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Gloryhole Thread

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Video Games
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Split Screen Thread

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Post WebMs that have more than one perspective at a time.
This can include: multiple perspectives, before and after, juxtaposition, supercuts, etc
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Straight white stuff, because it's 100% okay to be attracted to your own race. No gay no black, latino or asian. No trans because yes, that counts as gay.
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Porn Webm's - New Material

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New Material
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Sex Toys

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Disgusting flayed dick and healthy foreskin or frenulum thread. Post anything that showcases a healthy dick or a callous head with less nerve ends.

Circumcision is a human right violation.
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Gay Encounters (Greentext)

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In spirit of me going to have another one, I figured I'd start another one of these threads.

ITT: Post greentext stories of your encounters from Craigslist or similar sites.
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Awesome Porn Websites

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Just found this site called betterfap uses machine learning to match a shit tone of clips to other clips you like. Looks like it may scrape 4 chan and other similar websites based. Webm's related
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Post everything that you have

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Only girls that taking drugs or beeing
On drugs
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