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I need help sauce please, also blow job thread
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You Post a webm that you've just finished or one that you were reluctant to post until you saw this Thread and got horny thinking about it!
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cute and sexy

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Anything cute and sexy at the same time
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Mike Adriano

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A thread solely dedicated to Mike Adriano and his body of work
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delicious brown

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no dicks
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Escort experience

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Hey faggots, I havent seen a thread about escorts. I'll start

>be me 21
>found 52 dollars girl for hour
>pay for hotel $20+
>the slut arrived 6.5/10
>we talk about 10m, 28y/o mother
>we started to making out
>boring blowjob, without emotion
>then we fuck, said that im good fucking
>3 months later i repeat, i couldnt cum lol
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big tits

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Post anything as long as the girl has amazing tits!
No negros please, (((they))) have already posted enough of that on this board.
No crying or arguing about race, if you don't like our preference then go to another thread.
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booty, anal, etc...
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Sauce thread

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Post webm's you need sources for and we try help each other
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Typical Rekt / Gore Faggotry

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Post some good shit. None of that weak isis beheading garbage that everyone and their grandma has seen 3 times today.

As always, animal rekt always welcome.
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