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How's /fit/'s nofap streak holding up? On day 14 myself, feeling more energized already.
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>Tfw lose all gains during cut
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Current Body Thread

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Let's fix that.

Been bullshitting my way through the gym for a year not actually doing anything, and started taking lifting seriously 3 months ago.

6'0, 161lbs and steadily gaining weight. (Was 150lbs when 3 months back.)
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>one chance at life
>born fat

It's not fucking fair
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block your path
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Do nootropics actually work?

(Mental fitness thread)
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These people...

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...will they ever learn?
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>that feel when deadlifted 110 kg today with the proper Olympic bar this time (2 months in)
>Almost dropped dead
>The passing gym instructor was staring at the weight and my dyel self in disbelief
>Tfw the hardest lift is lifting oneself out of bed
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Is this faggot right or is he just claiming this to get views?

From his latest video:
>3 Overrated Exercises You Shouldn't Be Doing
>barbell bench press
>seated leg extension
>long cardio sessions

I agree with the cardio part. Are the first two really overrated?
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