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What does it take to "look like you lift"?

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/fit/ feels?

>going to the gym 4 days a week religiously for over a year
>only missed one day, ever, and made up for it the next week
>getting some pretty serious gains
>this is pretty gud
>move to uni
>gym literally up the road, walking distance
>this is going to be great

>7 months later
>haven't gone once
>eating like shit
>friends and family all ask if I'm ok because the gains are gone and I'm the fattest I've ever been
>went today for the first time
>was deadlifting 3 pl8
>can't even dead 1 pl8 anymore
>all lifts fell to fucking shit

And just when I think it can't get any worse

>friendly chad sees me struggling
>comes up to give me advice
>"but for a newbie your form is great!"

So, /fit/, how should I kill myself?
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Ive started to do some general fitness (jogging and at home strength exercises) and ive been putting on some weight (ye u can only imagine how skinny i was earlier). Just wondering how fucked u guys think my chest is. Will it fuck up my chest muscles much? kys only solution?
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depression gen

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>get fit
>get employed
>struggling to the point of near failing, but in college none the less
>still depressed to the point that I asked my roomie to hide my gun from me

How does fit combat their depression and unbearable knowledge that life has no meaning
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My goal is to squat 1.5 bodyweight. I just found out I weigh more with my clothes on, so I should I make it my clothed weight or not? Cuz I'm not gonna be squatting in the nude.
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hey bros, so I have a problem with my knee and the doctor said I should stop working out muh legs and recommended I started swimming.

Is swimming a meme or is it actually useful for leg gains?
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I see a post the other day where people were saying they only spent £30-40ish a week on gains food but I can't see how that's possible

I'm looking to eat the same shit to hit my calories and macros to make it simple

5kg chicken breasts - £25
5kg rice - £10-15
4kg kidney beans - £12
1kg Brussels or broccoli - £1

For fats I'm thinking olive oil, avocado, dark chocolate or regular olives

Not sure how much of this I'll go through in a week I'll have to check on mfp

Also been looking into huel + milk diet

400g huel:
1650 calories
153g carbs
54g fat
122g protein

2 litres milk:
1240 calories
93g carbs
67g fat
66g protein

Not sure if I wanna go down the autistic liquid astronaut diet route though
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>Be lanklet NEET
>Spent the past 4 years sitting down on 4chan
>Sexual function diminishing
>Want to fuck thicc bishes
>Want to get swole
>Want to make money

Guys, what's the quickest way to turn my life around and reach my goals?
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