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Thoughts on Golang ?
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FIFA 21 just went open source

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ES File Explorer 4.0.3 introduces notification ads

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So, another one bites the dust.

What file manager do we use now?
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Literally everyone gains if the steam deck succeeds. Nintendo will be forced into competition again, the PC market becomes more attractive to game makers.

Literally how can anyone be against this thing being successful?
>oh no someone might say that it's a better system than the switch
How the fuck does this matter, you literal manchildren? Try to see the bigger picture.
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>ITT: We pretend to be on Hacker News
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/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread

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A thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread.

I couldn't find one in the catalog so I made a thread.

>On a Z400 with a W3680 at 4GHz, should I be using 3*4GB sticks or 2*8gb sticks? It runs them at 1333MHz.
>I will be using it for gaymes mostly. I will be using the leftover ram sticks in another system(s).
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I just bought this and it says it'll be here by September 10th, did I get a steal or am I a retard?
>inb4 get 1650 super/other card
My PC is a small form factor dell optiplex and I don't feel like buying a bunch of other shit for it
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should i learn mumps?
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Waaaaah! There's not enough women in infosec! Waaaaah! Let us be part of the club!

Next minute:
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> Boss sends screenshot
> Can see browser tabs
> Notice /g/ catalog

What do?
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