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Before you ask your retarded question about what program you should run, make sure to read below. This was polled by the 30 strongest users in PLG on what they deem to be acceptable or great programs. Novice programs aren’t included as you shouldn’t be focusing on powerlifts as a novice.

There aren’t too many universally accepted programs, however, the go to recommended program is running PH3. Voting was almost unanimous. Once you complete the cycle, feel free to start back to week 1 as this week is relatively easy and acts as a deload. You can typically run this program at mid to late intermediate, all the way into advanced and elite levels of strength. The good thing about this program is you can run it for years without stalling. It simply works. Available for download here.

Smolov is another program that can do wonders for your gains. It came second for the top ranked PLG program.

Third ranked program is Canditos squat program. Available for download here.