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Taking it all in

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"The moment he pushes his big cock inside of her" -gifs
With face of woman, just as he manages to get inside her.
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Fellow gay and discreet bi anons, mostly dl bi though.

As a discreet bi male who sucks cock on the dl, how do you I avoid getting primarily HIV, and secondly other diseases? I've sucked off nine guys from cl in the past and haven't caught anything but now I've wisened up.

Here is what I am currently doing:
1. Excellent oral hygiene, brushing and flossing, with mouthwash multiple times daily.

2. Asking potential partners to take an oraquick HIV test before going down on them.

3. No blacks or high risk populations in general.


What other things can I do to minimize risk of HIV while sucking cock?

Can't get on prep because I'm on parents insurance, also I do like swallowing and tasting cum so not taking a load in the mouth isn't an option.

>tl;dr HIV/disease risk prevention techniques for oral sex.

Also general cocksucking thread
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Porn Webm Request/Creation

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Link and a time and I'll probably do it. my stash isn't working for me right now.
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Mahalo Marcy

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So the volafile room dedicated to this performer and others like her is sadly no more. Is there a new one?

Oh yeah, and post webms if you got 'em.
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sauce thread

any idea who this is?
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Quality split screen thread(No gay or trap shit)

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Post straight screen splits, tik-toks, etc. Don't ask me for sauce on these ones, another anon made these a while ago.
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Intense anal

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Does anyone know any good mommy-porn?

Xev Bellringer is nice, but you dont actually see any sex.
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Asian Amateur

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Bonus points for Chinese
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porn talk

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Wow, if you consider that the average person reboots their libido every 7 days, that means you can only have 4 good orgasm days a month. It's also a lot of days to lose if you're constantly trying to nofap your health back.
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