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There's a AMWF thread and an insulting AMWF v WMAF thread for some reason (probably due to the r/hapas autists), but no pure WMAF thread.
This changes now.

Note: if any autists post in here trying to start an argument, just ignore them.
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you are the Chad below
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Youtube fap

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Youtube whores fap time
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Why have Webms with no sound?

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It's time to end the reign of soundless Webms. Post only Webms with sound.
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Bonus for trannies
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TGirls cumming while being fucked
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Sex boring/disinterested/unenthusiastic

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I had already created a thread with this theme but because of using a wrong word it was diverted to the Raped.
In this thread is shared all the material of girls fucking with a face of boredom and disinterest in the act.

Sauce: https://www.eporner.com/hd-porn/Y1TVGjheEKu/Cum-Drops-On-Horny-Babe/
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pussy juice

Sissy thread

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Post your best caption gif's, no webm's please.
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Shemale on male

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Shemale on shemale and shemale on girl also acceptable
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