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Chads + roids = monsters

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This should be pattently obvious, but don't try keeping up with Chads, especially the ones who roid. It will kill your self esteem.

Genetics > all else b4 roids... the roids > the other stuff. Put both together and it's over

Pic related is Elite powerlifter Steve Gentili. 800+ Squat, 600 BP, 800+ DL. He was attempting a 2400 Meet total last weekend and tore a pec. He had previously torn the other. Both sides match again. He'll be healed and rebuild his total back higher than most of us will ever get even on steroids.

The guy walks around at 285 with abs to compete in the 275 class, at 6'3". Complete monster.

Apparently he was built in such a way that most of us will never even achieve back when he didn't even take lifting seriously AND was drinking an partying all the time.
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onion thread
boost your test, boost your life
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A woman said my face is shaped like a button

>da fuck does that mean?

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Any other zoomers here? How does it feel like being ahead of your generation?
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I get a bruise-like pain right here in one of my legs when i squat
What do?

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Post that song that hype you enough to make you feel like you can rip another 10 reps
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remember me /fit/?
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>Walk into gym
>Music playing
>I don't want to lift forever, because I know I'll be lifting in vain. I don't want to /fit/ wherever, I just want to keep calling your name.

What did she mean by this, lads?
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Why don't you look like me /fit/?
Girls can see I'm /fit/ with my winter coat on.
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Mirin his neck

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Nice neck gains bro
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