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Simple carbs

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How bad are they for me in the long run? I eat a ton of fruit & organic cereal to fill my carb macro. Pic unrelated
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>6 inch wrists
>15 inch neck

Should I just start roiding?
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>day 3 into a 7 day no food fast
>my mood currently

Please tell me im retarded guise, maybe i will stop
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>Enter gym
>You say you love me, I say yo' crazy, we nothin' more than friendsss

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>Some madman convinced women that pole dancing like a stripper is a legit sport
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/running/ general

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Yes that's right, just because you lift weights doesn't mean you shouldn't run too. Running will help to keep your heart healthy and your posterior chain loose and limber.

Useful links:

How's your training going lately? Any races upcoming now that the season is upon us?
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I am 110 pounds overweight according to my Dr. I am getting massively conflicting advice, should I lose weight and then focus on gains. Or while losing weight work on gains, or forget about losing weight and just focus on gains.

I know fat cant magically turn into muscles but it seems ass backwards to lose 110 pounds, then start bulking for gains.

Age: 26
Height: 6'5.5"
Weight: 352 lbs
BF%: (used with one of the electric scale things, no idea how accurate it is) 33%
Resting HR: 62 bbm
BP: 120/80
Blood Glucose: 77
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>eating anything over 1 gram of protein per pound of body fat

Where did this retarded myth come from? Please DO NOT respond if you're thick as shit.

Even 1 gram/pound is too much. Most people only need about 50 grams - if you're training heavily, 100 is more than enough, yet I see people all the time suggesting 2 grams/pound which is like 300-400 grams a day.

Before the brainlets come here and defend the high protein consumption because MUH MUSCLE SYNTHESIS, there is literal proof that most protein consumed is turned into glucose (which is not a harmless process), only about 50 grams is used for protein repair/synthesis.
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This is by far the most under-rated exercise for helping with core strength & stability for standing barbell lifts like squats, deadlifts, rows, ohp.

I am actually annoyed at the fact I've never seen it recommended here for it's carry over to those standing barbell lifts. Fuck you guys.
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I went to a psychiatrist today and he told me to take adderall and an antidepressant. Should I do it?
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