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What's the point of meditation? How will it improve my life in any way? Don't even think about posting some shit about opening le third eye etc. I am rational
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From 0 to whale, how fat do I look from behind?
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Hey fit, I haven't posted in a while, I suspect that I have patellar tendonitis, it feels like a bruise below my kneecap, the hard bony part. It ,hurts like he'll when I go below parallel in any leg exercise, however the exercise that doesn't aggravate it are leg extensions.

However I read that leg extensions are extremely bad for knee health. What do?

I also read that eccentric squats help to rehab patellar tendonitis, however those hurt very much as well.

So do I continue my leg extensions?

Fictional Goalbodies

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How do I into Ken mode?
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im a 6'0 140lb skinny male and i do a 5x5 workout bUT I DONT GAIN ANY MUSCLE WHAT DO I EAT TO GAIN MUSCLE HELP ME REEEEEEEEE
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread, counting is hard edition
>accidentally load a 5lb plate on one side instead of a 10
>do 5x5 without noticing
Should I load with an equal and opposite imbalance next workout, or just move on and continue training normally? This hasn't happened before, so I'm not habitually training imbalances.
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PSA 1/2/3/4

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Lets make this clear all for once for everyone asking about 1/2/3/4

Those numbers refer to the total weight of the number of 45lb plates in each side on a Olympic barbell (Included) in their respective exercises each done in 3 sets of 8 reps, to be more concise:

OHP -> 2 total plates-> 90 lb - 40lb (barbell) =50lb -> Olympic barbell + 25 lb on each side.
B. P. -> 4 total plates-> 180lb -40lb (barbell) =140lb -> Olympic barbell +70lb on each side.
Squat-> 6 total plates-> 270lb- 40lb (barbell) =230lb -> Olympic barbell + 115 lb on each side.
D. L. -> 8 total plates-> 360lb - 40lb (barbell) =320lb -> Olympic barbell + 160 lb on each side.

All this considering the height and ROM of the average male, if you're shorter to compensate for your reduced ROM you should either increase 1 rep or 2% of the total weight in each side for every in you deviate from the 5,8 average height, tall people should ignore this regardless of the increased ROM since you're expected to be stronger.

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>hungry on way home from work
>2 hour drive ahead of me
>stop at a small german butcher
>eat 2kg of liverwurst


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Is he the one? Have we found Chad Thundercock?
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What do you wear to the gym?
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