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Men tasting shemale dick

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Because its only gay if you get fucked in the ass, having your lips around her dick, feeling how warm it is and how it throbs on your tongue and tasting her precum while she fucks your throat isn't gay.
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new celeb webm
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Vidya thread

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black "people" being black "people"
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It's time for the thread we all need, but no one asked for.
ITT: Women shitting things out that aren't actual shit. Bonus points for sound and objects.
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ITT anything except porn

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Slut men fucking dildos and being sluts

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bonus points for making milking their prostates.
(traps,crossdresses,femboys) I love that cock.
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Natalia Andreeva / Danica / Delilah G thread

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Here's some, lets share some more
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I have a new fetish. is hearing about or fantasizing about the sexual past of my wife. she’s not totally open to sharing a stories from her past in detail but during sex she has tell me somes experience about her sluty teen time. Is so hot to know that she swallowed cum of five differents guys before me.. before her 21 years ol. She fuck 9 diferents cock in one year, 2 years before our relationship in her time more slut mode. That is so hot and great.
Post some stories and gif/webms related.
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