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Glasses thread

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Women wearing glasses
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This is the best timeline
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No Creep thread? I got you

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Im horny guys. It me, the dude who posts random creeps when hes drunk.
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j av

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You boner you lose
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Sissy - the unpurest form of love -

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I did it.
I spend a few weeks talking to a guy online and he finally talked me into meeting up.
I prepared for hours, made myself as pretty as possible before driving to his hotel. I had been out dressed like a girl before but that was only for dress-up parties, halloween and stuff like that.
My hearth was racing as I myself raced up to his room. He opened with a smile, which put me at ease right away. We started talking for a while, we smoked some weed on the porch where he slowly started fondling me. For some reason, the trust was there so I was able to let go of controlling the whole situation.
He took me lovingly at first but made me his slave for the rest of the night, just like he promised while chatting. Ended up cumming 4 times without touching my dick once. Probably the best night of my life.

And now he wants to do it again in a few days. But he asked me if he should invite a trusted friend.
I haven't said yes or no yet. I kinda want him too but I'm scared 2 dicks filling my holes will prove to be to challenging.

Post some inspirational webms/gifs and ask me anything I guess / give advice
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Mature Ladies

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Hentai webm thread!

Lets go!
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Humanity is fucked

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