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Ending no fap November

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So the thing is that I've mostly fapped to straight shit but I've sometimes enjoyed some pegging, futa and shemales, and the amount of non-vanilla shit I've been watching has been increasing lately, so I decided to try the no fap November hoping that I would in a way "reset" my taste and go back to vanilla shit.

It's been pretty easy so far, but every time I get horny I think more and more about god damn dicks. I don't really mind being somewhat bi-curious, but I'm afraid that I'd be too gay if I carried out the month, so I think I'll end it today.

I guess the main problem is that I'm a fucking 24 year old virgin and I would probably be completely straight if I got a GF, I'm just too lazy and I've never even put any effort into trying to get one.

Please post solo women only, I don't want to see any dicks, not even a dildo. I don't save a lot of webms but I will post what I have.