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/fast/ #174 - New OP Edition

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Q: How do I fast?
A: Don't eat.
Q: Won't I go into starvation mode?
A: No, starvation mode is a meme. Only occurs below 8% body fat
Q: Won't I lose muscle?
A: Not if you lift while fasting. Minimal loss even if you don't lift
Q: How long will it take me to lose X pounds?
A: Enter zero for daily calories. http://www.losertown.org/eats/cal.php
Q: Can I eat (something with calories)?
A: No. Even a 5cal piece of gum breaks your fast
Q: Can I drink 0cal black coffee or tea? Diet soft drinks?
A: Debatable. Try to break your caffine addiction
Q: So I only drink water?
A: For longer fasts, you should supplement sodium and potassium. Mix 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp potassium chloride in water and sip it throughout the day. Headache=more salts. Watery shits=more water
Q: Where do I find potassium chloride?
A: Stores have it where they keep the salt. Names include NoSalt, SaltLite, etc
Q: Do I need a multivitamin?
A: No. Only necessary for extremely long fasts
Q: How long does it take to get into ketosis?
A: Everyone's different. Just stop eating

Autophagy: When your body eats useless cells (loose skin, scar tissue, etc). One of the benefits of fasting.
Dry Fasting: Fasting without any water. Dangerous, but some say it speeds up autophagy. Don't lift.
Himalayan Pink Salt: Popular to use in snake juice because it contains trace minerals.
IF: Intermittent fasting. Shorter daily fasts of 16-22 hours.
Insulin: Hormone which regulates fat retention in the body. Spiked by eating, especially carbs. Potentially spiked by artificial sweeteners as well.
Keto: Very low or zero carb diet that limits insulin response and triggers ketosis.
Ketosis: When your body has used up all of its carbs and starts using fat for fuel.
OMAD: One meal a day.
Refeed: Ending a fast by eating something. Bone broth is often recommended for refeeds.
Snake Juice: The salt water mixture you drink to supplement electrolytes. Only needed on longer fasts.

Stop Eating.