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No Stockings thread? Lets do one
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Large Insertions/Hole Stretching/Fisting *NO SICFLICS BULLSHIT*

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Alright yall, I'm getting sick of these Sicflics threads. It's the same shit, most of it is bad as hell, and it makes me sad. I'll start digging around through my archives and see what I can pull together for a thread of large insertions that haven't been posted as much recently because of this garbage. Please chip in whatever you can!
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Post em

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Massive creampies

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Creampies of the large variety, fake or real. No OGMudbone though
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Verbal cock size worship. No hyperbole is too hyperbolic. Not simply a big cock porn thread, i specifically want to see these girls getting turned on by size alone.
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Trap/ sissy caption bread
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I'm gonna post HDoom and other Doom related things.

If you want you can go right ahead and make this into a video game porn and violence thread (bonus points for Solder of Fortune, anything from id Software, Mortal Kombat, or those hilarious Japanese first-person porn vids [you know the ones I'm talking about]).
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World events, military action and happenings.
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ITT: giga tits

will post what have, bear with. feel free to contribute
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