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Become Christian

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Hello from hiatus.
I want all anons here to repent of their sins and get right with God. If you are Catholic I want you to Pray the rosary and submit to god and ask for compunction. God will give it to you if you truly want it. SUBMIT to his will. I did, and haven't been angry or sinful at all for WEEKS. His will is MY Will, His views are MY views. because of him I have changed COMPLETELY. I do what I am told with no resignation, no resistance. I can EASILY talk to girls with no hesitation. WHICH I COULD NEVER DO. Love God with ALL your heart and he will love you back. YOU know Porn is a sin so stop it. BEFORE it is too late
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Celeb related webMs from film/TV/leaks, preferably nudes.
No fakes (including doubles, digital nudes etc) though.
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Bob cut/Short hair Asians
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Forced porn where she enjoys it

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Does anyone have the web where the dude is raping her but she's giggling and laughing saying "I'll pay your rent"
Also legal stuff only
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Haven't seen one of these in a while, let's see what you got.
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Pull-Outs w/ Cum

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Post videos & gifs showing men cumming before or after they pull out, preferably similar to the first few shown.
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I have a dream anon..
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Sissy hypno thread

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posting everything I got
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censored nudity and porn
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