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Need to reduce height by 2 cm how?
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/fph/ /fps/

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/fph/ /fps/ thread

Let's get it boys! Post some deluded fatties
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> tomorrow is bicep day
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Would you date a qt who's more /fit/ than you are?
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>he thinks he needs more then 150g protein a day
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Hip dips

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How do I stop having hip dips ? Even at my lowest weight I have them. I just want nice rounded hips...

Hobbies besides lifting.

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How do you folks spend your time besides lifting. I have school and work to attend and after the gym sometimes i have big gaps of time where I don't do anything. I'm too tired to read literature and dont go outside generally. Any suggestions?
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>my fashionable tight clothes fit again
>jawline is more prominent
>not busting out of my pants with a 36 waist and down to my 32 self again
>look like an anime protagonist again

Thank Christ. The only con is I dont look thick and juicy any more

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Dare me?
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