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I will dump what I have, in return, please source this first one!
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Braces, Braces and Facials

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This is me giving back to /gif/. Enjoy.

HQ clips? a few
Pretty Girls? some of them
OC? mostly

I tried to include their names if I knew them, feel free to provide them if you know.
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Cuckquean Thread

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This is a thread for Cuckqueans, where you cuck your wife by fucking other girls and she gets off on it. Sub/dom play optional.
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Overheard Sex Thread:

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This is my fetish. Something about hearing someone in the next room go at it makes me diamonds. Im open to some voyuer as well to keep the thread alive. Greentext welcome.
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Game of Thrones
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Shemale Contest

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lets get a vote on who got the best shemales
asians, blacks, latins, whites, ...

1 webm/gif = 1 vote
OP doesnt count so we got 250 votes max (image limit)
the shemale type you are voting for has to be in the webm/gif
you have to write your vote like asians+1
no crossdresser just chicks with dicks
sauce beggars stay out

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Short hair thread. Continued from /b/. No blacks, please.
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ill start. also props to who can get the full video without watermark
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war thread
without faggots posting shitty music videos please
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Camwhores thread.

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Got a few to start it off.
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