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Gay forced thread

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Webms, greentexts, whatever.
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Asian Thread

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boys with toys

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boys with toys, be it flesh lights or dildos.
plus for large toys.
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lmao/spooky porn bred

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Watch the video

does anyone else find this video to be a little off putting? sure, there are more gross things out there, but the way that these people act is really creepy.
discuss. post spooky porn webms.
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Ecchi/harem anime

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Post clips from ecchi scenes in anime (preferably harem, but all is welcome). I also want some recommendations for new ones to watch. At this point I've seen many: Sekirei, highschool dxd, highschool of the dead, demon king daimao, Sora no Otoshimono, Freezing, Monster Girls, Date a live, Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?, Nisekoi, Campione!, Mayo Chiki, The Familiar of Zero, Maken-Ki, Absolute Duo, Clannad, Eiken and probs a bunch more I can't think of.

I would post on the ecchi board itself but I prefer gifs & webms and /e is for pics
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Monsters and Women

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Monsters fucking hot human/humanoid women. SFM, 3D, hentai, real shit from horror movies - all is welcome.
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Black girls with white girl body's
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Full Nelson

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Genuine Passion and Sensuality.

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Porn where the woman is clearly really into it. Real passionate and/or sensual sex - no fake theatrical moaning. Amateur preferred but pro ok if it fits the bill. Hetero only, anything else goes.
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God tier

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Haven't seen one in a long time
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