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Nasheed Thread

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Post your Nasheeds
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YLYL - You Laugh, You Lose

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Very submissive femboys/traps/trannies Bonus point for amateur/oc content
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gifs that make you feel some type of way
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Sissy Encouragement Thread

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I was separating my porn into straight, black and gay/sissy but today I deleted the straight folder. No more straight porn allowed.

Any good resources for going further? Chastity guides, sissy how-to's, infographics, websites with info, things like that? I need more

Dumping sexy bbc
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Natsoc thread
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Just girls. Preferably no dicks. All sorts and races welcome.
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War thread? don't know what happened to the others but I'll start one. (Also does anyone have first part of this vid and the title of the song?)
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Redpill Thread

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post redpilling webms or similar shit
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Natalie Mars

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dirty slut thread
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