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I have terrible brain fog and its starting to make me anxious

It feels like im living inside a portrait, everything looks like pictures and can not concentrate at all. I dont do drugs or smoke weed

Its killing me from the inside anyone has the same?
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>the gym gains goblin ran off with my squatting skateboard
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/fasting/ general - autofaggy edition

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>Previous Threads

>What are the benefits of fasting?

Autophagy. Based on new understandings of the physiological functions of autophagy we now know that both basal levels of autophagy and stress-induced increases in autophagy are likely important in promoting mammalian health Definition: basically, you stop eating and your body says "hey bro where's the food at?". At this point your body says "well I can either starve, or eat something I don't really need that I already have!". The body then looks at the following: old cells, dead cells, fat tissue cells, etc, and says "well I could eat this".

Note that this process does happen when you're eating, but fasting GREATLY speeds it up.

>Common myths

You will not lose all your gains. In the history of fasting

>Can I exercise while fasting?

You can, but not strenuously. Muscle ketone oxidation decreases after 1 week of fasting, along with decreased overall energy expenditure(page 144-152 of Burstztein S, et al. ‘Energy Metabolism, Indirect Calorimetry, and Nutrition.’ Williams & Wilkins 1989). If you exercise hard and push for PRs on a 7 day fast you'll essentially accelerate muscle wasting.

>Won't I get water poisoning?

A healthy male would have to binge on close to 3 gallons of water within a few hours to get fucked by water poisoning. If your urine turns brown go to the ER.

>How long is an optimal fast?

Depends on your willpower and bodyfat. Since you likely eat every day, you likely have quite a bit of fat reserves to burn. During fasts, soft fatty adipose tissue lipolysis is known to reach a MAXIMUM within the first week of a prolonged fast as does hepatic ketone production.

> <- Adipose tissue lipolysis 1 week max
> <- Ketone production 1 week max
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Current Body Thread

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tripfag blogpost cbt
>5'4 ~143lbs 20yo 4yrs natty lifting
ask me anything or attack my manhood
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Why is everyone a dick now?

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Did nice people slowly start leaving /fit/, leaving behind only bitter assholes? Every thread is completely filled with hostility, I haven't personally posted much but half of the posts I see you people act like angst filled edgy teens.

Could you bitter assholes turn your computer off, go outside and come back when you're in a better mood? There's an entire contingent of people on here that seem to use this board as a coping mechanism, letting out anger here over their pathetic inner turmoil that they can't do face to face with someone. It wasn't always like this, especially on /fit/.

I reason that everyone with self-worth, charisma, or friends is slowly leaving or only lurking, and we're left with a bunch of angry manchildren.

>hurr durr welcome to 4chan

Get help


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My dining hall is ass and I live in an apartment with a kitchen and fridge. Anyone have some good /fit/ cooking infographics or should I just follow Scooby's meal plan?
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This is a reminder that lifting heavy is a meme

This is a reminder that volume is the only thing that matters

This is a reminder that the retarded curlbros doing brosplits with tricep days and bicep days look better than fat /fit/ powerlifters because they hit upper body six days a week with their 5x20 set schemes

3x5 lmao fuck outta here

Manlet Domination Thread

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You are WEAK. You BEG for enslavement, you BEG! You will NEVER have sucess and will ALWAYS be inferior to taller men like me/ You will learn PAIN! You will learn SUFFERING! And finally you'll learn DESPAIR!

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If /fit/ always says "people in the gym only care about themselves, they don't pay attention to you" too people self-conscious about going to the gym, why does /fit/ constantly have "that guy at the gym" threads where you all talk about the stupid people you notice at the gym
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Forearm Pump

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Why do I get the biggest pump in my forearms?

If I do forearm curls and reverse forearm curls, the pump is IMMENSE. My forearms seem to get almost twice as big temporarily...yet in their normal resting state they're tiny. The fuck's going on? No other muscle group gets a pump like this, yet it's the only muscle group I can't get to grow.