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You are the girl below your post BUT if an anon answer your post. You have to roleplay the girl and help him cum
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Stpeach thread

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Stpeach and twitch whores general thread
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Little woman

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Post your Best little woman Videos, small body fuckdolls, musst Be over 18
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Porn Addiction Discussion

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What are your fetishes?
Do you think you are addicted to porn?
Have you tried nofap or are currently doing it?

I have been addicted to interracial porn for a long time. Watching sexy white girls fucked by big black cocks is the best. I edge to this for long hours before cumming buckets. However for the past few months I have been doing nofap since I feel I need to change because it makes me feel very dirty (yes I am white) that I enjoy it so much. I want to put my nofap attempt to the ultimate test.

Feel free to post webm and gif that turn you on.
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Sauce for song

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sorry i have to post it here but i cant post to r because of 3MB size limit

women unsatisfied by premature cumshots

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Too cute for porn - post girls who could be actresses/models but for some reason ended up in porn
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Post your finishers

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Post gifs/webms that you've cum to more than once
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Girls do Porn

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So many damn shemale/gay/webmsthatmakemesuckcock etc. threads in /gif these days. Here is some good ole fashioned thot patrolling courtesy of GDP.

I have no idea of the episode number for this one.
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Sex boring/disinterested/unenthusiastic

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I had already created a thread with this theme but because of using a wrong word it was diverted to the Raped.
In this thread is shared all the material of girls fucking with a face of boredom and disinterest in the act.

Sauce: https://www.eporner.com/hd-porn/Y1TVGjheEKu/Cum-Drops-On-Horny-Babe/
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