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How long does it take to gain 10 kg??

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I'm 5'11" 150 lbs and I want to be around 180 lbs I think that's ideal, how long would it take?
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Nice weights

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Anybody else autistic as fuck about the weights you use? prefer gyms that have certain brands or types of weights? I certainly hate a mishmash of weights or ones that look unaesthetic, but it feels stupid to care about this.
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would it be morally right to have my gf whore herself out as a fit instagram model for money?
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What happens when you consistently burn more calories than you consume? Do you just waste away to nothing?

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What the hell are you supposed to do when walking pass a attractive girl or group. I had been searching videos about how to behave during this situation but I can not find one.
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besides being blessed with godly bone structure, what sort of workouts do supermodels do? something that leans you out, yet builds muscle in the right places. does anyone have any resources on this or references i can look at?

i've tried looking into it but all i've found so far has been bogus cosmopolitan "workouts". i'll admit i'm not an expert, but no way in hell that crunches and 5lbs dumbbell rows are what make models look the way they do.
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TFW no lifting gf
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Yes fap

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Hey /fit, what music do you fap to?

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/faces of fit/
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