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Hijabi and Muslim girls

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I don't know why I find them so fucking hot, but they can turn a C- girl into an A+ for me.
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Girlcock reveal

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People webms
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Post webm only incels can understand

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Real Doll / Doll fucking

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Anyone own a real doll or other lifesize dolls?

What is the best on the market?

Are they worth the money if you have the money to spend on it?
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Let's share some cum on faces people
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Train 2

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YLYL - You Laugh You Lose

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We need an actual YLYL thread, these fucking coomers have been flooding it with tik tok and weeb bullshit lately. Let's not let them take this from us, post your actual funny stuff here.
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Cuck bread

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no cuck bread ? ? ?
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Post BBC BWC WMAF or any mixture. Battleground thread, anything is welcome as long as it's interracial.
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