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Slutty American thread

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What's with them becoming ungodly cum dumpsters in the presence of a European? Not that I'm whining, Amerifag losses are our gains.
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Affection, Intimacy, Kissing, Love

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I will post all few I got...
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femboi, sissy, tv/cd, traps, trans...keep it pretty
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Youtube / Celebrity Animated Fakes

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Last one died. >>10798759

Try not to request/reply too much so we hit the bump limit early.
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Larkin Love thread

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beautiful chicks with dicks
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Hot trashy stuff

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Need stuff for trashy boners.
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You FAP You Lose

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Bonus for sauce
Also, how long has /gif/ gone without fapping?

Since I flapped - 8 days
Longest - 14 days
I can also feel a bit of blue balls now.
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