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I have a rusty bench press with about 2pl8s worth of weight and a yoga mat. Is enough equipment to shed my soy infused body?

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>"Are you sexually active?"
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okay, i can barely breath and see when i eat raw red onion

i tried it yesterday, got about 20% of a full red onion down, and now my tongue is completely fucked

why did you guys do this shit to me?
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Non shitposting discord server, only join if you actually lift


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What did she mean by this?
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how do olympic wrestlers and gymnasts pass the steroid tests? olympic testing is supposed to be really strict
they're unnaturally jacked these days
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Next Doctor visit

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Here's what imma check :

>Deviated septum
>Tapeworm (my asshole starts itching at night, it feels like there's something moving)
>B12, ZIN/COPPER, IRON, D3, Levels
>Sleep Apnea

What else should I see? I'm 100% sure I have adhd, problem is it could be caused by all og the above, some of wish I'm 50% sure I have.

What else is worth checking?

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How strong do i need to be to be able to defend myself from a leopard attack? They're not that dangerous, probably on level with a lone wolf. Not a tiger or bear, mind you.
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first day fail

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>went to gym for the first time today
>started with compounds
>could only deadlift 40 kg / 90 lbs
>started doing bent rows
>legs literally shaking all the time
>dropped the bar once
>couldn't even bend that low because low flexibility
>im constantly thirsty and drinking water
>im constantly checking my phone to read notes I made about form/technique from online videos/texts because I forget them easily
>out of breath after a few mins
>intervals way longer than ideal
>couldn't go past first set in abs exercises

Am I wasting my time? Maybe some people were simply not born to be physically fit and active.