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QTDDTOT - Stupid Question thread

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I’m currently trying to lose 5kg of fat through being in a deficit on keto. I read keto diets maintain muscles fairly good for a weightloss diet, but nowhere about it building muscle.
Should I hold off my SS program until I reach my goal and just do some cardio instead?
Also, is 125g protein, 120g fat and <20g carb good enough ratios?
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Is rabbit meat good for cutting? I heard it's so low in nutrients that hunters who try to subsist solely on it die of "rabbit starvation". Is it a good cutting food, then? To eat if you're hungry while not messing up your caloric intake? I know from firsthand experience it's also delicious
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Advanced Workout Plans

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Hey guys,

whats an advanced workout plan for someone training 3+ years?

All i did was Chest/bi, Back/tri, Legs/shoulders
as AxBxCxx before. Always roming between 6-8 reps for compound lifts and 10-12 for isolated lifts.

Also is 'arms day' a meme?


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Push up thread. Roll em boys
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I've been away from the gym for 2 years. I'm 28. I used to be quite strong for my weight before I stopped going. In these 2 years I went at random times but never got the determination or time to do it as a routine like I used to because I was doing a Masters in economics which is fucked enough.
Now that I have time again, should I use a beginner routine like ICF to regain strength (I can't even do 5x5 bench with one plate anymore) or should I use a split routine that consists in going there 4x a week?

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I let myself go, /fit/.
4 years of suffering down the drain, I'm a fucking piece of shit.
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daily reminder that ADAM eats BANANA SPLIT with ZARA while you study medicine in the gym
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How the hell do some people just jump out of bed in the morning? I have to hit snooze like 5 times before I get up
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how to become hardcore?