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can we get a anti-sissy reverse sissy
alpha male, stud hypnosis and subliminal message thread
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Amateur/Camwhore Anal/ATM/Solo/DP etc

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Foot/Feet Thread

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Last one was kill
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Elizabeth Anne Pelayo

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Diamonds Cock Tease
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Genuine (or maybe believable as you can never know) amateur content
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OpenBSD sucks

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>see /g/ jacking off about this OS daily
>decide to try it
>installer won't detect my harddrive

even the shittiest linux distros and windows can perform this simple task, but openbsd can't
who in the right mind would shill this shitty ass OS? even shit like solaris got further than this
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Anal dirty talk

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Asshole fetish and girls talking about their buttholes
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Any advice/tips?
Also, MFM thread
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