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White male/Indian female

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Cont... don't let this thread dies guys
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my 58 years old gf

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Basketball Rekt Thread

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Anything Basketball related: Fights/Accidents/Violence at the court.
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White men COLONIZING non-white pussy, and wombs, so creampies a plus. Professional is fine but Amateur is preferred. Any OC is also appreciated
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Worn out girls thread! Post the most worn out/ stretched out girls you got! No fags but traps are fine.
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Real Amateur Cucks

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Sissy/male chastity thread

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preferably stuff involving chastity, but I'm dumping a lot
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Anyone else have an asshole boss?

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YGYL thread. Preferably not really depressing moody shit.

>Be me 23yo
>Graduate and work in really good company
>Company is already paying for my masters
>Making good money
>Boss treats me really well
>Start dating coworker
>Everything going perfect
Two weeks ago
>Suddenly boss is having personal problems (idk what specifically)
>Boss is now asshole
>Talks to me like I am 2 years old
>Cannot keep arguing with him, only makes it worse.
>Can't let my balls fall off either or he will just make me out to look like an even bigger idiot.
>Jerk to other employees too. So at least its not just me...

I can't quit now or I'll have to pay for the masters myself. Or at least the year i've already done
If I go behind his back I think it might look really bad, esp cause I am new to this company.
I won't be done with the masters till late summer 2021. Can't take another week of this bullshit.

I don't want to sit here with no balls just dealing with this shit, but if I leave I will seriously fuck myself over. Its not like I can even find a job at company like this any time soon.
Idk what happened, this guy is just being an asshole. He's literally giving me work to do that is a waste of time then asks why I waste time. I would be more productive if the guy didn't even exist.

I know I am not the only guy who has this problem. How do you guys deal with this?
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