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Fuck powerlifters

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>Get chalk everywhere, all over the equipment and locker area
>Throw their belts and other BDSM equipment all over the equipment and locker area
>Camp the rack for 3 hours straight
>Come in 3 man squads and hoot and holler and chant after every set
>High five and slap each other's asses after every set
>Are fat
>Drag benches over to the rack to sit on for 8 minutes between each of their 3x25 sets despite doing an exercise that requires no bench
>Grunt loud and spray spit all over the mirrors
>Act like they own the place despite the fact that they look like shit
>Lift in socks like fags
>Throw plates and bars around like a bunch of fucking oafs
>Kick clips and 10lb plates across the floor in a rage when they aren't able to lift as much as they thought they could
>Blast their shitty dadrock and theory of a deadman/Korn music on their gay lttle bluetooth speakers
>Eat nutrition bars between sets and leave wrappers all over the place

Can we just ban these faggots from every gym?

Why don't you smoke /fit/?

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Is it because you're a gay cuckboy?

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>7 weeks on a cut
>drop 1kg per week
>put your calories and cardio into TDEE calculator
>it says that your tdee is >2600
>you got super fat eating 3000 calories while bulking
i don't know anymore


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Okay no one really answered my question the other day so I guess I'll start my own thread. How do I into sterons? I'm a super dyel twink and I really want to make like 10lbs muscle fast. I'm thinking about seeing an MD to prescribe some, but given my age I really doubt it. I don't know my serum T levels though but I'm sure they are low. Has anyone gotten any luck getting a prescription? I hear trannies get them easily.

Also I have been lifting for almost a year now but only made some 10 pounds lean weight. I'm definitely doing something wrong but I really need to gains me some muscle mass by summer. Don't really need to get super big, just you know, normal-like?

>pic related is me
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I have not looked at my self in a mirror in 2 years. Was a skinny cunt and fed up of looking constently in mirror for gains. Heard a speech from Arnold saying to tear down the mirrors in my life. I removed all mirrors in my house and avoid looking at all reflections in the open world. I get an occasional glimpse of my face in day to day life but havent seen an overall image of my body yet. Still havent shaved in 2 years. I told myself id only look at my progress only when the scale would hit 180 lbs, I started training in my basement 2 years ago at 140 lbs 5ft10. this morning I was at 177lbs. I will soon have a look at myself.
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Looking to get a set of adjustable dumbbells. What yall reccomend?
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>dad buys $56 (fifty-six-dollars) worth of pork meat
>bacon, ham, pork belly, sausage, loin, baby back ribs
>can smell the oh so sweet succulent smell of evaporated pig fat and fried pork belly with bacon in my fucking room
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Is CBD oil legit or a meme or what? Does anyone here use it? I'm interested in trying it but don't want to spend $30 just to try something that's potentially snake oil.

You just know he lurks here

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Alex is /ourguy/ confirmed
Also what's your favorite lift? For me its the incline dumbbell press. Incline barbell feels a front delt press

Should MODS post pictures of their bodies and be voted as who gets to be a moderator?

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It feels like mods are just pathetic dyel's who do not contribute to the overall discussion on this board, other than banning threads. A mod on /fit/ should be a qualified sports scientist who actually moderates the board for quality content and contributes to the discussion with facts and studies, as a trusted source. Also having a weekly or even monthly sticky with new released studies about fitness would be an interesting idea.

>Hiroshi said we are allowed one meta discussion thread per board