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Are these macros good for a cut?

I have about 4 months left before I get my fatass back into decent shape
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Alright /fit ive crossed my threshold of 200 pounds. I've calced my tdee, and got my fitness pal, i just need a basis for a running schedule, i hav asthma and a hand with this would be helpful. Thanks.
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/fit/ BTFO
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Be honest

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I've struggled w/ kyphosis and being fat for a long time. Been working out for about 4 months. Lost about 20lbs.
Anything I should focus on specifically?
Besides continuing to not eat like a fat bitch.
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>Are you working out?
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>Anon, why do you lift for hypertrophy and not strength? Don't you find that kind of narcissistic?
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I'm scared of muscle tears and spine injuries and now i'm scared of lifting
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Why can't you /fit/ losers get a girlfriend?

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ANON here. I'm a DYEL fuck who only do pullups and pushups, and I discovered this board a week ago. Even though I'm DYEL, I still have a girlfriend who is pretty cute and not repulsive. Everytime I go on this board, there's always people who want to get GF's but can't get it. So why the hell can't you meatheads get one? Did you lift away your social skills?
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Proof that we are all gonna make it
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/fraud/ - summer is here and we're all still too fat edition

read all of before asking your absolutely retarded questions. no exceptions.


previously on suicide cutting general: >>41918457
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