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Recommended programs?

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Hey lads, I've been considering switching over to a new program lately, since I'm a beginner who's only been lifting properly for 2 months on a Push/Pull/Legs/Upper split and I don't feel that it's optimal at this stage, and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a program that would better suit someone like me.

When I first started lifting earlier last year I was doing a few months of fucking around in the gym, half-assing a 3-day full body split that I didn't do much on, but when I decided that I actually cared about lifting 2 months ago I switched over to a new routine, which ended up being a PPLU split that a staff member at my gym threw together for me.

Progress has been alright on it, I've noticed my biceps getting a little bit bigger, but one of my main concerns is how the routine only tells me to do the main lifts like bench, squat, and deadlift once per week. In terms of strength gains, I've been really slow so far. My bench is at 30kg, squat is at 55kg, and deadlift is at 50kg. I try to push myself, but doing them only once a week doesn't seem to be allowing me to progress as much as I'd like, and as a beginner I don't feel confident messing around with the routine in case I fuck up my rest periods.

My main goal is aesthetics first and foremost, but I've seen loads of other people similar to me who've progressed in both size and strength faster than I have, and it makes me wonder if what I'm doing isn't right for me.

I just wanted to know what the people of /fit/ started on when they first really got into lifting, and if it's worth it for me to make the switch. I'm currently 5'11" at 145 pounds, 2300 calories a day lean-bulking. Pic related is a body similar to mine on the left, ideal body on the right.
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Any tips for not getting snapped up while doing OHP?
I'm a new lifter I only OHP 70 lbs, but it feels like I'm moving my back every time I rep and it's concerning.
I'm not sure what cues to think about but right now it feels like once the bar gets to forehead-level height my back starts arching forward a little.
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FLAT or INCLINE and why
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You just know he lurks here

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Alex is /ourguy/ confirmed
Also what's your favorite lift? For me its the incline dumbbell press. Incline barbell feels a front delt press
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Do girls like male butts or is that an elaborate meme
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> be me
> doing nofap
> on day 7 start getting horny
> get like incredibly horny
> develop a strong sissy fetish
> hop on Grindr and find a semi-passable trap in my area
> meet “her” at a sketch motel 8 and get a room
> pretty nervous so I was already a bit drunk before meeting
> drink more in the room
> “she” is a lot more masculine in person, realize she must use a lot of photo editing / filters
> at this point I’m even more nervous but too autistic to leave
> just decide to fuck anyway since I already got the room and my inhibitions were lowered
> “she” had a decent ass though so I fuck “her” doggy
> the actual sex was decent
> when I bust a my inside her though I come back down to reality and realize what I’ve done
> actually get a good look at her face and realize “she’s” an overweight 30 year old man in a wig

I’ve litetally never felt shame like this before wtf is wrong with me... it seemed so fucking hot at the time but now I realize how disgusting I am wtf

I think I’m gonna kms
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Does this shit help?

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best/common foods that will give you your daily nutrients?