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Heavy Metal

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A bunch of my favorite scenes from Heavy Metal (mostly tits and violence). I just quickly skimmed through it, so if there's something I missed that you want to see, I'll take a request or two.
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Amateur FFM threesomes

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Threesomes involving two girls and one guy (amateur or semi-amateur, preferably). I'll start!
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Fleshlight worth it?

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Anyone have experience with a fleshlight?
Does it really help with stamina?
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There is no lesbian thread even in the archive
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New MMA/Fighting Thread.

Reposting some of the later ones to get started.
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Hot chicks in Pantyhose?

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Hot chicks in Pantyhose?
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finishing the job

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guys, literally, what the fuck? can't we simply create a new board or just a strict rule in order to keep this shit board hetero at least?
18 threads. EIGHTTEEN FUCKING THREADS about homo shit, traps, assfuck, digusting gay stuff.
why can't you just move to /lgbt/ or another aids-specific board? i like wembs of /gif/ but you make me absolutely hard to fap because every second image is some shitchurning homo shit. and the other blastphemic aberrant fetises too... ylyl threads? cancer from /b/, great. at least i dont have to see men fucked in the ass and mentally ill boys dressed as anime girls.
i know nobody cares about forcing anons to gay porn, at least im trying to bring there some hetero stuff.

cum swallow, facials - completed by women. no, no masturbating men, cumming on women's faces.... just pure, true blowjobs and handjobs.
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Scary/creepy shit

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