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What makes female butts different sizes?

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Why are some small and why are some avarage sized?

Pic related.
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No /FPH/ ?
No problem, OP is going to fix it

/FPH/FPS/ thread

Forever fat

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Be me.
Fat forever.
Find keto.
Go from 225 to 175 lbs in 2.5 months.
Not as fat anymore.
Motivated and hopeful for first time.
Still 5'8" and ~24-25% bf.
Begin exercising like spartan.
Break leg, tear ACL in accident.
Gain back 12 lbs.
Rehab is stupid.
Back to my rehab, squats and DL.
Find keto + lifting does not work.
Re-discover carbs. Workout rejuvenated.
Not losing weight, not gaining weight after several months.
Make many str gains.
Calc TDEE. Start meal prepping.
Eat at deficit.
Eat 2k-2.4k cals a day. Lift heavy 4 days a week.
Body re-shaping.
Lose 2" in waist, but weight remains same.
Not sure what's happening.
Constantly hungry.
Maybe 20% BF now.
Still sad.
Don't look like Tyler Durden.
Want to maintain str.
Too hungry to cut.
2 yrs from starting, still fat.
Fat stained.

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Are there any weight/mass gainers that are effective and not filled with sugar/bad shit?
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What is the best cycle for cutting fat?

Meth, Clen, Test, Tren, and Arimdex amirite?
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rip gains
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One Nutter Cancer Survivor

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>went through testicular cancer 5 years ago
>detected early
>no chemotherapy or radiaiton
>surveillance was clear
>medical anxiety since diagnosis

I'm wondering if anyone on here has gone through something similar and how you've been able to get over it. I've been told by my urologist and endocrinologist that the remaining nut picks up the slack, but I have no idea what my baseline was before all of this, since it happened when I was 21.

Should I still worry? I started lifting weights and couldn't even do a full set of 2plateslamo. I don't want to have to get on TRT, since my genes are already playing a cruel joke on me by making me go lose hair on top of it all.

here's to hoping that medical science accelerates at a pace that allows me to regrow my hair and harvest back my testicle from a horse's ballsack.

life is a cruel joke.

Recently crowned eternal king of manlets

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116lbs for 5'9"

Doctor said i should not lift.

How long would i last in a fight against you ?
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The life of a GNC employee

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I've recently started working at a local GNC, and I have to admit, I feel more like an ass every time I sell something to someone.

Don't get me wrong, I don't ever sell something that would be counterproductive to anyone's health, and I genuinely try to find what people need to help with their fitness goals.The thing is, I'm also persuading a lot of people into buying things that they don't necessarily need, but I convince them otherwise.

Look, the thing is, if I don't make at least a $50 Average Sale, my ass gets yelled at and puts me on the verge of getting fired. It isn't even the Management. It's the owner, who is too busy trying to kiss as much ass with Corporate that he's willing to step on our throats to make him look good.

I'm not saying GNC is bad, but I think it could be a hell of a lot better. While I'm glad that I get to help others with their fitness goals, I'm starting to reconsider whether or not GNC is a great place to work at.

Have any of you anons worked at a GNC, and if so, what did you think of your experience there?
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