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Half way through this month. Do not give into temptation. Any doubt is the heresy.
For the Emperor.

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Do I need to see a doctor

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So is it actually possible for an 8-10 male to get accused of rape charges directly from a woman? Because as far as I see it, those that are normies or below are the ones that experience this.

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Tfw when I just repped 3 plates by 5 squatting.

See you on the other side virgins.
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Reminder we have roughly a month and a half before this happens
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You will never reach your peak.

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No matter how much you run.
No matter how much you lift.
No matter how much you train.
No matter how much juice you take.

>You will never not be a manlet
>You will never be buff.
>You will never be confident alone.
>You will never be cool like the JoJo's.

Reaching your peak will not matter because you got genetically fucked at birth.

Why even live?
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post goal bodies
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Why bother with the pretence of sips

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when you can drink something that actually tastes nice for just over 100 calories
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so what do you do when lifting and living a healthy lifestyle and having a gf leaves you as dissatisfied with life as you were when you were alone and addicted to drugs?
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What are the benefits of drinking bourbon before lifting?
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