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/fit/, how can I ascend from being seen as"cute" by girls to being "sexy"?

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Any help would be needed. facial aesthetics tips, bodyfat tips, fashion tips, hair tips, "Personality" tips (just lol if u think girls are attracted by that)
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How long do you usually workout for?
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What shoes do you wear to the gym? For me its gotta be chuck taylors, always has been and always will be.
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Have I reached ottermode /fit/?
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current veins thread (cvt)

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how's the cut for summer going lads

Are high pulls a meme?

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I just came across an article by Christian Thibaudeau on [spoiler:lit]T-nation[/spoiler:lit] that claimed the snatch grip variation was god tier for trap & rear delt hypertrophy. Shit, I want some of those gains mane.
link: https://www.t-nation com/training/high-pull-for-the-power-look
(without going as far as noticeable results within two workouts ofc)
Anyone do them? Aren't oly lifts supposed to be shite for hyertrophy?
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How exactly do I train my neck?
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How to sleep longer? I exercise and dont eat before sleep but I still cant get more than 6 hours of sleep. My goal is 9 hours
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