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what are escort services like?
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Funny porn adds

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I never clicked on a free games add. Have any of you guys decided to go to one?
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More like this

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Fellow gay and discreet bi anons, mostly dl bi though.

As a discreet bi male who sucks cock on the dl, how do you I avoid getting primarily HIV, and secondly other diseases? I've sucked off nine guys from cl in the past and haven't caught anything but now I've wisened up.

Here is what I am currently doing:
1. Excellent oral hygiene, brushing and flossing, with mouthwash multiple times daily.

2. Asking potential partners to take an oraquick HIV test before going down on them.

3. No blacks or high risk populations in general.


What other things can I do to minimize risk of HIV while sucking cock?

Can't get on prep because I'm on parents insurance, also I do like swallowing and tasting cum so not taking a load in the mouth isn't an option.

>tl;dr HIV/disease risk prevention techniques for oral sex.

Also general cocksucking thread
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vibrator thread

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i luv it

Celebm 1

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You guys know the drill...
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Starting a new one, bring all the fat girls!
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Amateur Throats

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Getting dick
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24 Hours worth of porn

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Hi i have collected 24 hours worth of porn from /gif/ and now im giving it back.

Through out this you may notice patterns but its most likely all random

No i dont know the sauce

>First all the GIFs
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Public bj, sex

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Public sluts
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