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How many ways can /fit/ serve broccoli? Bonus points for not cooking it
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>have to force myself to eat

Anyone else know this feel?

/fit/ approved anime?

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what are the fit anime?
one punch man?
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who do you lift for?

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I unironically lift for her
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ZMA and sleep

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I've just started taking ZMA, two days in now. From what i read it is supposed to help you sleep "deeper", but its making me wake up at 5:30am, i feel great and refreshed but if i go back to sleep to wake up at 8 i will feel like shit. Also got more morning wood so im hoping its working.

What are your experiences with ZMA?
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Can someone explain the difference between a "Chad" and a "slayer"?
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/thicc/ mode

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Who's getting /thicc/ here? Discuss thicc specific inspirations, routines, nutrition, etc.

> /thicc/ Pastebin
Before asking questions, please take a look at the pastebin.

What is Thicc Mode?
>Thicc mode is traditional male aesthetics. Thicc mode for /fit/ has been described as a body built from barbell strength training with accessories (texas method, madcow, 5/3/1), 13% to 17% bodyfat that has crossover to strength or contact sports ability. Twinks, ottermode, & contest ready bodybuilders are not thicc mode.

Permanent Discord link:
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how much bf% can he possibly have?

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you know what to do
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