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Gonna b dropping random ylyl webms
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/cuck/ - Cuckold/Hotwife/Cheating General Thread

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Thread #3

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>What is cuckolding?
In pornographic terms, this is when a woman "betrays" her man and has sex with another man. The "betrayed" man often enjoys and encourages his wife or girlfriend to do this.

>Why would someone be interested in their girl cheating on them?
There isn't enough professional data to explain why this fetish exists. The fetish can overlap feelings of jealousy, voyeurism, sexualized insecurities, general enjoyment in an open relationship, and so on... Everyone has their own explanation why they enjoy it.

Cuck = The man who shares his woman
Wife/GF = There's no special name for the woman being shared
Bull = The man who takes the woman

>Where to look for cuck/hotwife/cheating porn:
- /r/cuckold
- /r/cuckoldcaptions
- /r/teaseonly
- /r/hotwife
- /r/hotwifecaptions

>Where to look for cuckquean porn:
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VR porn

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new VR porn thread

old thread

sauce: Alexa Tomas, Zoe Doll
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YLYL vanilla edition

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Post all of your Hila Klein webms
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Asian "Men"

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Ladyboy Thread
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You are the girl from the webm below yours

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Black Dicks in White Chicks

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no whales, no cuck shit, latinas welcome
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School related porn

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Teachers, students, you name it! as long is in a school/college setting and they are 18 years old or more.
Sadly is complicated to find these kind of stuff without being fake and paid actors.
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