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Face Fucking Machine

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Post your slaves getting mouth raped by machines
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Ponche de ASSES!!
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Asian ladyboy/shemale thread

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WMBW - White Dicks Black Chicks

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black t girls getting their anus and mouth fucked hard
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2D Futa/Shemale/Trap

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2D only. Pixel art welcome as well.

I'll post the little i have
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Groping/Touching Thread

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Instant Escalation

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Ive developed a fetish for porn videos that have what I'm calling "instant escalation" in them. This is when all we see is a girl talking, smiling, etc. etc. and then the scene changes to her getting pounded etc. pretty much instantly.

This is pretty hard to find and really only my first video shows exactly what I'm looking for the 2nd and 3rd aren't really what I'm looking for but they are related. Help me out by giving me more of these.
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Ball Sucking

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Ball sucking, licking, general play.
No ball busting
Light pulling,nibbling gladly accepted.
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slumming it with plump grils

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In celebration of me leaving my job, I'm gonna tell my soon-to-be-former fat coworker that I've always wanted to have sex with her.

Probably gonna be awkward, but slim chance she'll blow me in the back. Guess we'll see.

Just gonna dump a few of these and see if you guys come up with anything.
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