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amy schumer thread

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the last thread didnt go too well, lets hope this one is ok :)
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Deep anal

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Sorry, no sauce.
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Romantic/Cute Porn Gifs
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Godtier blowjobs

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Can we get a godtier blowjob thread? (No gagging n what not) feel free to throw in godtier asses as well but I don't have any so just yeah.
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White Ass

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post white girls with top tier asses
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NieR: [AutomatA] 2B thread.
2B is fucking goddesse.

Futa is more than appreciated, especially when 2B is the one with a dick.

Gif/webm/jpg no matter, just post what you've got :3

I'll post dew webms to start!
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MOMCEST thread

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Post webm/gifs of stuff you want to do with your mom or want to see her do.
share your lewd mommy fantasies
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Top tier cumshots only.

Preferably big and thick loads only, definitely none of those small watery loads that low energy pornographers try to pass off as acceptable.

Cheers cunts.
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sex scenes in movies or tv shows

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Webm questions and YLYL

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Hi guys. Recently i've made some .avi files. I want to ask what programs are you using to make webms? Right now im using movavi 16 but some functions in this are pain in the ass. It saves files as .avi and i have to go for online converter to make a webm out of it, so it takes some time. Any good and easy movie editors?
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