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/sqt/ - stupid questions thread

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Ask your questions here.

Please first check the /g/ wiki for related keywords, and/or search for an answer using one of the following privacy-respecting search engines (or any other such like them):

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Is there an app for iOS or Android that uses machine learning to improve auto brightness by learning a users ideal brightness at different sensor readings? Kind of like Nest but for phone screen brightness.
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I'm moving to Seattle next month and I want to use Tinder as if I'm already there. I tried using a fake GPS app, but Tinder just stopped working.
Is there any way to basically trick whatever Tinder uses to know my location? Would the website work for this, and if so how would I change my location on a browser?

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I'm looking to buy a new laptop for when I start university i September, and I stumbled upon this. The reviews are generally positive and I can afford to pay it. Should I?
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Working in IT

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Hello anons, I'm currently at pretty weird point in time in my life. Sorry if this isn't the place to share this, but I'll give it a shot.

>Currently studying CompSci (am in 7th semester, almost done)
>Applied and got accepted in a company in a software testing role
>I'll start next week

So far it seems good, but:
>Starting to hate technology

I've gotten to the point that I think that some of the points made by pic related are actually pretty valid and true. I've started to realize that software and shit is contributing to the eventual collapse of civilization.

>Am a fucking brainlet
Tbh, I don't know how I got so far in my career

>Don't enjoy programming at all
I like solving problems, but they're so fucking challenging. Things that take my colleagues maybe a couple of hours to figure out, I can take up to several days to comprehend

I really don't know what the fuck I'm gonna really do.
Is anyone else in here in the same position that I am?
Should I anhero?
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Gaming laptop general - /glg/

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This thread is for the general discussion on gaming laptops, post yours and discuss them.

>Why a gaming laptop when a pc is better?
A gaming laptop has superior power compared to standard laptops, being only rivaled by business laptops while those lack the graphics capabilities of a gaming laptop. Gaming laptops have the mobility advantage over a pc.

>But I don't gayme
Read above

>You can't cool that thing + the battery life is shit
Not all gaming laptops suffer from poor cooling and most issues can be fixed with after market solutions like liquid metal or a quality thermal paste.
Battery life is very short during heavy use, but in standard use it will last longer when it's not using the gpu. These things are not meant for gaming on the go in a car for example so you'll almost always have a outlet near you when you want to do demanding tasks.

>Effects of repasting and liquid metal on performance:

>Liquid metal WILL damage the cpu/gpu over time

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Why don't people use Smalltalk anymore?
What do people nowadays use to get the (rapid development)Smalltalk "experience"?
Smalltalk was once called "the most productive language(get more shit done in less time)" which language fits that term nowadays?

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what am in for?
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What can you do on Linux that you can't do on Windows?
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/wdg/ - Web Development General

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Web Dev General

Previous thread: >>71920318

>Beginner Roadmap and Overview (don't be overwhelmed, ignore the later parts and go step-by-step)

>Free beginner resources to get started
Get a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. - a good introduction to HTML/CSS/JS and Node.js or Django - curriculum including HTML/CSS/JS, React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB - curriculum providing a strong basis in JavaScript

>Further learning resources and documentation - excellent documentation for HTML, CSS & JS - crowdsourced collection of tutorials (ignore sponsored stuff, look at upvotes) - quick reference sheets for the syntax of many different languages - Collection of PHP links.

>Need help with some HTML, CSS or JS? - create an example here and post the link - or here if you're using React/Angular/Vue
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