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Pornstar Confessions

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Post webms of pornstars revealing scandals, illegal activity(bonus points if it's sexual), or generally gossiping.
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How to tempt my girlfriend to take my finger in her asshole ? Also post asshole gif
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Scat thread
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Best mp4 to webm tool?

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I have a bunch of good shit I would gladly convert into webms and dump here but every fucking program I download is some limited trial bullshit and I'm not making any progress.

I'm on a Mac (gaming rig is busted rn), so my options are a little more limited
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Ass Thread

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show me some disgusting asians
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Post Big fake dick sucking lips, the bigger the better!
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Hottest women on the planet giving blowjobs.
This differs from other bj/deepthroat threads because this focuses on how attractive the female is, rather than how well the blowjob is being given.

Real reason I am starting this thread is to find more on this girl. Possibly the most attractive female I have ever seen.
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Ladyboys/Shemales pleasing cock.
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Overheard Sex

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I love this stuff. Looking for OC. Would love to hear your stories as well.
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