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plastic is fantastic

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no natural assets allowed
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Hentai Thread

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Bonus for English Dubs
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YGYL - You Groove You Lose

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No Tiktok, musically or ricardo allowed. Zoomers get out
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/BMwm/ BLACK MALE white "male"

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whitebois only exist to pleasure BLACK MALES with our pink pussies edition

Old thread:
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Ella Hollywood thread

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Does someone have speeches of hitler

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>> Proud argentine father here, My 13 year old daughter, history class at her school about WW2.
>> Basically, they told her that Hitler had deceived the German people with lies only in order to satisfy their crazy desires for power.
>> Then she asked the teacher where she could listen to his speeches to make her own judgment about it.
>> Teacher replied that she should not be interested in listening to that crazy man and that it was also very difficult to get those audios.
>> She answered that if he was so crazy it should be easy to get them so that we can all identify as the people when we are being abused by a madman.
>> Triggerdteacher.jpg
>> So the teacher wrote me to help my daughter understand well that national socialism movement, and what Hitler did wrong.
>> So, can you help an argie/b/ro out? Does someone have speeches of hitler, goebles, gering, himler, hess?

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Why are Czechs so good at making porn? How do they manage to convince so many qts into doing it?
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badass thread

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post badass things and cool demons and hell shit
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