. It fucks with my mind and motivation, as I'm chasing the most optimum plan, and everything claims to be this, but contradicts others. You know how it is. Continued....
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Conventional or Sumo

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Alright /fit/ time for the debate to come to an end

What is the superior way to deadlift, and why?
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Im gaining weight eventho im eating less and fasting. I went from 106kg to 127kg BUT IM THINNER AND FIT INTO SMALLER CLOTHING

It cant be muscle cuz i dont exercise enough, also my piss is orange eventho im eating enough.
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Both of these 2 human males have the same height but very different bodyshapes. It is obvious which mode far superior is right?
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