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but isn't Apple supposed to be the overpriced one?

>higher resolution, higher quality panel
>keeps receiving updates, runs the latest OS
>only 40 bucks difference
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Lol so I setup my VPS to return a picture of my friend's big black cock on all routes that end with .php, and made my server's .env file public but basically just has a message telling hackers to fuck off. I feel like someone's gonna get mad and DDoS it for doing this lmao. Do any of you guys ever just troll skids who run their tools that try various exploits from the CVE like this? I hope they wake up and are just like "oh boy! my tool detected a vulnerable server" just to see this shit
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/cumg/ - Cooming Utilities & More General

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FChannel General:
Endchan General:
Matrix space:

>What is /cumg/
In this thread we discuss technology and software for cooming, data-hoarding, scripts, and more.

>gallery-dl - scrape images, manga, videos and more from many websites

>Hydrus Network


>LoliSnatcher Droid



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Looking for help in searching for information about the mathematics of gambling technologies.

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Looking for help in searching for information about the mathematics of gambling technologies. Actually, I'm interested in the description of how the backend calculating/adjusts RTP and related things, for any kind of games such as slot machines or lotto. The algorithms, books, code snippets, a hint for what math area explaining such calculations. The only books that I found about that are (The Mathematics of Slots: Configurations, Combinations, Probabilities) on Amazon, but there is no e-version of this book and I can't buy it in my region.
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/bpg/ - The Beginner Programmer's General, #50

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TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS edition (also fuck off T_D culture war obsessed scum edition)

Last thread: >>83782986

>What is this?
/bpg/ is the Beginner's Programmer General, your one-stop shop for all things pertaining to learning the ropes of the fascinating world of computer science. The idea of a "beginner's general" is borrowed from /ic/.

>"How do I learn programming?"
>"Which language should I start with?"
>"What are tools I can use to program?"
See the document at >>>> <<<<

A lot of people on /dpt/ ask the same sort of questions and it devolves into a shitshow. The hope is that by separating we can slow down /dpt/ and are able to have more substantial discussions in both threads.

Python script to generate the thread image:

>I want to talk off-thread
Scroll to the bottom of the rentry. IRC, Matrix and Discord are provided and are all bridged together.
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Is the desktop PC market the only one where Microsoft is #1?
Servers: Linux dominates
Smartphones: Apple and Google dominate (Windows Phone is literally dead)
Cloud services: Amazon dominates
Gaming consoles: Nintendo and Sony dominate
Online game stores: Valve dominates
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/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread

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Lisp is the most powerful programming language.
What are you working on, /g/?

Last thread: >>69526430
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Free software is like having your own car.

Proprietary software is like renting a car or taking the bus.

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If one was to stumble upon a .clos site how would a man access this site? feel free to email me
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Motherboard repair issues

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So basically I am trying to get a used parts build set up so my buddy can run his gtx 980 without bottlenecking(he has an fx6350 with a questionable board) so we decided to transplant the video card and ram to a pc with parts I have. I acquired for free an itx asrock z77 board and I have a 3570k. This motherboard has been all but problems. I repaired 9 bent pins(done this many times, they are perfectly done) and I have been experiencing stablity issues still relating I believe to power or heat.

-system randomly restarts or has the screen go black but stays on

-swapped through multiple high wattage PSUs I know work

-swapped through multiple GPUs and RAM

-discovered that when its plugged into the wall direct it will do the aforementioned issues if there is any power fluxuation like a lamp turning off on the same circuit -decided to run it through an avr equipped ups unit and still sometimes restarts

-discovered a ferrite choke was loose so I resoldered it back on

-flashed the bios

-still restarts unless I put a 60mm fan right onto the vrm heat sink

-motherboard temp sensor is located near vrms

-when temp sensor hits 36c it tends to restart, with fan it stays around 30 and seems to work fine.

Anything else I should do? Sucks cuz this cpu was a power house and ran at 4.6 @1.25v on my old z77pro that I sold with my 4.8ghz 3770k last year. It was always socketed or in an anti static bag. I am so frazzled.

cpu is cooled with a freshly out of the box corsair h55 and I am using a single rail 700w 80+ PSU currently with crucial ddr3 and an ocz trion 240gb. My testing methodology has been aida64 and intel xtu. Games have been saurbraten(run a map in spectator mode with max number of bots on a local multiplayer map to sink cpu) or CSGO in spectator mode all low settings @720p to maximize cpu usage and the cpu is running stock voltage and clocks. Only restarted once on csgo after many hours running without fan on vrm heat sink.
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