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What is /fast/?
Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermittent fasting, fasting, water fasting, and fat fasting
While fasting alone is fantastic for your health, Consider doing a ketogenic in addition to become god mode

>how can I get a quick rundown? Where can I start?


>any more info?

>Doesn't salt make you explode?



>reddit fag that did a 77 day water fast, notice how he is not 1)dead or 2)looks like a wrinkled vagina

>Fung talks and lectures:

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/SIG/ Self-Improvement General

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How are you guys improving yourselves?

>grades are looking good
>looking cut
>not focusing on women anymore

Things are looking good fellas
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Naturally Enhanced

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Can we talk about Naturally Enhanced without the discussion devolving to a troll shitfest? I don't care what you think about Alex, I'm interested in the PROGRAM.

Anyways, anyone here actaully doing NE? How do you like it? How are the results?

And what I'm most interested in is how long do your workouts take, I did volume day yesterday and it took me nearly 2.5h...don't know if its my shit work capacity or they're supposed to be this long.
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Describe your relationship with your father, /fit/.
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calorie estimate

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how the fuck do i track the calories of homemade foods and food from restaurants? pic related. just ate this big ass burrito filled with grilled shrimp, steak, beans, and rice. it's not terrible like fast food but the problem is, i'm trying to lose weight. what do /fit/?
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Who is /fat/ for?
For /fat/fucks who want to better themselves through meaningful hard-work, strategy, and dedication

>This is not QTDDTOT, ask questions about fat loss but use that thread for general questions

>Calculate your Body Fat Percentage (Gonna need waist/neck measurements)

>Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) (complex) (simple)

>Plan your weight loss week by week

>Track your calories and macros with MyFitnessPal, works best on smartphones
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Hi, I'm on DNP.
I think my time has come. goodybe /fit/
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Be honest, how many times can you rep 225lbs?
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Gym Crush

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Do you folks ever crush on people in the gym? Is this normal? I've crushed on more girls in the gym for the past 6 months, than I've done in high school/university/work combined for the last 5 years.... Why is that? Is it because of a hormonal state or brain chemistry while lifting or what the fuck.
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Is it a joke?

What are peoples personal experiences with it?
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